Neptune in the 6th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Spiritual work and services. Difficulties related to work and illness. Great sacrifices are required of them. Work in hospitals and other large institutions. Professions can be associated with psychotherapy. Your body is very sensitive and you may have allergic reactions to food, medication, or anything else in your environment. Emotional stress and clutter seem to literally affect you physically and much more quickly than other people.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person is very sensitive to all types of pollution, accumulates all harmful substances. It is important that the living environment is clean – environmental problems hit twice. Water filtration required. Fasting and a bath help. The profession can be associated with chemistry, maybe with the field of art, especially music, poetry. Good pharmacologist, homeopath, interested in psychiatry; bacteriologist, virologist. If a person works in a “normal” job, then it is impossible to understand what he is doing at a given time, and he himself will never say for sure. No one is able to give him a task. The relationship in the team is shrouded in mystery, confused. A person does not know who is his boss and who is subordinate, what is the name of the organization and in whose department it is located. Work at the intersection of specialties, for example, medical instrumentation. Keeps aquarium fish and shellfish at home.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

If a person is happy at work, he understands a lot about it. Neptune in the 6th house in a symbolic confinement. This is a difficult situation, since it will be very difficult for a person to concentrate on his work and bring it to the end, and the obstacles will be of an irrational or even mystical sense, although at first everything may look quite innocent: just someone will call at the most crucial moment and divert attention, ” accidentally “the meeting or the course of the experiment will fail, or at the wrong moment the person will get sick. The result, when viewed in general, is the same – failure in work. Particular difficulties with precise work – an unknown force constantly knocks down the angle and setting. If a person understands the nature of the obstacles and learns to work in such peculiarly difficult conditions (the study of Saturn, discipline, constant attention and insurance helps), he discovers another, no less remarkable circumstance: it turns out that a significant part of his failures is due to the fact that his attention dissipates from happiness, a feeling of ecstasy that comes to him right at the workplace, and he will have to learn to work, ignoring this state, or rather, suppressing it. With the defeat of Neptune, there are great difficulties in connection with a poor understanding of the work, and an incorrect, often biased and overestimated assessment of its results. This person must understand what he is doing, otherwise he will not do anything. On the other hand, he only understands work and what is connected with work – the rest of life exists for him conditionally. With opposition to the XII house, workomania (workaholism) is possible, when a person only works, not being interested in or doing anything else. Health is not easy. Strange mental states, obscure disorders and poorly diagnosed illnesses are possible, depending on the emotional state and other no more intelligible reasons. But when a person is healthy, magic of the Neptunian type emanates from him, gently transforming reality in a somewhat euphoric direction.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Illness and treatment. The disease is a mystery. Your dreams have a powerful impact on your health, influencing both the onset and the treatment of illness. Unclear fears and dimly realized illusions are harmful to health. The healing process involves positively identifying these fears and forming the right attitude towards them. To understand the cause of illness, you tend to turn to occultism or metaphysics. The symptoms of the disease are often vague and vague, therefore, in order to find a cure for treatment, penetrate beyond the covers of everyday life and get to the symbolic and subtle-emotional roots of the disease. The task is to imagine and understand yourself not as a machine consisting of separate parts, but to see that the brain and body are one whole, a living whole, and not an object of mechanical analysis or diagnosis from a reference book. The disease is not conquered, it disappears when the transition to another level of its understanding. Unequal relationship. You believe that everything in the world exists as it should be; if someone is your boss, then so be it; if someone is your subordinate, then this is the cosmic purpose. You naturally think that power is given to kings from above. This is often a positive view, but beware of pitfalls. You place too much confidence in your superiors and subordinates, believing that they will fulfill their roles with grace. This attitude can be frustrating and distressing. Of course, the general sends troops into battle, but first he must inspire them. The challenge is to feel the pain of every role people play: oppression is excruciating, but oh, how lonely it is to be at the very top. Identify with each person in the hierarchy of power and forgive him any real or imagined sins. Duty and service. Serving others is your spiritual calling: “It is better to give than to receive.” But in spite of such exalted sentiments, you should not be selfless in your ministry. You need to get something in return. You want to be filled with the feeling of striving for the light, closer and closer to Home, to the loving hands of the Creator. The problem is tangibility. Are you helping or hindering other people through your efforts? How do you know if you are achieving true humility or if you are just a kind of meek helper on the outside? The trap is a deception, more often of oneself than of other people. Without a doubt, your sincerity will be tested. The challenge is to easily leave the affairs of this world alone and help other people to master the same favor that you own. Technical thinking. A holistic system is more than the sum of its parts. However, your mind barely touches the parts at all. You “think” dreamily, your thinking is more like a sensation-perception process. Your thinking is more art than science; it is more intuitive than logical; more metaphysical than technical. Your methods of thinking are effective to the extent that poetic imagination can be effective in helping to solve a particular problem. However, use your abilities carefully, for they can lead you into trouble, where you will be labeled as a charlatan. The challenge is to use a meditative approach, raising other people to a higher spiritual level with their breadth of vision. However, make sure that your dreams do not cloud your vision. You must see exactly what it is, while maintaining the ability to accept and interact with what we call the “real” world, however unreal it may seem. Discipline and patterns. Work patterns are songs you sing to yourself, they are biofeedback lullabies. Other people are sometimes amazed at your seeming ease of discipline, praising you for your inexhaustible grace. At other times, it turns out that you are sitting on an assignment, not working at all, but instead traveling in dreams. The crisis is not very dangerous for you; you prefer to smooth out the ups and downs, do the tasks as regularly as possible. Fascinated by miracles, you want the results of your labor to be like a magician.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

With a weak Mars, such a person shows a tendency to laziness and vagrancy. Often, the aspect is associated with diseases that are difficult to diagnose. The body of such a person is extremely sensitive, so special care must be taken in the use of drugs and drugs. Life is full of imbalances, and you need to work hard to gain stability at work and acquire positive skills. This person is very poetic and loves loneliness. The aspect is favored by doctors, psychiatrists, philanthropists, and healthcare professionals. Such a person is inclined to work hard on his own soul, using the opportunity to provide services to others. It is difficult for such a person to benefit from the lessons of hard work and serious illness. In general, life requires great sacrifices from him. Interest in dietetics, hygiene, homeopathy and healing, as well as suggestion treatment is likely. An intuitive understanding of expedient and fruitful labor methods is characteristic. The risk of mental illness, hypochondria, infectious and psychosomatic ailments is increased. It is necessary to be treated only with herbal remedies, diligently taking care of the diet, and in every possible way to avoid alcohol and drugs. The defeat of the planet stems from the difficulty of earning a livelihood, driven by unemployment, low productivity and poor working conditions. Often, such people become effective psychotherapists who work in large institutions and have excellent friendships with employees and superiors. Diseases of such a person are easily chronic. Diseases often lead to exhaustion and exhaustion. Atrophic processes are especially dangerous. In self-healing, such a person shows a strange laziness and inertia. Hereditary ailments and psychopathic inclinations are possible. Illness can be associated with excessive self-indulgence. For treatment, the freshest and simplest food is recommended with a minimum of animal protein. Often such a person likes to work in solitude, or retires early, finding himself in need and isolation. In work, he must systematically use his own intuition and try to develop in accordance with its instructions. Controlling your habits and inclinations is very important. One should use the gift of receptivity and get rid of everything that is harmful. It is important not to start diseases, and health must be monitored according to the level of performance. It is very important to restore physical and mental balance in time. All illnesses in one way or another are associated with an incorrect lifestyle, overwork at work, or protracted emotional conflicts with colleagues. It is very important to protect yourself during periods of epidemics and not succumb to fashionable addictions if they are not intuitively accepted by the body. There is a tendency to foresight and prophetic dreams. Such a person prefers to work in the service sector, or at home. It is very important at every step to listen to your own intuition, thanks to which you can avoid betrayal, betrayal, deception, theft and fraud. The nature is refined, aspirations are idealistic, there is a tendency to spiritual growth and a pronounced craving for self-education. There is a predisposition to the arts, esoteric disciplines and herbal medicine. The main thing is not to allow overwork.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

The moon and Neptune shape our ability to love to a great extent. Neptune in the 6th house often gives social activity – the desire to express love in service, in helping and healing, caring for the sick, consoling the suffering and humiliated. But another option is also possible, when we classify ourselves as suffering and humiliated and seek protection for ourselves. Which of these positions will be adopted depends, as always, on the rest of the map, as well as on the level of self-awareness and circumstances of birth. Neptune in the 6th house can indicate whether we were born into a very poor or very rich family.



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