Neptune in the 5th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Strong need for love and recognition, found satisfaction in romantic relationships and creative expression. Endowed with musical and artistic talent, especially acting. Love relationships and sex are often accompanied by unusual circumstances. Children are very sensitive. Family relationships are often messy. Your creative expression is highly imaginative, and you are especially prone to theater, film and other artistic pursuits in which imagination plays a major role. In love, you often deal with enchanting fantasies that have very little to do with reality.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives a strong unconscious bond with children. Man is fertile enough. He is fond of music, singing, painting, cinema, cooking. In romantic relationships – a mystery, deception (or a person is deceiving, or he is deceived; maybe both). Rest on sea cruises.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Deceiver. It is very difficult for this person to understand what kind of “I” images he gets. These images have the feature that they distort reality: both for those around him and for himself. If a person begins to use this for selfish purposes, the effect of self-deception intensifies, especially since a person will never think that he can be deceived by the wonderful images of the role and role created by him. Neptune as the planet of ecstasy makes a person literally sweat with happiness, contemplating his images; on the other hand, he generally loves the stage, theater, cinema and performances (with the defeat of Neptune, the taste will be selective, but the emotional feelings are still strong). When worked out, this position of Neptune gives a brilliant ability to understand people and pedagogical giftedness. A person has a rare gift to explain, reincarnating in such a way that his explanations reach the addressee. Children will listen to him as if spellbound, adults sometimes too. Love will deprive this person of clarity of vision, he will not see anything but his own happiness, through which the contours of the beloved being will vaguely appear. If it does not turn out to be just a manipulator, it will also lose its sobriety. It is difficult to understand this common fog, as a result, poor mutual understanding is possible, and with a strong Neptune and abuse. Religious experiences are associated with a change in state, possibly meditation, trance; however, in the beginning, a person enters the low or middle astral planes, which should not be confused with the high ones.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Conscious person. The position of Neptune in the 5th house indicates that the conscious personality is marked with the seal of the otherworldly and mysticism. The image you create has the magic of grace and the empathy of gentle receptivity. You are not narcissistic, for you are more interested in the feeling of unity, community between the performer and the audience. However, you can become a “star”, for the intangible poetic flow of charisma obscures many other shortcomings, such as the lack of obvious strength of character. Your expression can be solid and down-to-earth, but the mask itself creates a sense of almost complete transparency. The trap is deceiving the audience, as well as oneself, while the task is to develop the quality of universal empathy, empathy with each viewer. Romance, giving love. If Mars is a romantic warrior, Mercury is a romantic poet, Venus is a romantic beauty, then Neptune symbolizes a romantic mystic. Courtship is transcendental, almost religious. A majestic holiness permeates love. When it comes to love, you are transported to the Olympic heights of spiritual aspiration and from there you carry out courtship; the physical aspect of romance is not very important to you. But there are also pitfalls. Universal and personal love mix with each other, and very often romance carries suffering and sacrifice – you hurt someone. You need “true love”, and you can swear to yourself and others that you have finally found it, but in fact … The task is to successfully combine the transcendental striving for spiritual Unity with the more pragmatic requirements of earthly life. Sexual spectacle. For you, the sexual act is an interlude of liberation from worldly concerns; it resembles more fantasy than reality; he is more emotional than physical; it’s a fabulous mixture of Hollywood and Paradise. Outwardly, sexual relations are smooth and smooth; it is a smooth dance of empathy with your partner, as if your body is melted into the body of a loved one. Trap – passivity or self-absorption; your boundaries dissolve very easily and you flow into the Land of Tra-la-la, leaving your partner to do all the work. The task is to make your love relationship open the way for you to the Cosmic Center. Sex should be like a flight of inspiration, not a sweatshop; baptize yourself in its calm waters – just don’t drown. Personal creativity. Your creativity is spiritual rather than material; more intangible than real. Whichever direction you choose for your creative endeavors, the creative process itself is likely to be a little mysterious – not so much a literal urge to create something new, but an awakening of majestic energies. You are the lord of the divine rod, the rain charmer, the medium in trance, connecting to another world. You are also capable of being an illusionist, prestiditator, cheater. Just make sure you know how these creative states differ. The symbolism of Neptune is inconsistent with the gross energies of competition. The refinement of the senses is the foundation of your skills. Something within you senses what are the most natural decisions to make in any competition. However, when you are victorious, your ego is withdrawn. You don’t need recognition, you don’t strive for applause, for pocketing winnings. However, the concept of rules is just beginning to be understood by you. You can cheat without knowing it, or you can naively assume that this behavior is part of the fun. But such a trap can lead, in the end, only to the final death of your reputation. The task is to develop an ideal sense of the game of life; play softly, gently, without raping anyone, including yourself.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

He is a romantic and risk-taking person with a wealth of creative possibilities. He tends to idealize those he loves and often unconsciously dramatizes the situation. The aspect is great for actors, musicians and artists. Such a person is always young at heart and attaches great importance to love affairs. Often he falls in love with a person whose freedom is limited. For the sake of love, he often has to sacrifice his own child – to resort to an abortion or give the child to other people to raise. In general, he has not entirely clear relations with children, which they can easily take advantage of. The need for love and recognition is strong, satisfied in romantic relationships and creative self-expression. Falling in love and intimate relationships are often associated with strange circumstances. Such people tend to have secret love affections, in which they are often disappointed to the core. Their children are very sensitive and intuitive, sometimes burdened with intractable psychological problems. These people have an intuitive instinct for good deals, but they should be very careful with investments and speculation. Perhaps they will neglect their own children and even abandon them. It is possible to live with an adopted child or have illegitimate children. Family relationships are sometimes messy and confusing. Love and intimacy cause a lot of strange mystical experiences in such a person. They easily deceive themselves and willingly deceive others. The craving for sensual pleasures can be determined by weak control over passions, and it can be associated with deep anxiety, ideological confusion and carefully hidden disbelief in love and oneself. With a good development of events, falling in love helps such a person to improve himself. Their life is full of intimate problems and love concerns, which often chaotic thinking and painfully intensify the erotic aspect of existence. Because of all this, such people often refuse to marry, or find themselves deeply immersed in tangled love affairs. They should pay special attention to their moral development and the ordering of moral values. One way or another, their self-improvement is carried out through the participation of persons of the opposite sex in their lives. Loved ones can contribute to winnings and odd income, but they can just as well be ruinous. The life of such a person is governed by chance and fortune, which behave very capriciously.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

The moon and Neptune shape our ability to love to a great extent. House V is characterized by demonstrative behavior with a distinct sexual connotation. However, in our time around the 5th house, deliberate asexuality can also be demonstrated, expressed in shocking, even offensive appearance and manners. For Neptune in the V house, love is care, tenderness, etc., not necessarily leading to direct sex, but based on latent sexuality. Even philosophical concepts, Neptune fills with the theme of ideal romantic love. Like the Moon in the 5th house, Neptune loves touch and skin contact, if not blocked by opposition. In the latter case, he adheres to the spiritual concept of love, which generally ignores corporeality.



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