Neptune in the 4th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Strong emotional connection with family, home. Some of the parents may have mediumistic abilities or be somewhat unusual in something, often such people live near water or would like to. They feel their deep connection with their native land and with all of nature. They love to patronize the whole world. They take strangers into their house. There are often family secrets or strange happenings in family life. Your childhood and home life was associated with a fair amount of confusion or people with extraordinary developed imagination, inspiration or fantasy. It is difficult for you to realistically, clearly see your childhood and relationship with your parents. You may be looking for the perfect, loving, homely environment that you dreamed of having, or you believe you had as a child. It is important for you to find peace and a feeling of emotional security within yourself.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives closer ties with the earth, homeland (small and large), with the family than other higher planets. If a person leaves, then he will be tormented by nostalgia. Uncertainty, mystery of origin (real or imaginary). Parents can be of different nationalities. Even if a person lives in one place, he “drifts” around the apartment. Water supply problems.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

St. Neptune in the 4th house is at a symbolic climax. Here, a person is characterized by feelings of irrational guilt before the world and pity for it, which are realized only at a sufficiently high level of study at home, and before that they are supplanted and compensated by contempt and, especially in case of defeat, hatred generated by the subconscious as a defense. In general, it is extremely difficult for this person to understand himself, the ground under his feet is constantly floating, and there is nothing to rely on. And this situation will continue until the passive-beggarly-consumer position “I am very unhappy, and therefore everyone should love me, sympathize with me and help me in everything for free” is replaced by a more constructive “I must bring people my love and help” … The situation is complicated by the fact that in the depths of his soul a person does not trust anyone (since he himself has no ground under his feet) and therefore, in fact, it is very difficult to help him, with all the desire of others. The position: “no one can be trusted” should be replaced by the position: “all external deceptions are the essence of the projection of self-deceptions”, after which the guilt from the world is partially transferred to oneself, and the approach to one’s existence becomes more constructive. However, all this, especially with tense aspects to Neptune, happens slowly and with difficulty, through storms of negative emotions and states and seas of tears. The study of Saturn helps. At a low level, this Neptune position gives an extraordinary and deeply motivated self-love; a person, especially in childhood and at home, had many reasons to consider himself the most unfortunate person in the world. However, meditations on this topic, emotional and mental, although bittersweet, are not at all constructive, which a person may never understand in his entire life. Working out gives a deep love for the world and people, which comes as a Divine revelation and only at a fairly high level of working at home, and before that, short meditative states are characteristic, accompanied by long, emotionally colored speculations and false compassion in order to confirm a life position consisting of two parts dialectically opposed to each other: 1) My sufferings are the most terrible in the world, and therefore I need the greatest sympathy, support and help. 2) There is always a person who is actually much worse than me, but he should not know about it (see item 1). At home, this person has many secrets, mysticism, and sometimes outright deception, often performed without the direct participation of the person himself. It just so happens: someone promises to come and does not come; in the family there is often a misunderstanding, sometimes long-term and deeply hidden. For some reason, it is difficult to maintain order, things creep and get lost in no one knows where. Working out here is difficult, you need to strive to be always honest and think more about others than about yourself; unfortunately, the unprocessed Neptune gives a low level of internal honesty, and the person does not see his selfishness and limited consciousness; helps to systematically restore order in the house, study of Saturn and correction of internal attitudes, taking into account external events related to the achievement of practical goals (X house). At a high level, a spiritual radiation emanates from the house in which he lives, healing crippled human souls.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Strong emotional connection with family, home. Some of the parents have occult abilities or, in general, a strange person. Often such people live near water or would like to. With bad aspects – chaos in the house, strangers; often – some family secrets, strange events. With the affected Neptune – over the years, nervous disorders, a break with parents and other family members.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Microcosm. Neptune’s position in the 4th house indicates that there is no personal self in your inner sanctuary. And the space normally reserved for him is used to relieve you of the pressures of life. This is a space of universality, a return to the essence of everything, to the One Whole. The trap lies in the tendency to withdraw into emotional formlessness, in the mistake of the bloated ego for cosmic reunification. The challenge is to allow everything that is to permeate you without losing your ability to function in real life. Personal safety. Personal safety is not pragmatic. You are fascinated by a family feeling that extends far beyond biological kinship. The family is the whole world, and the home is everywhere. The trap – openness, luminosity and idealism can blur boundaries so well that you lose your sense of meaning and slip into a state of endless anxiety. The task is to realize that all people are really brothers, both in the flesh and outside it. Emotional cliches. The environment of infancy and childhood was full of idealism, fantasy and often illusion, perhaps even lies. Dreams have formed the basis of the imprint system, weaving an invisible pattern of your habits. There may be a dark shadow of victim consciousness or drug problems somewhere in your imprints, but even these can be turned in a positive direction if you wish to connect to a universal vision of life. Ignore the event background; what really happened was less meaningful to you than what happened in your fantasies. A sense of a spiritual purpose requiring selfless service was important to you from the beginning and may have manifested itself in religious teaching or in relation to religion. A parent who is “intimately connected” with the person. There are echoes of holiness or martyrdom in your impressions of your mother. Your mother may have looked like a graceful and compassionate woman, but just as easily she could be perceived as a dumb dreamer or an involuntary victim. In any case, she contributed to your powerful intuitive orientation early in your development. As an adult, you could easily demonstrate telepathic or other psychic abilities without even thinking about them, for they have become second nature to you. The trap is to share boundaries with your mother’s environment. It is difficult for you to distinguish between what applies to her and what applies to you. The task is to absorb her spirit, but not to become a victim of her melodrama. Private intuition. The inner guidance appears for some moments, being all the time outside the periphery of vision. It is like an echo, the incessant sound of the mantra “AUM”, often heard, rarely seen. Personal intuition is not entirely personal here; information about life is absorbed from every part of the environment – from within you, from the world around you and directly from other people. This is information about anyone and for anyone, not just you. Everything you get is perceived as relevant; in such a position of the planet, we notice the first glimpses of universal interconnection. You are a pipeline, a conveyor, a conductor of information that you may not fully understand. Store this information until life asks you for it, and then give it away completely. In this case, intuition permeates every thought, every feeling and every active action.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person is almost religiously related to family, home, heritage, clan and his origin. He willingly idealizes the images of his parents. Often he has erroneous information about his origin, is inclined to change his place of residence due to a strange coincidence. Often, such a person is adopted and grows up with adoptive parents. Musical, talented in painting, knows how to sacrifice himself for the sake of others, likes to be alone with himself, is constantly busy looking for his own path in life. If the planet is defeated, it can become a wanderer and a vagabond, having no permanent residence and not staying in one place for a long time. Perhaps one of the parents dies early, or shows a tendency to abuse alcohol. The answer to all the problems that arise for such a person is to find inner peace. Such a person is deeply emotionally connected with family and home, and this connection is intimate and karmic in nature. One of the parents may turn out to be a strange person with mediumistic abilities. The individual feels a deep connection with his native land and nature in general. His home life is full of exquisite aroma, although outwardly it can be quite chaotic. He loves to take care of the whole world and sometimes takes strangers into his house. His family life is full of strange events and all kinds of secrets. Over the years, the hardships of life can lead to strange nervous disorders that cannot be diagnosed. At the end of their lives, such people go into deep meditation and tend to a secluded lifestyle. The defeat of the planet determines the tendency to neuroses and strange quarrels with parents. Home life is full of deception and misunderstanding, anxiety and disorder. There is a particular interest in mystical objects and ancient structures. Many abilities are inherited from parents. Some addiction to drugs and strange mental conditions has been noted. Drunken behavior can be unpredictable. It is difficult for such a person to live in an orderly, legal and strict manner. At the end of his life, he can renounce all benefits and withdraw into complete self-sufficiency. It is dangerous to neglect the secrets and secrets of such a person, since they are very serious. Success awaits him in liberal professions, not associated with a strict work schedule and pressure from superiors. Sensitivity, impressionability and receptivity are very great. Mental life is subject to significant pressure due to the perpetual confusion and confusion in everyday affairs. Often such a person reveals the secret of his own origin only in adulthood. His own home serves as a workplace for him, in which he can freely reveal the phenomenal abilities of his own psyche, the potential for giftedness of which is very great.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

The moon and Neptune shape our ability to love to a great extent. House IV turns us to the hearth. The main thing for us here is the opportunity to relax, feel at home with family, friends, people of a similar nature to us. In people with Neptune in the 4th house, love manifests itself as a social position; they are not limited to a specific person, but devote themselves to the good of a whole group of people, or even extend their love to all of humanity. They pay little attention to relationships with friends and lovers, with all their petty quarrels, dreams and promises; they are much more preoccupied with helping society to live up to the highest possible ideals. They often try to realize their aspirations practically, through official work, making them responsible for the good of a whole group of people. The potential partner of such a person must, of course, have similar beliefs and goals in life, otherwise they will begin conflicts that will result in intolerance on the part of the owner of Neptune in the 4th house. This position of Neptune is good for social workers who are able to realize their talents for the common good, preferably within a large organization that will give them a lot of clients, colleagues and a suitable motivation for their work.


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