Neptune in the 3rd house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Intuitive thinking. The ability to express what he saw is highly developed. They are often members of the media. They willingly share all their knowledge and serve as transmitters of information. Lack of concentration, inattention to the environment may become a problem for you; You are constantly in a dream. Your mind tends to wander – unless you are using it for something creative that requires imagination. Dry facts and cold logic do not attract you, and if the case does not inspire you personally and is not emotionally colored enough, you will not deal with it for a long time. You have a tendency to be sensitive, intuitive.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives the ability of a storyteller, a strong influence of the unconscious on thinking, deceptions, ambiguities in information exchange. A person is immersed in an atmosphere of unsaid, inaccurately expressed thoughts. He can wander aimlessly around the city, get lost in the forest. Easily falls under the influence of others in a conversation, blabbing secrets.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Happiness is when they understand what you teach. At a low level, this position gives a professional deceiver: a person deceives others, whether he wants it or not; in any case, everyone perceives him differently and not at all the way he means. In turn, he perceives people in standard social communication with strong distortions, at least not in the same way as most others. In social situations, he seems to be surrounded by a cloud of some kind of his own reality, which envelops the people who interact with him. At a low level, this is used by a person for selfish purposes, and the return blows of karma are manifested in the fact that they deceive him: both people and fate in general – at first promises, and then shamelessly cheat. With harmonious aspects, a person loves social situations very much, he is easily dizzy from communication; so do his interlocutors or fellow travelers who love him (at least during interaction) feel, as it seems to them, against their will. Defeat is characterized by a feeling of guilt towards people, partially repressed, but at times emerges with great force and is often the cornerstone of his social ethics. Working out gives a great subtlety of people’s perception, reaching the level of mystical penetration into their souls and karmic programs; but for this you need to understand your true responsibilities to people (in general and to specific individuals), the main of which is the transmission of Divine love, and get rid of the feeling of false guilt and false duty, our own and imposed by individuals and entire organizations. Learning is difficult especially due to the fact that attention is scattered. In adolescence and adolescence, especially when the third house is defeated, there is a risk of contact with bad companies: alcohol, drugs, intoxicating music (in a style determined by the sign where Neptune stands and its aspects), sexual promiscuity. This can be based on poor rapport with teachers and parents, especially in the teaching role. A person has a good intuitive understanding, but it is difficult for him to comprehend exact objects through intuition. A teacher with Neptune in the III house, if he achieves understanding of the students, will achieve a lot, since he can directly, almost in a trance, connect them to the channel of the teaching egregor. But on this path there will be many obstacles in which the public subconscious can manifest itself.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Surrounding people and objects. Neptune’s position in the third house suggests that the boundaries of your environment are almost impossible to establish. There is no clear distinction between the edge of “I” and the edge of the external environment, and you float dreamily through your worlds, absorbing stimuli, and not looking for them. This is the feeling of a vast expanse of water, you are like a fish swimming in the sea. The movement is filled with poetry and grace. Your kinetic energy is connected with natural or social energy contained in any immediate environment, and the movement is reflected in you, like in a dance, where you are led. The trap here is the same as for Jupiter in the 3rd house, but more pronounced and deeply expressed, and consists in not paying attention, missing crucial elements such as road signs and mountain slopes. The task is to throw yourself out onto the world around you, to become one with this world. Concrete thinking. Mental processes are the road to the mystical center of the universe. In the case of Mercury, the apparatus of the mental process is emphasized – facts, outlines, subtle differences. Here, however, this apparatus is often completely ignored. In the case of Jupiter, there is a turn towards holistic synthesis. However, here a step has already been taken towards the final integrity. This is not an act of philosophical optimism, but a state of faith, a state of prayer. In the case of Venus, reason is the path to enjoyment. Here he is the source of mystical awe. Logic, by its very nature, requires decoupling: this is different from that. Neptune’s job in the 3rd house is to remain attuned to the ultimate goal of the mind – the realization that everything around us is One. The trap is avoiding reunification, replacing faith with gullibility, prayer with laziness, and idealism with self-deception. Curiosity here takes the form of amazement. Life is so amazing, so amazing that it overwhelms the senses. She is capable of instilling “awe.” An old Indian myth about the universe says that life is like an endless number of diamonds strung on a ribbon that leaves us forever. Every diamond has an infinite number of facets, and every diamond is reflected by every facet of the other diamonds. If you are interested in something, then it leads to everyone’s interest absolutely. Learning can give a child the ability to see beyond physical boundaries. Daring fantasy can become part of an educational imprint. However, the disappearance of the old boundaries can lead to great confusion. Early religious education can profoundly influence the formation of a holistic personality – badly or beneficial. An adult with this planetary position is often fascinated by the mystical meaning of learning. If we consider only the symbolism of Neptune, then we can say that your speech surprises with its grace. Your speech has a hazy, soft and amazing quality of sophistication – you calm, inspire or deceive. Neptune favors poetry or singing more than speaking or writing, and among the ten planetary types you are the most difficult to guess. The symbolism of position transcends the emotionality of Lupa, the social tact of Venus; it leads to areas where what has been said is filled with more intuition than specifics; filled with more vibrations than physical sound. Temptation flourishes here, it is very powerful for both the listener and the speaker.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person has a developed intuition and a rich imagination. He has a tendency to “sleep on the move” and have “waking dreams”. He should develop the ability to concentrate. The best areas of expression of his creative abilities are literature and art. Such people like to work under a pseudonym. Childhood is not marked by a sense of security and safety, which can lead to the development of persistent neurosis. Because of problems in the parental family, such a person often lives with one of the relatives. Such people often turn out to be successful dealers and intermediaries in the resale of works of art. The defeat of the planet deprives them of their clarity of mind and prevents them from obtaining the necessary education. This aspect makes it difficult to understand even with close relatives. This person is distinguished by intuitive thinking and a high sensitivity to high ideas. He has an excellent ability to express what he saw both verbally and figuratively. Possible telepathic ability, expressed interest in the mystical and occult. Such a person is prone to both reading and writing esoteric literature. Often he finds himself in the media, as he willingly shares his knowledge with all his knowledge and is an effective transmitter of information. To use these abilities requires the development of pragmatic thinking and strict discipline in self-education. Intuition can be helpful in doing practical things. The defeat of the planet determines the tension in relations with relatives, morbid daydreaming and learning difficulties associated with excessive distraction. Such a person should take extra care when making contracts. He is prone to shyness and often has significant difficulties in communication due to embarrassment. His mind is fruitful and inventive, psychological abilities are wide, there is a pronounced interest in everything secret and mysterious. There is a penchant for researching esoteric phenomena and spiritual subjects. Everything mysterious and unusual inspires such a person, the supernatural literally attracts him. Because of his sports interest, he willingly takes part in intrigues and conspiracies and is inclined to deceive others “just like that”. Feelings are one with intuition, due to which there is an opportunity to understand the highest harmony. Such a person perceives unusual works of art with inspiration and has a hidden gift to express himself naturally and naturally in writing. The intellectual activity of such a person always leads to the generation of many fruitful ideas. He is successful in arts and crafts, painting and science. Many call his hands “golden”. He loves to invent new methods of working with information out of simple interest. In relations with the outside world, he is inclined to use the gift of suggestion and persuasion, which he possesses to a large extent. Capable of public speaking and foreign languages. Has the gift of a guide and translator. There is a strong craving for travel and travel, especially for the sea. There is a penchant for playing sports. Such a person should be wary of disasters and injuries associated with movement in vehicles, as well as scandals, deception and fraud.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

The moon and Neptune shape our ability to love to a great extent. Neptune, the planet of ideal love, being in the III house, encourages to look for intelligence and spiritual qualities in a partner as a necessary prerequisite for a relationship, preferring, however, orthodox options, for example, college education or spirituality as the observance of church dogmas. Neptune in this position values academic status very much. For him, a person with a university degree is more valuable than someone who has received only secondary education. This provision is also characterized by strictly adhered to ethical principles or narrow morality bordering on intolerance. A person with Neptune in the 3rd house is inclined to severely condemn those whose behavior is not consistent with his personal worldview and the idea of “correct” love.



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