Neptune in the 2nd house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Idealistic attitude towards money and property. Money enters the house under mysterious and strange circumstances, and then escapes again. These people are often extravagant and find it difficult to amass capital. You can have a fair amount of confusion about money, finances, and property. Perhaps these things mean too little to you, or maybe you just don’t really know how to handle them. You may find yourself in art, music, or pursuits that require a strong imagination.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person succumbs to mass moods when purchasing things, an emotional state. Establishes a psychic connection with a thing. The acquisition process itself is chaotic, a person cannot understand his true needs, falls under the prevailing fashion in a given place and time. Collects chemicals, medicines, glass, bottles, aquariums, video and audio tapes, religious utensils. Has a nose for sources of income. Where the money comes from and where it ends up is not clear. Replenishes costs through water, reservoirs, best of all large – sea, ocean. All processes related to resources are unconscious. If you try to control them, it only gets worse (it’s better to go with the flow).

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The world is not that illusory, but extremely unconvincing. This person, most likely, has constant misunderstandings in the outside world, at least they often arise as soon as he relaxes and lowers his sense of responsibility for what is happening around him. Money floats out of hands by itself, but sometimes it also comes, and at a low level, a person can be extremely unnecessary in financial matters, and when Neptune is defeated, he can be completely outright swindler. Here (as in the case of Saturn in the II house), a very careful study of external ethics is necessary, because in this case a person is inclined to forgive himself too much and simply not take into account too much (at this moment unpleasant) in the external world. In a harmonious version, this is a person whose head floats and there is a feeling of happiness whenever no one touches him, and he can calmly exist in the background of the environment, without thinking about anything. In case of defeat, on the contrary, a constant mystical horror of the outside world, an irrational feeling of guilt before it, often repressed to the point of general discomfort. Great difficulties with honest behavior in the environment and, conversely, the tendency (and the ability) to forget, going out on a city street, or into nature, under the soft purring (Neptune in Cancer) or loud Leo (Neptune in Leo) music, which fills, if possible, everything around space. Working out is difficult, because it requires the development of internal honesty and discipline in the general ethics of interaction with the outside world, in those areas where this is especially not desirable, since this is where a person finds happiness and oblivion. Nevertheless, it gives high results, in particular, the ability to see Divine Love in the outer world, as well as the ability to teach this to others.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Self-esteem. Neptune’s position in the 2nd house indicates that self-worth is associated with feelings of compassion or universal love. If you understand and accept other people as individuals, if the generosity of life in general is confirmed by faith and a sense of humor, then self-love appears. Pitfalls include confusion and mistrust of oneself, an inability to determine one’s inherent worth, which leads to a tendency to devalue oneself and allow other people to exploit oneself. The challenge is to renew personal faith by continuously adopting it from the environment. Accept the love that God sends you through all of us; take it, of course, with true humility, accept it for real. Neptune indicates a sentimental attitude towards personal possessions. As with Venus, you love beautiful objects, but the emphasis here is on form, not content. What matters to you is the availability of items and the ability to use them, not the very existence of the property, because you have neither the mood nor the interest to take care of property, to preserve or protect it. You came to Earth not to acquire and hold things near you, but to gain inspiration and to share possessions, to establish a more harmonious connection with the universe, to become more compassionate and less isolated. The task is to fully appreciate your spiritual possessions, not material ones. Money. Money seems to you to be omnipresent, and in large quantities, but intangible. Money may seem like an illusion or fantasy to you; you find it difficult to imagine that your funds exist in a concrete, usable form. At times, confusion arises in the field of finance, deception and seduction swirl, because you find it difficult to resist the spell of wealth. You spend money mainly on your personal aspirations, ideal, not pragmatic goals. This planetary position works best in “receive mode,” where funds are flowing to you almost magically and the challenge is to keep the faith. that gains and losses are essentially meaningless; Maintain a good mood and a strong belief that despite the ups and downs in personal wealth, the universe will reliably provide you. You work as if you are in a state of daze. You intuitively merge with the task being performed, you feel the unity of subject and object so that the “performer” disappears, and as a result you gain an experience similar to Zen Buddhism, the experience of simple doing when there is no performer. This immersion in the work process can be cleansing and uplifting for you, but it can also be exhausting if you approach the work without sufficient spiritual Enlightenment. Since hard work is not always inherently appreciated, you create a sense of flow or rhythm during physical labor. The challenge is to see the ideal end product of your efforts, and then explore what actually comes out of your graceful work. Your attitude towards body and feelings is fluid, inexpressible, almost mystical. At times, touch can be a source of indescribable awe, so overwhelming that you are unable to draw physical boundaries between you and others. Enjoyment for you is the same as merging, absorption, where the body is a guide to God. However, the physical can take a leading position in your life, be a heavy and unwanted burden that will not ease even the flow of pleasure. In moments of the predominant influence of the physical, it seems that your body proves the fragmentation of the nature of human life, alienation from the divinity of the spirit. The challenge is to compassionately accept the paradoxical nature of physical sensation, transcend the addictive habit of pleasure, and yet rejoice in the magical and renewed togetherness that such pleasures can often create.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person needs to try to be honest and decent in business, otherwise a lot of money problems will arise. When dealing with financial issues, it is difficult for him to remain judicious, and therefore should avoid difficult money problems and large loans. Cash never stays in such a person’s pocket. He loves luxury and prosperity, but when it comes to material values, he turns out to be a rare idealist. The defeat of the planet determines an unusual gullibility and utter impracticality. Such people treat money and property romantically and inspired. They are generous and always ready to financially support humane programs and spiritual projects. Such people have a pronounced flair for money, as a result of which they will certainly acquire great wealth. Money comes to them under strange circumstances, but just as mysteriously escapes. Excessive extravagance prevents such people from amassing sufficient capital. They tend to organize their budget in an ill-conceived and impractical manner. The defeat of the planet determines the inability to handle money, or prevents such a person from earning a living due to elementary laziness. Often, such people are used by fraudsters, and therefore they themselves need financial assistance. They need to learn to stand on the ground with both feet. In general, the fraud and machinations of others seriously confuse their financial affairs and make the process of raising funds unreliable and unpredictably difficult. Such people willingly enter secret societies, are keenly interested in secrets and secrets, gravitate towards persons invested with spiritual authority, whom they consider as a guarantee of ordering their financial affairs. For them, indifference to specific material problems is dangerous. It is necessary to learn thrift, commitment, clear planning, strict adherence to the law when solving financial issues and choosing the right partner. Bankruptcy and losses are associated with deception and intrigues of dishonest colleagues. Such people quickly learn how to make easy money, but due to a strange indifference to material values, they easily spend them, as a result they find themselves “at the bottom of the trough.” A good aspect with the Sun portends a great fortune. Hasty financial transactions and reckless plans should be avoided – this can bring huge losses.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

The moon and Neptune shape our ability to love to a great extent. Neptune in the 2nd house can manifest itself in very different ways. To a spiritually developed person, he often gives a strong idealism, which is expressed in readiness for service, social activity, practical rational help to other people – caring for others. Such a person respects himself for being really useful to others. But with Neptune in the II house, sanctimonious virtue can also be associated, only outwardly depicting love for one’s neighbor. Much depends on the aspects. The second tendency is promoted by the inclusion of Saturn. This option requires careful, honest observation of your behavior and motives. Another possible act of Neptune in the second house is fanatical devotion and idealized notion of loyalty, along with the feeling that no one else can understand this. It also happens that the willingness to help degenerates into sacrifice. We give out everything we have, and then we find that we ourselves have nothing left. Sometimes the opposite happens: money seems to rain down on us from the sky when we have no reason to expect it, and we have no idea how we deserve it. These are just some of the manifestations of Neptune in the 2nd house. As for money, Neptune can act both positively and negatively: sometimes money comes to us as if from nowhere, and sometimes it disappears from somewhere unknown.



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