Neptune in the 1st house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Thin intuitive feeling of self and properties of the surrounding world. Strong dependence on the influence of the subconscious. Alcohol and drugs should be avoided, as they open the way to negative mental phenomena. Talent in music and art. The appearance has an aura of mystery, the eyes sometimes produce a magnetic effect. You are courteous, gentle and impressionable. You tend to “dissolve” in your environment and do not make a very strong vivid impression on others. Your ability to identify yourself and your environment may be underdeveloped, especially when you are young. Sensitive and compassionate, you dislike battles and no matter what you claim, you are a pacifist at heart.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

The world blurred before the eyes of a person. He poorly sees the border between objects, phenomena, himself and the rest of the world. A weak sense of one’s own “I” dissolves in the environment. Hypersensitivity. The gift of empathy. Sometimes it comes to self-sacrifice. The ability to imitate others, unconsciously perceive their demeanor. It has a calming effect on others and causes drowsiness. Smooths out contradictions, easily finds a compromise, avoids sensitive issues, responsibility or unpleasant responsibilities. It is difficult to hook and slippery. Outwardly, it leaves the impression of being sleepy or drunk.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

God expresses respect for man by his love for him. In the eyes of this person there is always a characteristic fog, as if he is not quite here, but partially (or entirely) somewhere else. Artistic talent, if any, will receive a mystical, or in any case, irrational form here, if a person manages to observe a sense of proportion; otherwise, you may end up with something incongruous or nothing at all besides a deep “binge”, if you can call the drug cycle that way. The name of this person is ecstasy, turning into self-deception and vice versa, and the thesis about the illusory nature of the observed material world does not need justification here; as for the distance from God to the devil, sometimes it is necessary to measure it here in microns, or better by the number of the righteous in the nearest church. Here despair and enjoyment of life are sometimes mixed to a homogeneous state, but self-esteem is rarely high, although at times a person can literally leak out of complacency without noticing it. Deep down, he despises many others who reason and think they can understand – he knows that he is the only one who really understands, and the others have an illusion of understanding, but you cannot explain this to them. Sometimes you want to express yourself not only with a grimace and a gesture, but the language is helpless, music sounds inside, but it doesn’t reach the melody, and this may be more painful than anything else …

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Subtle intuitive sense of your own personality and the world around you. With good aspects – clairvoyance, inspiration; with bad – visions, mental disorders, obsession. Avoid alcohol and drugs! This Neptune is found in many talented musicians, in general art. Their appearance has a kind of aura of mystery, their eyes are “magnetic”. They often have strange relationships, many of which originate in the distant past.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Self-expression. With Neptune in the 1st house, the spontaneous personality is dreamy and possibly mystical. In it there is partly the “softness” of the perception of Venus, but much more than something otherworldly, as if you feel a world different from what other people feel. You probably don’t radiate yourself with absolute precision and accuracy, and indeed, you can suffer from the trap of being embarrassed about how to express yourself when precision is required. However, in situations where certainty of expression is not required, your personality burns with an almost magical understanding that is far from similar to the usual or rational understanding of the world. You may feel that you are not completely “fit” with your personality, as if you are wearing someone else’s clothes. On the other hand, you are great at pretending, and the challenge is to raise your powerful imagination to a level of deep empathy for other people. Among the ten planetary symbols, the symbolism of Neptune is most “disguised”. Solving it is like studying a photograph taken with a camera with a very blurry focus; contours blurred, and the photograph became more impressive than expressive. Your label name reads: “I am sensual, soft, otherworldly, clairvoyant, slightly embarrassed, emotionally vulnerable and highly sensitive.” Self-awareness. Compassion, sensitivity, and gentle or dreamy personality expressions are conducive to awareness of your true inner nature. Your way of gaining consciousness is the mystery of inversion: the less you act as yourself, the more you become aware that you exist. The more you go beyond the boundaries of yourself, allow you to go outside yourself, spread behind the shell of yourself, the more clearly you suddenly discover who you are. When you allow yourself to connect with the universal Unity of Life, then you awaken your individual “I” in yourself. It can be confusing, but you cannot exist without it. Remember that seeking requires you to surrender yourself — not for our sake, but for something that is much more than any of us. Whenever you lose your inner self, let it disappear and it will return. Boundaries. Natural sympathy for other people, the universality of love and concentration on a calm fantasy in the spontaneous manifestation of personality correctly connect the inner and outer realities. Lack of faith in the universe breaks this connection, alienates you from your true self, and self-deception, flight from the world or fanaticism cloud both realities, and as a result – martyrdom or damage to semantic integrity. The challenge is to reconnect with everything that exists, but to do so in a way that doesn’t drown your own personality. Your susceptibility and completeness of fusion are so pronounced that infectious diseases and drug addiction become quite dangerous for you, and all types of psychosomatic diseases are also dangerous. Be careful with medications. You need to learn how to use your intuitive imagination in an orderly manner to promote your own well-being and to literally avoid illness and go beyond it. Separation and reintegration are key processes, and you can facilitate the reintegration process through transcendence, gracefully transcending any negative psychological process or physical ailment. The disease is released, not subdued. Self-love turns into health. Your strength is not in physical vitality, but in faith.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

This is a sophisticated, gentle, dreamy person who lives in his own imaginary world. He is somewhat divorced from reality, perceives himself and others in a distorted and unusual way. Likes to hang in the clouds, often changes his plans and views depending on his mood. Mystical and magnetically attractive. A wealth of imagination can manifest itself in the field of art. When a planet is defeated, daydreaming can drain his energy and bring many strange experiences. The diseases of such a person are difficult to diagnose. He is able to intuitively detect his own abilities and accurately identify the mysterious properties of the world around him. He has the gift of clairvoyance, which allows him to penetrate into the hidden reasons behind the events and actions of people. Extremely impressionable, easily inspired and exhibits an enviable sensitivity to subconscious influences. Shows a penchant for visionary and mystical perceptions of hidden reality. When a planet is defeated, there is a danger of falling under the influence of negative mental influences, which can lead to a strange kind of obsession. Such a person should actively avoid alcohol and drugs, which open his psyche to hidden negative influences. The life of such a person is full of intuitive insights and strange events, the appearance is mysterious and enigmatic. From time to time he has strange relationships with people, many of whom are rooted in the distant past. There is a tendency to self-deception, unreliability and ambiguity of goals, to an unstable lifestyle, as well as a tendency to go limp and aimlessly with the flow of events. Such a person is always somewhat mediumistic, he, regardless of his own will, unconsciously tunes in to the deep contents of those with whom he comes into contact, and intuitively feels the hidden features of the environment. Easily falls into a trance, often dreams, often experiences supernatural experiences, is full of idealistic romanticism and mysterious emotional disturbances. At best, such people are perspicacious, spiritually receptive and able to instantly assess the situation, deeply penetrating into its essence. They are attracted to unusual friends, to distant lands, to everything spiritual and mysterious. They have an amazing artistic taste and are very keen on the beauty of form, color and sound. They love everything transcendent and latent, possible mysterious loving passion, excessive laziness, lack of vitality, insecurity, confusion and instability in contacts. Often such people suffer from intrigue, enmity, conspiracy and deception. Such a person is prone to excitability, changeability, strange aspirations and acts of indiscretion. The need to use painfully developed imaginations tempts them to engage in intrigue and deception. They are arrogant, gravitate towards vagrancy, adore pleasure and sudden changes in life. If such a person falls under the psychic influence of a strong personality, he becomes completely dependent on the other. Such people tend to immerse themselves in the study of mysterious phenomena and mysterious sides of life. These people are intuitive, somewhat sleepy, mediumistic, artistic, gentle and fickle. They are distinguished by their spiritual wealth and boundless love for nature and the sea. With the defeat of the planet, frequent emotional breakdowns, deep depressions and a quasi-dreaming gift are possible. There is a danger of suicidal tendencies. Such people often overestimate their surroundings and make unrealistic plans. The possibilities of spiritual self-absorption must be balanced by sober common sense and rational pragmatism. They easily become victims of active propaganda and are easily seduced by those who know how to persuade and persuade. Such people perceive singing mystically and adore esoteric gatherings. They are fortunate as composers and performing musicians, as marine painters and masters of artistic expression. In the acting profession, they show an enviable tendency to immerse themselves in the role they play. Lucky as science fiction novelists, storytellers and poets. They experience their mystical gift as a burden, for vivid imagination and oversaturated fantasy do not give them rest day or night. Living illusions constantly disturb and torment them. The mask behind which they hide their own identity is adorned with pious self-deception. They spontaneously pretend and unknowingly lie. They crave to create and create all the time, and therefore are in an incessant waking dream. Their subconsciousness seems to be open to reality, and therefore it is difficult for them to distinguish fantasies from actual events. The defeat of the planet can lead to self-serving reticence, fraud and willful deception. Uncertainty and precariousness in relations with the outside world make their life meaningless and meaningless.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

The moon and Neptune shape our ability to love to a large extent; Neptune manifests itself on a completely different level than the libido planets. It symbolizes ideal love, and in this position it gives a peculiar result. Quite often Neptune in the 1st house closes the image of “I” in a deceptive haze. It gives a person the desire or the illusion of personal specialness, unusualness, especially if it is located near the Ascendant. But this illusion has nothing to do with pomp or the idea of superiority over others, it is closer to the feeling of charisma in oneself, before which it is impossible to resist, special charm and sophistication. It happens that it pours out into missionary fervor or into the rapture of spiritual perfection. Neptune in the 1st house, as in any other, does not act directly on the physical plane, but can give hypersensitivity leading to protective, passive behavior with an inner idea of helplessness in the face of a rough world. Most often this occurs when Neptune is near the zero point of the house or is struck by hard aspects (opposition or square). And its location in the feminine sign can add to the tendency to feel like a helpless victim.



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