Neptune in the 12th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Intuitive knowledge of the processes of the subconscious and mystical-religious inclination. Love for solitude. Sympathetic and extremely sensitive to the emotional tones in the atmosphere around you, you are a born psychic, able to feel and understand a lot about people, without talking to them and not knowing them at all. You are deeply interested in the hidden aspects of life, life after death. Your powerful sensitivity may remain undeveloped or depressed for most of your life and only develop fully in adulthood.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

Racial, national karma. Man seeks to get away from this somehow. Hides emotional attachments. Loss of unity with the Universe, constant craving for dissolution – to become one again. This is a kind of religiosity – the search for unity with the higher Whole. Any strong emotion is enough for a person to withdraw into himself. Alone he meditates (he is always in a state of meditation). Looks at the world as if from another space.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Savior. Neptune in the XII house is a symbolic ruler (co-owner) This position of Neptune attunes a person to the highest service, but not everyone is capable of it. Here, working out follows the path of gradual rejection of the lower meditations and distortions; both, acting on the mental plane, after a while puts a person in an invisible, but quite tangible prison, the way out of which is not at all obvious to a person. The most typical, lowest, distortion of reality is a lie, and if a person begins to lie or believe someone else’s lies, or even just falls into a false position, he feels how invisible walls close around him, and he finds himself in complete loneliness, except for a dozen astral entities accidentally found themselves in the neighborhood. A similar effect will occur if a person begins to use any drugs, engage in strong emotional or sexual meditations, or in any other way seek happiness for himself along one of the socially approved paths. The effect in all cases will be the same: impenetrable walls, perceptible at any level of self-deception of a person, although this position of Neptune gives him a great inclination. Another characteristic temptation of this person is false pity, accompanied by an abundance of emotions and a lack of a constructive effect, in which the person, most likely, did not believe in advance, but still succumbed to the impulse of false participation, without knowing why, or from a sense of false duty, on which his friends are very inclined to speculate. Here karma requires a person to make certain sacrifices and work on oneself: developing inner honesty, avoiding gross emotional states (both positive and negative), seeing external deception, especially vampirism under the guise of dying of hunger, and a ban on escapism, creating a fantastic imaginary world in order to escape from their real karmic duties. The study goes on with great difficulty, a person now and then slips into emotions and self-deception, which is immediately signaled to him by a feeling of loneliness and his complete worthlessness (if Neptune is not entirely harmonious, a sense of guilt is also characteristic), but the developed XII house gives a true healer of souls human, saint, mystic, sage, who is able to see the subtlest traces of karma and find a way out of a hopeless, hopeless, desperate situation.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Imagination. Your fantasies ooze the scent of true sacrifice, giving up the ego in order to connect with the larger universes inside and outside the ordinary self. When you dream – in a state of wakefulness or sleep – you dissolve into a space where control and will do not rule. Your fantasies generate a range of imagery – from visions of the Second Coming to great lottery winnings. The pitfalls are the same as for Venus in the 12th house, but more subtle. You can “gorge yourself” on religion, stuffing yourself to the brim with “second-rate spiritual food”. Also note that “visualization” does not replace hard work. If you want to achieve something, work on Earth, not in another world. Challenge – Let your dreams inspire you so that everyday events gain a radiant aura of divine presence. Defocused intuition. Everything you see, hear, taste, touch and smell, is all permeated with intuitive messages. In fact, your sensory receptors operate on a wide variety of levels of perception. They simultaneously encompass the tangible and etheric levels of perception. Therefore, in your sensations, the real and the magical are mixed, this especially affects the main channels of perception. Your intuition works incessantly because it is woven into the natural vision of life, and this is your advantage. But because of this, you do not feel the essential difference between intuitive and non-intuitive perception. You may not even be aware of the very manifestation of intuition, for it is everywhere. You do not seek to accept individual information, but to absorb the fundamental meaning. The task is to see the sign of the highest meaning in everything that you perceive; enjoy the magic of life. Retreat or solitude. Your privacy is more mental than physical. You don’t need to be alone with yourself at all, you just leave your body and float into space. Paradoxically, you feel the isolation of everyday life. When you move away from life, then you merge with what exists outside of the self, so even if no one notices you, you are still one with the universe. The trap is a preference for privacy in real life. You could become a one hundred percent escapist, brushing off the demands of life and slipping into a formless space of nothingness that is no doubt pleasant, but illusory at best. The challenge is to renew your faith in magic through meditative retreat. Just do not forget to remind other people living in this world about this faith. Selfless help. Selfless help is a lifestyle, not just an event. Your gifts are more spiritual than physical; intangible, not real. They can also be romantic or idealistic in tone. When you go beyond the ego, your sense of personal boundaries disappears. This state can scare you if you believe that your essence is dissolving. Or you reunite with everything: with the grass, with the sky and the earth. The trap is to provide help without offering anything real; open your heart, but provide ineffective assistance; have good intentions but be naive. The task is to make your help tangible enough, to really share your spiritual gift with people. In past lives, you have explored the boundaries between the real and the unreal. You were a wizard renowned for sleight of hand, or a yogi who stopped beating heartbeats, a priest seeking to save souls, or a charlatan selling snake fat, a true mystic seeking divine radiance, or a schizophrenic imprisoned in a mental hospital. Your relationships with people have been full of compassion and sincere help, or deception and severe disappointment. In each case, one thing is true: nothing has ever been essentially what it appeared before your eyes. Now is the time to step out of the shadows into the light. Every time you rely on your karmic past, life turns into confusion. Life is like a fantasy, a dream; accept this quality of life, but do not become a victim of it; remember that there is a reality behind every illusion, and an illusion behind every reality.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

This person is extremely sensitive to subconscious processes and in general to everything that happens in the external and internal mental world. He often feels like a complete recluse. Loves art, the gift of a dancer is possible. In order not to deceive himself, he needs to learn to look reality directly in the eyes. Can be very wise and possess a rare ability to intuitively penetrate into the essence of things. All the time he strives to help other people, but often he is overcome by a deep feeling of complete loneliness. Successful as a doctor, social worker and psychoanalyst. Has a pronounced inclination towards religious mysticism. Intuitively comprehends the nature of subconscious processes, and therefore willingly indulges in meditation and seeks a way into himself. He easily remembers previous incarnations, has a significant baggage of spiritual knowledge. Possible talent is a clairvoyant, healer, poet, musician and surrealist artist. The defeat of the planet inclines to obsessive digging in the experiences of the past, falling under a bad psychic influence and losing the right direction in life, which can lead to persistent fears, disconnection from reality, clouding of reason and severe neuroses. Such a person is usually an excellent medium who can use secret methods for solitary research of the psyche. It is preferable for such people to work in large institutions, their work should be calm and protected from the influences of ill-wishers. The main factor in the life of such people is mental influences. Such people almost always benefit from covert operations, secret negotiations, and undisclosed deals. They can earn big money for small jobs, earn good money by working creatively in the field of science, creating books or doing shady business. Often such people turn out to be successful teachers and lecturers. There is a tendency towards the humanities and esoteric sciences, the study of history and participation in social activities. Such a person usually has excellent relationships with superiors and powerful people. He knows how to achieve his goal in clashes with special services and government agencies. In choosing a place of residence and environment, he is helped by phenomenal abilities, innate foresight and developed intuition. The defeat of the planet inclines to accidents, loss of personal freedom and independence, as well as the danger of disability. Imprisonment in a monastery, widowhood or forced isolation is possible.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

The moon and Neptune shape our ability to love to a great extent. When Neptune is located in the XII house, the need to help can be overdeveloped, up to a savior complex, especially if Neptune is close to ASC. High aspirations here are by no means based on well-thought-out philosophical schemes, but come from an inner yearning, a thirst to approach the angels. House XII does not deal with clever academic theories or carefully planned programs; on the contrary, he is terrified of all organized assistance. Neptune in the XII house always prefers spontaneous acts of care and assistance, even if this approach is not the best for a person in need. In extreme cases, we are quite capable of spontaneously sacrificing ourselves and becoming martyrs. As in all water houses, XII has a distinct tendency to escape into irrational realms or into narcotic oblivion.



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