Neptune in the 11th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Extraordinarily perfect close friendships or group bonds. Understanding the needs of people, participating in humanistic and metaphysical groups or secret societies. A bad society can be disastrous as it leads to drugs and alcohol. You have to choose your friends carefully. You are idealistic in your views on society and politics, and your ideals can induce you to join any club, organization, society of like-minded people, people who share your views and concerns.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person is drawn into groups that have a vague program. If the program is framed, then it is associated with a utopian idea. Environmental groups. Religious associations. The idea of an ideal society: everyone is equal, everyone sympathizes, nothing needs to be done, everything must be cooked. Can promote naturism: everyone lives on earth, feeds on fruits and prey from fishing. The future finds out with the help of mystical procedures. Has a rich intuition. When Neptune is struck, he has unreliable friends, adopted children.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The main mystery of the group is that it exists. This person will not have a very pleasant relationship with the team, but figuring out what, in fact, is wrong will not be easy at all. At a low level, there will be a lot of lies, poor understanding of the group, its tasks and internal problems. When Neptune is defeated, a feeling of resentment towards the group or of guilt in front of it is characteristic, most often repressed, but nevertheless prevents a person from joining in constructive group activity. In addition, at a low level, groups with regular consumption of alcohol, drugs, dirty sex are likely – in a word, what is called “bad company”, which, however, can help a person sink to his natural bottom and become aware of his fall as such. In any case, an energetic person with this position of the house in an unworked version can quickly put down and corrupt a weak group; a strong one will not let him in or will quickly push him out. On the other hand, this person, like no one else, understands the group, and only through group work can he receive true satisfaction from life and even his minutes of happiness, but for this you need to learn to be honest with yourself first of all and not to pass off personal interests as group interests. Further development lies on the path of realizing your responsibility to the group and responsibilities to it; this person can shine with Divine love for all other people when he feels his unity with the team and its support, but they need to be honestly earned, and not imagined or seen in a dream. This person’s friends may be strange, prone to mediumship, trance, at a low level – alcohol and drugs, and at first their influence can be negative and confusing the spiritual path; without elaboration over time, he himself will play a similar role in relation to his friends. Working through gives a very subtle understanding of comrades, spiritual help, or at least true pity and sympathy (at a low level, false pity and ostentatious sympathy will be present, often counting on immediate gratitude).

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Participation in the life of groups. You believe in the power of collective action and you strive to immerse yourself in a social environment. However, beware of your gullibility. You can be seduced and used for your own purposes: the seduction can be either purely Machiavellian, or completely unintentional on the part of those people who turn out to be not too honest in their motives or behavior. Your best quality in this case is your willingness to fully participate in the life of the group, in faith and trust. Your worst quality is almost religious fervor, manifested in the desire to attract other people to the group. You can intuitively feel how other people expect to see your behavior in society. If this feeling is deep and perfectly developed, then you can effortlessly adapt to these requirements, often even unconsciously. On the other hand, you may experience great confusion in social interaction, believing that something is missing from your behavior, something does not harmonize, as if your socks were different colors or the zipper on your trousers was unzipped. The trap is to go into quiet hysteria, believing that other people are secretly taunting you. So don’t try to be who you are not. The challenge is to be yourself. Friendship, social circle. You strive to see the very best in people. The basis of friendship is all the most sublime, which makes us inspired and somewhat naive, almost romantic in dealing with friends. You are attracted by the courtesy and beauty in people, both physical and spiritual. You like it when your friends are creative dreamers because they support your own faith. However, be aware that the world is not always from the inside as it looks from the outside. Since you often build friendships based on your speculations and fantasies, and not the real qualities of friends, you may be disappointed by the discrepancy between the real behavior of friends and your ideas about them. Don’t put your friends on a pedestal, they can fall on you. You won’t get in trouble if you forgive people for their imperfections, but remember that a pack of stray dogs is not a viable social circle. Do not give yourself up to be torn apart. Offer your friendship, but not your soul. You dissolve into the creative process of the group, cherishing the magical dream of fusing all members of the group into a single creative source. You usually influence in one of two directions: to raise the group to a new level of development through the realization of its spiritual purpose, or subtly undermine its performance through your own inner confusion. Your creative role is to guide the group spiritually through your own vision. Acceptance of love. You believe in romance. You cannot see it, taste it, touch it or smell it, but in some incomprehensible way, the universe itself pours out its love on you through your beloved. This deep refinement is central to the experience of accepting love. You want to be treated gently, with inexpressible tenderness, not very seriously, and with a little physical touch, you want to drown in the ocean of heartfelt outpourings. You want your lover to fly in on a flying carpet and take you to heaven. Love is something not of this world, it is more than life. But is it real? Do these lovely moments actually happen, or are they just ghostly reflections in the mirror? Is this your life or a romantic novel? Have you found God or lost your common sense? You usually don’t care much about this, but your task is to disconnect the tender spirituality and the escapist illusion.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person is either friendly with everyone, or behaves completely antisocial. He is prone to non-binding relationships and loves to be friends with eccentrics. He is a generous person with a penchant for intrigue and shenanigans. His premonitions usually come true, and in the world of dreams he can build grandiose plans that must be fulfilled by another. When the planet is defeated, he thinks incorrectly about the future and can be seriously disappointed in friends and colleagues. Very fine in group ties, prone to unusually close, almost perfect friendship. Generous and open to friends, in return receives spiritual guidance and selfless support in achieving goals. He perfectly understands the needs of others, is inclined to participate in philosophical and humanistic groups, adores secret societies, loves secret meetings. The defeat of the planet leads to him deceiving friends and many secret enemies, making friendships unreliable. Such a person needs to be very careful in choosing his friends. Bad company can be disastrous for him and lead to the use of drugs and alcohol. Excessive detachment from life, far-fetched idealism and gravitation towards empty pastime and a bohemian lifestyle are possible. Such a person is prone to unhappy attachments, strange and inexplicable attractions for losers and mentally ill people. Imaginary friends often betray him, and advisers are unreliable and bring only losses. Often such people gravitate towards nightclubs and all sorts of secret entertainment establishments. This aspect has a strong influence on the friends of such a person, on his guardians, sponsors and patrons. A harmonious planet brings benefits and benefits associated with them, an affected planet provokes dangerous and fake situations. Often these people are very talented, friendly and conscientious. They gravitate towards romantic contacts, their imagination immerses them in a world of illusions and dreams.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

The moon and Neptune shape our ability to love to a great extent. Neptune in the 11th house again brings to mind the “sandwich filling”, because in this position we must submit our feelings to the prescribed norms of behavior. This leaves no room for spontaneity, except perhaps for humanitarian interests. The most worthy philanthropists, always ready to help and be useful, often have Neptune in the XI house. How they choose to help depends on the position and aspect of the other planets on the chart. This idealism characteristic of the 11th house is also expressed by the libido-planets. In the first place, we do not expect our partners to satisfy our emotional and sexual needs. Our inner gaze is facing a higher ideal of human contact: the meeting of similar minds, kindred souls. Our expectations are extremely high, common views and interests are a fundamental requirement. The main thing for us is that the relationship is based on camaraderie and the ability to share with each other. It is not at all necessary for them to be loving, let alone sexual. Neptune in the XI house values friendship and gives rise to a corresponding philosophy of life. If Neptune in the XI house is struck by harsh aspects, we can turn into “crusaders”. This danger is always present in the XI house, its expression depends on the sign involved. Fire signs more than earthly contribute to militancy. Air signs prefer propaganda, the use of intelligent weapons – pamphlets, brochures, etc. A just struggle for the good of humanity can become an all-consuming impulse in the 11th house, absorb all forces. Usually, when Neptune is struck in the XI house, it is best for us to devote our lives to serving some philanthropic institution or a good cause. Neptune in the XI house is the guiding principle – the brotherhood of mankind .. All people are brothers, all people should be friends, we should all learn to love each other and live in harmony. And we hope to contribute to the formation of planetary consciousness, unity on a global scale. The 11th house is also characterized by a pronounced tendency to belong to a spiritual group or a secret society, especially when this tendency is supported by one or more of our higher planets. Harsh aspects can make us fanatics or terrorists, but we will always justify our actions with noble-sounding theories.