Neptune in the 10th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Intuition plays a big role in a career. Good for ministers, psychologists, astrologers, clairvoyants. Careers often involve things going on behind the scenes, in secret, with special precautions. Often, one of the parents is an extraordinary personality or has an unusual profession. Artists, musicians, painters. You are a very idealistic person and want to see your ideals, hopes and dreams embodied in the concrete reality of the everyday world. You strive to make your ideals work. When you were young, you might have difficulty finding your purpose or place in life. At the beginning of your independent life, you were probably busy looking for ways that would allow you to express your imagination, fantasy and ideals in your career. Your calling might be a job that requires compassionate service, such as medicine. If you lack integrity and honesty, you quickly slide to the opposite extreme and can oppose others with dishonesty and deception. Music, art, cinema and pop – these areas of activity suit you well.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person becomes famous in the field of religion, art. If he is inscribed in society, he can engage in music, painting, psychiatry, psychology, pharmacology, bacteriology, chemistry, and possibly marine affairs. If Neptune is very strong and amazed, then it is very difficult for a person to fit into society, he runs away from any responsibility, goes into the world of dreams. The main task is to erode existing structures. Sensitively perceives higher emanations, can give a new ideology.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

There is no happiness in life for a loafer. Neptune in the X house in a symbolic fall. This is the difficult position of Neptune, dangerous for humans, but even more for people who depend on him. At a low level, it gives an extraordinary love for power and the very atmosphere of power, which overshadows and obscures a specific situation and a person’s actions at the moment of a responsible choice, perhaps concerning the fate of a large number of people. Situations of the X house offer an impersonal attitude, be it a life choice, a conversation with a boss or a subordinate, the setting of specific goals and objectives, but Neptune in the lower and middle octave gives a very strong inclusion of the “ego” through meditation or a feeling of high, which a person involuntarily experiences in such situations. With the defeat of the X house, a (often repressed) feeling of guilt before the world is also superimposed for their (past and future) mistakes in interaction with external karma, which a person feels well but sees poorly. At the same time, only Neptune gives a person a feeling of true life and happiness, therefore, a person is (at least subconsciously) drawn to power very strongly, and he needs to realize this and strive to become a member of the most spiritual of all hierarchies that will accept him. But wherever a person works, he can easily confuse his boss and subordinates and pass them off as black for white, which should not be abused, otherwise external karma will regularly deceive him. The sense of responsibility is formed with great difficulty; the study of Saturn and the realization of the karmic meaning of their actions helps. This person’s advice is essential and spiritual, or downright deceiving.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Intuition plays an important role in work. Good for politicians, psychologists, workers of various “orders of secret affairs”. Often, one of the parents is an extraordinary person or has an unusual profession. Artists, painters, and musicians may also have this position. With good aspects, honors. In case of defeat – the inability to get along with the employer, often scandals at work due to dishonesty or loss of reputation.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Collective responsibility. Your spiritual task is to be on the sidelines, to be separated from the crowd. Traditional security is not only implausible, it is impractical. Individuality can sometimes feel like a burdened debt, but despite this, you strongly maintain a sense of separation. You want to stand out in the crowd. You are considered independent. And this is a sign of your true maturity, a unique life path. This does not mean that you cannot enjoy life with other people. Intimate relationships, alliances – everything is available to you. But you have to separate yourself from the mass in some way. The challenge is to go beyond the ordinary in human affairs, to become independent, not obeying the fear of ostracism. Professional ambition. A career is an area where your personality can shine. Other people might think you are a little weird, but ignore it (and you won’t). Just keep going on your course. You need to be independent, and this can literally mean working alone or it can mean working on a contract basis. Service is not an occupation for you, it suits you like a saddle for a cow. Even if you are encouraged by a comfortable and safe career, do not forget that you are better off following your own path, for social status is almost meaningless to you. We also note the suddenness of finding success. Any similar, but negative changes show that your life has been difficult, bitter, but welcome even them, because they allow you to make important adjustments to the course of movement. Be open, aware, swing your fists. Missions and messages. For some reason you seem strange and alien to us, as if you are an alien from another planet, from another star system, as if you are a stranger in the human world. This is not to say that we perceive you as a threat, as a monster from outer space. But you remind us that we are all strangers to one degree or another. We recognize the importance of independence, not following the beaten path, and in your example, we see the results of deliberate distance from other people, both good and bad. We are reminded that every personality is capable of shining, connecting with a pure idea. Finally, we see that life can change completely, suddenly, without warning. Security is illusory, we should not cling to what appears to be safe, but instead we should experiment with our own lives. A parent who is “outwardly connected” to the person. Your father was a unique person, different from other people, or unpredictable in his interactions with you. Perhaps his views were unstable or he was too headstrong, but in any case, he created his own unique life. Perhaps you were separated from him, either literally or figuratively. By interacting with him, you learned the need to stand firmly on your own two feet, not to depend on anyone, and this imprint has formed one of the basic attitudes towards life that you will follow as an adult. You want to chart your course, open up a new world. You are probably not too fond of the idea of taking responsibility for other people and for the whole world, you would rather stay on the sidelines, be an island in the middle of the ocean. But you are able to lead when you feel the need to. The power you wield comes from the uniqueness of your personality, and the success of your leadership depends on your flexibility. The task is to show revolutionary, explosive responsibility, which is, in general, paradoxical.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Collective responsibility. The responsibility that lies with you is not specified, it is “spread” in all areas of your life. She is not focused, not concentrated; your dharma manifests itself in every action, in every situation, in every circumstance of life. Compassion is total and implicit; there is no division into situations in which you show empathy and which you reject. However, this does not mean that you always feel comfortable. This does not necessarily mean that you are a plug in all holes. Try to just accept people while still allowing them to fight. To truly support does not mean to be a crutch for people, but to encourage, encourage. True understanding is not about getting rid of responsibility, but about helping to fulfill it. You don’t have to give all the answers, just believe in the virtue of the universe. The responsibility that lies with you is to live in the flow of this faith. Professional ambition. Your ambition is permeated with the scent of softness; you are probably not inclined to choose professions that require competition. You may be attracted to spiritual service, either traditional, churchly, or through psychic or occult pursuits. Medicine and healing fascinate you, but you do not strive to reach the heights of social status, preferring to work as Mother Teresa. Any profession where contact with images is possible, for example, graphic design, is perfect. You are attracted to performing arts, as well as music or acting. Maybe work in the field of chemical research or pharmaceuticals, because you are interested in alchemy. This position tends to lead to deeds that are not, in fact, what they appear outside, which can lead to confusion, deception, or even public scandal. Avoid these dubious possibilities, they are just the shady aspect of ambition. Strive for ideals and learn to connect the pragmatic and the divine. Missions and messages. Your life shows us that reality does not contradict fantasy, for you simultaneously exist in both worlds. We learn that we can not be limited to selfish interest in ourselves, but also perceive what is outside of us. The circumstances of our life no longer bind us hand and foot, for we rediscover the wonders of the imagination, the power of dreams and ideals. Finally, we are reminded of the need to develop compassion for people. This can be taught by your own soft power, the resilience of your kindness, or your grace, which collapses whenever the illusory nature of your dreams is revealed. In any case, you bring us into contact with the mystery of the subtle spaces of being. The parent, “externally connected” with the person. Perhaps your father was attracted more by the spiritual than the material; he was a gentle and compassionate man. If so, then his idealism or artistry made an indelible impression on you. However, he could be a dreamer or an escapist who could not cope with the responsibility entrusted to him by real life or parental duty. You may have grown up with alcohol or other chemical abuse; in a family where someone was a martyr. In any case, you were confused by the lack of solidity in the environment of your childhood – for some reason, there was no reliable support in the world for you. Your attitude towards authority can be either respectful, distrustful, or both. Your own authority is based on the subtle power of compassion and tenderness. Work diligently to become reliable so that you can be relied upon. You can win people’s respect, but you are more likely to win their love. Authority must come from a higher source than your ego, so keep your ears on top of your head and then everything will turn out great for you.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person in words and in deeds strives to serve humanity, but at the same time wants to show himself in a very unusual light. The level of his aspirations and aspirations is much higher than the real possibilities, and therefore it often seems to him that people do not understand his motives and misjudge his intentions. Aspect favors acting in film and television. This is an idealist, a bright personality, an expressive speaker. Parents do not give him much help, and therefore all his achievements are exclusively the fruit of his own labor. He can be a good diplomat, as he perfectly understands the feelings and motives of the people around him. The defeat of the planet immerses him in the protection of other people’s secrets, or contributes to the development of doubts in himself. Intuition plays a significant role in a career; careers are often associated with behind-the-scenes and secret activities that require special precautions. The aspect is good for spiritual leaders, psychologists, astrologers, clairvoyants, and humanitarian politicians. Perhaps one of the parents was an extraordinary person and had a strange profession. Often such people come from families of actors, musicians and artists. As a result of their careers, they are given high honors, for special personal merit comparable to the sacrifice. It is not easy for such people to get along with the employer and hold on to the existing job. They are prone to intrigue, and therefore often fall into scandals due to deception in the service and enjoy the reputation of unprincipled people. A highly inspired nature, capable of achieving high position and fame through subtle, exquisite and amazing achievements. Often such a person finds himself in science or medicine. He is interested in the mysteries of nature and is able to practically use the mysterious forces of the universe. One way or another, his career is associated with secrecy and secrecy. There is a penchant for loud titles and pseudonyms. Often, the career of such a person is promoted by persons invested with spiritual authority. They help him get rid of hesitation and doubt and help to overcome self-doubt, excessive romanticism, poor organization and a tendency to create many problems from scratch. Often the life of such people ends with a heroic deed. For them, an excessive passion for the occult, overwork, gossip and risky financial speculation are dangerous. This aspect is great, but very difficult to master. More often, heightened sensitivity and sensitivities make rational planning and sound judgment difficult. Due to excessive fantasies and false pictures of the imagination, the life purpose of such a person is surrounded by the misty misty light of the evening twilight. Their goals blur and get lost in fog and chaos, in confusion and confusion, leading to indecision, unsteadiness of positions and disappointment. It is difficult for such a person to adhere to sober views and make intelligent decisions. Often, such people become big swindlers and famous adventurers. They are successful as inventors and storytellers, mystics and science fiction writers, utopians and philosophers. The abstract in their fate prevails over the concrete, and the facts of mental disorder are perceived as a normal phenomenon. These people are very suspicious and prone to self-hypnosis, and therefore often worry for no particular reason.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

The moon and Neptune shape our ability to love to a great extent. In the 10th house, we again meet with status concerns. But here is not a desire to achieve status, but such a state, as if we already have it and should behave accordingly. The idea of what exactly our status requires is, of course, subjective and relative. Most importantly, we adhere to our own standards and do not allow any attacks on them. At X, we work hard to achieve power, want to have leadership, or at least take a position so that others do not dominate us. In the X house, a person strives to be a strong person and stand firmly on his feet. At the same time, we have no right to ignore the rights of those below us. In the X house, we constantly feel that others are watching and appreciating. Alas, all those in power must look back at their constituents, subordinates or subjects. The Neptune in the X house, as in conjunction with the ACC or DSC, brings a certain sense of mission. Our self-esteem is fueled by philanthropic activity, we help where our help is most appreciated, and thus become dependent on this specific role in life (benefactor syndrome).


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