Mysticism is the connection that we get to experience from the earthly plane with the astral or spiritual plane. This experience is achieved through a deep state of concentration in meditation, and is practiced by many monotheistic and polytheistic religions. In religions, it refers to the connection of an individual with the corresponding God; but in Buddhism it is used for something more philosophical that is to say it is practiced to acquire knowledge and perfection of the human being.

This connective experience can bring experiences such as being able to levitate, visions, get into states of ecstasy, and power to get into other people’s minds, and even being able to cure diseases by this method. This connection is practiced by all the religions of the world, the difference is in how is performed, this is because the traditions, beliefs, and standards which are different in each religion.

The connection is so strong that the first experiences may be too strong, also unbearable for the person; it disorients and moves the person away from reality; at the moment of making this type of connection you acquire a lot of information that only you understand and feel; you will not have the need for someone who explain you what has been communicated to you by this experience. This fact cannot be explained by science or any study that has been done before, it is hard to explain, even for the person who does it.

If you want to know a bit more about this experience, there are many mystics that have talked about these connections, so you will feel more at ease and will understand that is a unique experience for each person, which is linked with holiness and Christianity, it is believed that is manifested by supernatural events called miracles; in addition, this experience not only is described by man, but also by very important ancient scriptures like the Bible.

In Christianity, this connection is made to save mankind from the abyss that separates them from divinity, that is, to undo all bad behavior that do not allow the man to enter the kingdom of heaven. All this is accomplished through meditation against ego, as is done in Buddhism, prayer through Christianity, or the use of the Kabbalah in people who practice Judaism.

In the Christian mysticism, union with God or also known as ecstasy, is something that depends on the person, only God through his spirit, grants this precious communication with Him. In Catholicism, only the person who has remained pure, constantly fasting, in solitude, prayer and work, is the one that can receive the precious ecstasy of communication with God. Each one of these experiences is different in each religion, but lead to the same point, which is, on the one hand, the absolute communication with God or “the sacred”; and on the other hand, allow to acquire the knowledge necessary to improve and grow spirituality.