My Cheetah Totem – How To Enlist Your Totem


Ancient beliefs are strong to this day, the primitive spirit of his ancestors lives in every person. The connection with your totem, a significant animal patron, brings not only good luck, but also fills you with pure energy, the wisdom of nature and the strength of the beast. How do you know your totem, what it means, and how to enlist its support and favor? Astrologers say that you can determine your sign not only by the horoscope, but also through meditation, establishing a connection with the natural spirit. This page is about the cheetah, the fastest animal on the planet. We will tell you what power it gives to a person, and what the Zoroastrian horoscope says.


Our ancestors carefully selected animals as their patrons, they believed that appearance and character traits depend on this. The cheetah is an excellent protector with which a person’s life becomes active and more diverse.

Each sign has its own peculiarity and specialization, thanks to which magical or witchcraft abilities develop. Animal totems, and they are generally only wild, have their own special magic, which you should know about in order to be able to use it.


The eyes of the person Cheetah are most often brown in color, slightly slanted. Women like to draw their eyes with elongated upward arrows. The shape of the face is a triangle pointed to the bottom. The nose is straight, with small nostrils, a high open forehead and wide cheekbones. Lips are often thin in one line, you cannot say sensual about them, they express concentration and speak of their owner as a person who knows how to keep his mouth shut. By nature, Cheetah people are endowed with chic head of hair, often wavy hair, but over time they can lose it.

This totem endows its wearer with a flexible body, its movements are smooth and dancing. Women are distinguished by grace, men with clear and well-defined movements. Despite their high speed, they remain soft and accurate in all their movements. Their body control is close to perfection.


The main feature of the Cheetah is unpredictability. It is simply not possible to guess what is on the mind of such a person; at any moment he can throw out a completely unexpected act. They are not afraid of danger, look fear in the eyes and do not run with their tail between their legs. However, the main strategy of such a person will not be on the rampage, but come up with a trick with which you can avoid a dangerous collision and emerge victorious from any situation. They do not hesitate to attack from behind, hiding for a while, choosing the best moment to attack.

Although logic often suffers, the Cheetah’s intuition is unique and wonderful, it can sense danger a mile away and, if required, easily retreat to then make a crushing fatal blow. Such a person will stand firmly for his family and friends to the end. Cheetahs are very brave, while neat and careful animals.

Their main goal in life is to achieve for the sake of their importance.

Zoroastrian horoscope

Fire worshipers Zoroastrians believed that people born in the year 1926, 1958, 1990 fall into the cycle of the Cheetah totem and can receive his patronage. The next period of activity according to the Zoroastrian horoscope will begin in 2022 and 2054 and follows the Horse totem. The symbolism of the sign was considered: speed, ferocity, valor, aggression and power. The color of the totem is green.


The beliefs of ancient people proceeded from the fact that each totem has its own opposite antithesis, which endows a person with negative traits. The patronage of a totem or an antithesis will depend on what actions a person does. At the same time, the Zoroastrians considered it possible for a person to stand in a neutral state, when neither one nor the other spirit of the animal is connected with the spirit of man.

The Cheetah has an antitotem – a swamp cat. Being under his power, a person becomes cowardly, weak and weak-willed, ceases to understand people and trusts everyone. The swamp cat pushes for numerous connections with other people, often useless, and sometimes even dangerous.


A person who has a pronounced totem in the form of a cheetah will be very fast, brave and strong, as well as fair. In relationships with friends, he will not tolerate lies, although he himself can cheat. But there is no doubt about the loyalty of the Cheetah. For people whom he calls his friends, he will fight to the end, protect them and justify them in the eyes of others. You can completely rely on Cheetah, this is one of the most loyal friends.


Do you want an even and calm relationship? This is not about Cheetah! His love is like a volcano, explosive and avalanche-like, dies out for a moment in order to flare up with renewed vigor. In relationships, he constantly plays. Often, overestimated self-esteem and self-confidence can irritate a partner. But the people of this totem are great romantics, they know how to present non-trivial surprises to their loved one, make grand gestures. For him, it is very important how his partner looks – a spectacular appearance is something that will undoubtedly catch Cheetah.

In personal relationships, he does not tolerate boredom at all, he constantly needs a holiday. If Cheetah turns his eyes to the side, just tease him properly and have an unforgettable night. Create a new role for yourself and involve your loved one in an interesting game.

With children, obedience welcomes, does not tolerate being opposed, but because of their love for all kinds of games they become wonderful parents.


This totem is passionate, if the task is interesting and difficult, it goes into work headlong. Excellent for making connections, has excellent communication skills. He always sees his benefit for sure and will not miss it. The cheetah is able to achieve its goals in any profession, thanks to innate cunning and resourcefulness.

In general, people of this sign are very artistic and often try themselves in acting professions. Many cheetahs have long been involved in show business. In the year of the Cheetah, such celebrities were born as: Merlin Monroe, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Michelle Pfeiffer, Nyusha and many others.

In work, the main rule for them is the manifestation of personal freedom and no leash, otherwise they will quickly fade out and leave.

Compatibility with other totems

Choosing your life partner, you want to find a happy and harmonious relationship. With whom will you be more likely to form a lasting family union?

The cheetah will get along well with Mongoose, Doe and Lynx.

Maintain neutral relations with the Wolf, Raven and Fox.

The Elephant, the Hedgehog and the Snake are completely unsuitable.

Working with a totem

It is recommended to regularly communicate with the totem and keep in mind that the more meaning it has for you, the more powerful it will become. Regularly show him your respect and reverence, the more you attach importance to him, the stronger he becomes and will help you more, the main thing here is diligence and patience.

The connection can be very diverse, it is best to hang the image with the totem at home, try to learn more about the cheetah, buy figurines and give them to your friends. Such fetishes will indicate to you the power and strength of the animal, and greatly enhance the properties of the totem. Many tribes, for a better connection with the totem, practiced special dances as a ritual, while imitating the movements of the cheetah.

Many have already met in their dreams a variety of animals, as magicians and healers say, this is not accidental, since a dream is an altered human consciousness and this meeting symbolizes the presence of a connection with a sacred animal. Each such meeting has a special sign, working with your totem, you can learn to consciously meet it in a dream. Meditations and various moments of magic can make a person a more perfect being, since at the same time he receives the knowledge and power of the animal totem.