Mutable Zodiac Signs


According to astrology, mutable zodiac signs are associated with the principle of harmony and can be perceived as spiral patterns of energy. The most controversial quality and rather difficult both for perception and interpretation. In general, mutability is characterized by versatility, flexibility, adaptability, changeability. Due to mutability, people have the ability to compromise, to look for some points of contact with each other.

People who have strongly expressed planets in mutable signs of the zodiac usually develop in several areas at once, and, often, they are not related to each other. They are characterized by a broad outlook, albeit somewhat superficial (with the exception of Virgo), a desire for change and something new. They do not like clearly planned plans and things. It is these people who are capable of being the most objective, since they are capable of perceiving different opinions and conditions. Sometimes they can even be accused of duplicity or hypocrisy.

The main problem lies in the fact that people are so fickle that, often, they themselves do not know how they can behave in a given situation. They are used to living in one day and why think about what will happen if everything can change a thousand times? It is better to orient yourself immediately on the ground.

Mutable Signs in Astrology

Mutable Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces. Mutable (changeable) signs are the chameleons of the Zodiac. Well adaptable and flexible, people of these signs easily tolerate change.

Gemini : Mutable, Air

Gemini needs constant stimulation. This is a highly intellectual sign, and it needs news and information like air. As an air sign, Gemini is very happy to exchange ideas with other people – they are not alone. The ringing sound in a telephone receiver (while waiting for the other end to answer) for Gemini is like the sounds of a mother’s heartbeat for a baby.

Because Gemini is an easily adaptable, fickle sign, their mind works at the speed of light. They can put together different pieces of information in many ways and therefore it is easy for them to get an idea of ​​many things, be it a home theater manual, the facts of a murder, or a country’s budget. Gemini can change their position as soon as they absorb new information, while remaining objective. Is there a danger for Gemini? Yes. Their art of interacting with many things at the same time can lead them to distraction or to the fact that they will not have time to cope with such a volume and will postpone something for later. If Gemini concentrates, then they can do in a day what many of us can do in just a week.

Virgo : Mutable, Earth

Virgo is as smart as Gemini, but much more practical. This sign is looking for a specific goal, where he could apply his significant talent for communication. Virgo is less likely than Gemini to be so absent-minded, trying to do too much at once. But on the other hand, he is more likely to get bogged down in the little things. Virgo’s legibility and accuracy is not repeated in any other sign. (We are not talking about rare exceptions in each sign, which, as we know, only confirm the rule. We are talking about general trends.)

Virgo will polish her work to a shine, because Virgo’s greatest desire is to feel useful and productive. Do not ask Virgo to calm down and relax, since most representatives of this sign simply do not know how to do this. They feel bad if they are wasting time. As an earth sign, Virgos are brilliant at organizing anything, and it is this skill that brings tangible results to Virgos that Virgo can weigh, compare, evaluate and improve. But Virgos cannot be called die-hard or adamant – by no means. The Virgo’s mutable property allows them to be flexible and easily adjust their course on the fly – a valuable quality tucked away in the breast pocket of their crisp white, perfectly ironed shirt.

Sagittarius : Mutable, Fire

A Sagittarius expresses his intelligence in areas such as philosophy and spirituality. Also, people in this group like to delve into the differences and similarities of different cultures. The fiery nature of Sagittarius thirsts for adventure and the feeling of an explorer in the projects he took on. While Gemini focuses on the visible details of current events, Sagittarius focuses on the moral and ethical implications of these events.

Like all fickle signs, Sagittarius are inquisitive, but their Fiery element forces this sign to explore and discuss hypothetical situations (after all, communication is the dominant quality of a fickle sign). At their leisure, they can listen to, for example, the Mayak radio or watch the Culture TV channel, where many philosophical topics are discussed. Chasing the high-octane Fickle / Fire Sign of Sagittarius is difficult, but well worth the effort.

Pisces : Mutable, Water

Pisces use their Mutable Trait to explore and improve the sensations (water element) of the people around them. Since fickle signs are sociable, Pisces takes on serious care of those around them and will always offer information, sympathy, advice – in accordance with the situation. The ability of Pisces to adapt is so strong that they literally become the person they are trying to help, and in this case they do not see the boundaries where their territory ends and someone else’s begins. This is difficult for Pisces, because long after they helped someone solve the problem, they continue to reflect on the consequences and many other questions related to this problem.

Pisces needs to see completion (after all, this sign is the last not only in the season of the year, but also in the zodiac!), So if you asked them any advice, then be sure to tell them later what action you took and what result you got. If you don’t, Pisces will have a state of constant concern for you and your situation. One last thing: show Pisces how much you value them. The cosmos doesn’t really like it when we take too much from the good nature of Pisces.