Moon – Neptune conjunction


(Natal. Moon → Natal. Neptune)

S.V. Shestopalov. Aspects of the planets

Duality, uncertainty, indecision, falsity, increased sensitivity, susceptibility, up to mediumship; practicing spiritualism, indulging one’s desires and feelings, bad habits, addictions and whims. Self-deception, disappointment, mental disorders. The positive side of these aspects is great spiritual strength, striving for spiritual self-improvement, the ability to self-sacrifice, depth of feelings and experiences, compassion, mercy.

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

Impressiveness, the tendency to assimilate oneself to the mental and emotional reactions of others. Sensitivity makes them sympathetic and understanding, but on the other hand too succumb to the mood of their environment. Parapsychological abilities, but whether they are real depends on other aspects. Often prophetic dreams. A vivid imagination, when used correctly, can provide talent in music and the visual arts. With bad aspects – a strong unconscious influence, pushing towards life in a world of dreams, castles in the air, loss of contact with reality. In a good horoscope – the basis of religiosity, spirituality.

Absalom Underwater. Aspects of

Moon Conjunction: The narrow framework of personal selfishness prevents me from consuming the whole world. The connection with the Moon gives the Planet an active participation in the subconscious life of a person. A person feels himself intimately connected with the principle of the Planet, which colors his needs, especially vital and social. At a low level of elaboration of the aspect, and in general for people with an unworked Moon, the latter often turns out to be stronger than any other planet (the ego principle dominates in life), and in particular. The planet is in conjunction, turning its principle into one of its programs of parasitic consumption. For example, when the Moon connects with Venus, a person tends to enjoy beauty, social contacts and love, but after communicating with him, people in general and beloved ones in particular need to come to their senses for a long time, restoring energy and faith in humanity, and from works of art such a connoisseur and connoisseur is rude removes the most accessible and easily digestible energy layer, as a result of which they become covered with a bloom of grayness, which is not so easy to remove, and sometimes they can even die; here the moment of creativity of the Absolute is manifested in the whimsical taste of a person – or the circumstances in which he is devoured. The elaboration of the aspect gives great subtlety and often surprise of perception in matters related to the principle of the Planet, which over time (and the study of the Moon) is transformed into the vital need for the study and transmission of the highest principle of the Planet to people. At a high level, this can be a public figure or a prophet closely associated with national karma. The conjunction of Neptune: It is difficult to believe in the immortality of the soul for a person who does not have a soul. In the areas ruled by the Planet in conjunction with Neptune, it is difficult for a person to concentrate: he begins meditation, which (without working out the aspect) is led by the lower programs of the subconscious, trying to put all manifestations of the principle of the Planet at the service of the ego. Neptune creates in the corresponding spheres a constant distortion of vision, false positions, temptations of conscious and unconscious deception, and it is very difficult to get rid of these influences, since an unprocessed connection gives a very deep and strong penetration of the lower octave of Neptune into the principle of the Planet. If Neptune is in conjunction with Venus, then at a low level of elaboration of the aspect, a person will constantly fall into false positions, and simply lie in social contacts and love, but both, as well as the available arts will be sources of endless pleasure for him, and elaboration gives a true connoisseur of art, and perhaps an artist. It is much more difficult to work out the conjunction of Neptune with Saturn, since the Neptune of the lower octave takes the eyes of Saturn, and the person is practically incapable of concentration (he quickly begins lower meditation, and his attention drifts away) and self-deepening, which are necessary for the development of discipline and inner honesty. The study of Pluto (which, by the way, has been sextile to Neptune for the entire second half of the 20th century, promising support), the only planet capable of dispelling the spell and deception of Neptune, helps here. At a high level, working out the connection with Neptune gives a person in the spheres ruled by the Planet a rare ability of true understanding, high meditations and external actions in which a person can express the Ineffable, but not everyone is able to see it.

Het Monster. Aspects of

Impressiveness, the tendency to “get used to” the emotional state of others. On the one hand, these are people who sympathize and understand, on the other hand, they depend on the mood of others. Occult abilities (if there is evidence in other aspects). Often prophetic dreams. With bad aspects – life in a world of dreams, “castles in the air.”

Catherine Aubier. Astrological Dictionary

Favorably aspected connection: heightened, mediumistic sensitivity, ability for supersensible perception. A person lives in direct contact with irrational worlds and, without asking himself questions, swims where Cartesian minds are drowning. Imagination activates creativity, the realm of earthly applications of which can be established by examining the aspects that enhance it. Analyzes and calculations are alien to such a person, but he easily understands other people and does not try to judge, because he feels compassion for them. Poorly Aspected Connection: Borderless Susceptibility. It embraces everything: bad currents and good ones. The sensitivity is extremely acute and can reach hypertrophied forms. A person can be in the clouds and be mentally very vulnerable. He often gets depressed, loses contact with the real world. (Note that such cards are often found in people with so-called “psi-” professions. In this case, the manifestations of a finely arranged psyche should be oriented in a positive direction and overcome vulnerability. And here, as we can see, everything depends on the personality …)

Various sources for a child’s horoscope

Your child is restless, very sensitive, romantic and compassionate. It is impossible to hide his feelings from him, he instantly feels false. Can be too easy to succumb to the mood of their surroundings. Emotionally, he has difficulty distinguishing illusion from reality. A vivid imagination, when used correctly, can provide talent in music and visual arts. Parents should be very affectionate and gentle towards such a child. The child perceives the mother as an incomprehensible, supersensible or difficult-to-reach person. In most cases, the mother seems to him elevated or interested in the spiritual aspects of life, difficult for him to understand. The mother must embody the ideal of perfection. If she does not succeed, the child may experience bitter disappointment.



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