Moon – Mercury conjunction


(Natal. Moon → Natal. Mercury)

S.V. Shestopalov. Aspects of the planets

Moon and Mercury are neutral planets, their conjunction can be dual, carry both positive and negative features. Positive traits are good abilities; dexterous, agile mind, golden hands, popularity, celebrity, fame, honor, aptitude for science and literature; successful, useful, profitable trips, favorable changes. Negative traits – inconsistency, arguments and quarrels, a tendency to parting and parting.

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

The connection between consciousness and subconsciousness, a person knows how to evaluate his emotional nature and his reactions, mainly to other people. His conscious thoughts and relationships with people instantly affect his emotional reactions, especially responds clearly to what others think of him. But, if this connection is strongly affected, it is possible that feelings are stronger than the mind, then thoughts acquire an emotional color, the reaction is very sensitive to their personal comments and criticism. In the positive case, this connection opens access to the information accumulated in the subconscious, which relates mainly to the experience in the emotional sphere. These people pay great attention to household and family affairs, nutrition and health become the main concern (Virgo – diet, Cancer – nutrition).

Absalom Underwater. Aspects of

Moon Conjunction: The narrow framework of personal selfishness prevents me from consuming the whole world. The connection with the Moon gives the Planet an active participation in the subconscious life of a person. A person feels himself intimately connected with the principle of the Planet, which colors his needs, especially vital and social. At a low level of elaboration of the aspect, and in general for people with an unworked Moon, the latter often turns out to be stronger than any other planet (the ego principle dominates in life), and in particular. The planet is in conjunction, turning its principle into one of its programs of parasitic consumption. For example, when the Moon connects with Venus, a person tends to enjoy beauty, social contacts and love, but after communicating with him, people in general and beloved ones in particular need to come to their senses for a long time, restoring energy and faith in humanity, and from works of art such a connoisseur and connoisseur is rude removes the most accessible and easily digestible energy layer, as a result of which they become covered with a bloom of grayness, which is not so easy to remove, and sometimes they can even die; here the moment of creativity of the Absolute is manifested in the whimsical taste of a person – or the circumstances in which he is devoured. The elaboration of the aspect gives great subtlety and often surprise of perception in matters related to the principle of the Planet, which over time (and the study of the Moon) is transformed into the vital need for the study and transmission of the highest principle of the Planet to people. At a high level, this can be a public figure or a prophet closely associated with national karma. Conjunction of Mercury: Not only is the absence of thought disturbing, but also in many cases its presence. Mercury gives the Planet in conjunction with it a strong mental coloring, even when it is completely unnecessary and undesirable for a person; for example, during the conjunction of Mercury with Venus, there will be so much calculation and sanity in a love relationship that any immediate feeling and living sensation will live very shortly, especially if Mercury is stronger than Venus. Unfortunately, the mental coloration is not identical to the mind, since most often it comes down to the widespread flat ideas and cliches of public consciousness and subconsciousness, which will actively influence the principle of the Planet, greatly schematizing and profaning it. A person will, of course, feel this, but all his attempts to get rid of such deadening (each time in its own way) influence of Mercury on the Planet by expanding the sphere of its manifestations (for example, the search for new lovers in the case of Venus) are doomed to failure, since the mind, although rude, but flexible, and can adapt and somehow simulate any phenomenon. The elaboration of the connection goes first of all through the study of Mercury, that is, the awareness of the role and meaning of mental activity as giving a general direction to energy flows and planetary principles, but not replacing them. Here, the elaboration is difficult, since it requires a restructuring of thinking, rejection of heavy, straightforward social clichés and a transition to work with lighter and more flexible thought forms capable of adequate interaction with the principle of the Planet. For example, the conjunction of Mercury with Mars with strong Mercury at a low level of elaboration gives not a person, but practically a robot, which must first simulate any active action in the head, completely unable to trust the feeling and logic of its direct energetic manifestations. Working out the aspect gives great creative abilities, manifested in the form of subtle and inventive indirect mental control of the principle of the Planet in those moments when it is necessary.

Het Monster. Aspects of

Close connection of consciousness and subconsciousness, correct assessment of oneself and others. With a successful connection – feelings under the control of the mind, the ability to penetrate into your subconscious and analyze it; if unsuccessful, feelings are stronger than reason, sensitivity and painful reaction to comments and criticism. These people pay great attention to household and family matters, their own health. Good ability to express their thoughts orally and in writing. Often – many trips, exchange of views with other people (symposia). With bad aspects, talkativeness. With the slightest bad aspect – neuroses, nervous diseases.

Catherine Aubier. Astrological Dictionary

Connection: unity of mind and feelings. As a result, there is remarkable adaptability, rich imagination and freedom of expression, for which appeal to reality gives less than the power of imagination.

Various sources for a child’s horoscope

Your child is dreamy, intuitive. He has a special ability to be able to “feel” the thoughts of another person. Perhaps sometimes he is too chatty. He has a strong need for communication with other people. Tendency to neuroses. The relationship between mother and child is free. The child perceives the mother as a sociable person.


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