Moon in the 9th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Strong religiosity, commitment from childhood to social and ethical values. If with age the religious position changes, then the parents condemn. Beliefs are emotional rather than rational. Love to travel. You may have traveled a lot in your early years or had some other opportunity to understand and get to know many different types of people or other cultures. You passionately strive for everything that is far from you, maybe in other countries, for everything that you did not know before. You want to fully immerse yourself in the sensations and smells of a new place, not just intellectually aware of it. Emotionally, you are restless and have something of a vagabond.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person broadens his horizons, doing local lore, studying history, his genealogy, taking water trips, joining foreign cuisines, intensively using literature (i.e., fantasy). More often he travels not physically, but in thoughts, in dreams. Abnormally strong dependence on the mother. Mother helps to broaden horizons. Getting abroad, a person easily finds a refuge, builds a nest in a new place.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Public morality is shaped not by organizations, but by individuals. This person has a very intimate relationship with the ideal “I”, sometimes even too much. According to the meaning of this position of the Moon, the “ego” is directly influenced by the ideal “I” (and vice versa), which makes a person, in principle, very vulnerable to the reproaches of his ideal, but the subconscious mind takes its own protective measures, and at a low level a person either desperately profanes his ideal (takes a consistent nihilistic position like “all people are egoists, and the world is based on violence, so I can do whatever I want”) and loses all conscience and duty, or separates the ideal from itself with a thick wall, orienting it towards another life in another the world where he will ever go. At the same time, a person will have a strong inner desire to understand his ideal and follow its instructions, and when a person develops the level of inner honesty necessary in himself to be aware of the requirements of the ideal without profaning or distorting them, he will find that they are not as destructive to his ego as it seemed to the latter. Working out gives a good intuitive connection with the ideal “I”, the ability to ask his opinion on any significant issue and, in general, the possibility of rapid evolutionary development. Relationships with spiritual teachers are emotional and essential; sometimes a person perceives much more than it seems, although with a strong moon – with significant distortions that do not immediately become obvious. For this person, a religious and philosophical understanding of what is happening is important; he is extraordinarily attracted by distant countries and foreign cultures, which he, especially with a harmonious moon, with delight masters; it is necessary, however, to seek and some way out of these occupations, direct or indirect. Aspects of the Moon always imply the problem of egoism, which is solved by feeling the necessary level of inner efforts. Is a person who learns a foreign language for his own pleasure (from a karmic point of view) an egoist? The answer is this: if he organizes his studies in such a way that he feels sufficient resistance from the material, then he does not, otherwise yes.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

The mind of this person is strong enough, he can manifest creative and art-related thoughts. Such people care about the prosperity of society. Their minds are spiritual or philosophical. They acquire property, have good children, and receive favorable opportunities for long, long journeys.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Travel, life in foreign lands. Staying abroad can bring glory. Rich fantasy. Love for the mysterious.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Conceptual structures. The position of the Moon in the 9th house indicates that you are mentally educating yourself. The higher mind calms you emotionally, and you daily feel the need to retreat into the space of pure thought in order to feel safe. Your interest in thinking is automatic and habitual, which cannot be said about the thoughts themselves. You also educate others by supplying them with similar mental food, offering them the tranquility of wisdom. This is one of your strongest personality traits, although it can also be a trap. People in distress are not always able to perceive mental generalizations, regardless of their truth or optimism. The task is to comprehend the essence of the protection created by the mother’s images, including the Mother Earth. Feed yourself with her wisdom. A cultural perspective. A sense of security arises when you transform the unknown into the known. You need to travel in order to drown out the longing, to eliminate the book pages, and not with your own feet through the arctic snows. But nevertheless, within you, the urge continues to live on to look literally what is behind the next hill, to protect yourself with a new string of memories. The sentimental memories of your travels give you the greatest pleasure – as if you were creating a living museum. The task is to bring everything that you have learned and acquired to your home, to make the world familiar and familiar. Higher education. Your desire to learn is determined by your temperament. You learn, then suddenly you give up everything, putting your textbooks aside when your emotional life is stable, and starting to “gnaw the granite of science” whenever ”an emotional crisis arises. Your life continually poses new emotional challenges for you, forcing you to more deeply comprehend those areas of knowledge that you already understand and use, or to invade other areas. Of these two approaches, expanding knowledge in the area that is known to you is most suitable for you, but remember that there are times in life when we must dramatically change the way we comprehend reality. Remember, as daunting as it may seem to embark on an unfamiliar path, it is sometimes the most productive decision. You are looking for the truth in the world, and the world meets you with questions. Your job is to provide answers. This is not as difficult a task as it seems, for you are not required to answer succinctly; it is also not assumed that you know the answer to every question. It is quite enough if you say that you do not know the answer. However, it is very important that you are willing to let the truth pass through you, even if you are unable to see its source. Your truth changes from moment to moment, from situation to situation, so keep up with the changes in life, be in the center of the flow. Don’t try to express the truth rationally – feel it. Avoid the trap of telling others what they want to hear. Responding to genuine needs has a more powerful educational impact. The task is to be emotionally whole both in cognition and in the transmission of truth. Become more confident by fusing objective honesty and emotional sensitivity. Truth is security. An ideal society. You believe that society would be more perfect if we all could not be afraid to reveal our own emotions, to express our needs more sincerely. In this society, there should be no hunger, neither physical nor emotional. Abstract thinking will be given a modest position and will only be used as a tool for a more effective exchange of sensations. A safe society, where family values are sacred, but not limited by a simple biological connection, is your ideal. You want the world to be one huge family, where the predominant attention is given to children, either literally toddlers, or the child within each of us. As the ruler of the world, you would be motherly warm, steadfast in discipline, but still willing to “drive us all back into the fold.”

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Lofty feelings and sincere devotion to ideals push such a person to develop his own philosophy. The perception of ideology and religious systems is fraught with the formation of dogmatism. The study of the deep layers of life and layers of existence is of great importance for such a person. Interest in the higher self is significant. It is a dreamy travel lover, romantic and enthusiast. He is not tied to one place and can be very restless, while he loves to lecture others and give them rather banal advice. Such people are distinguished by strong religiosity and adherence to certain social norms and moral values from childhood. They accept the need to establish spiritual and ethical values in family life and the home circle. Their spiritual understanding can be limited by excessive emotionality and shackled by involuntary identification with the experience of their parents. Serious conflicts with relatives are possible if it is necessary to change religious affiliation. The beliefs of such a person are strong and stable, but not so much rational as emotional. Such people learn unconsciously, against their will. They have an original, resourceful and discerning mind. Thoughtful, love exploration and strive to progress. They have an intense imagination and high ideals. They tend to follow fashion. Often marriage brings them benefits associated with the relatives of the partner. Travel to distant countries, bringing in considerable income, is likely. A tendency towards legal and office work is noted. Amazing dreaming and clairvoyant experiences are possible. A love of change, variety and novelty is noted. Such people tend to discuss their philosophical and religious views in public and fight for them. They are quite eccentric, brave and very receptive. The passion for travel is fueled by their rich imagination. Marriage with a foreigner is likely. Interest in the latest scientific achievements is possible. Often such people emigrate or live far from their homes. They are very observant and sincerely strive for spiritual knowledge.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

The moon and Neptune shape our ability to love to a great extent. The moon in the 9th house is highly sensitive. She can even be unbearably sensitive, especially when it comes to us personally. We are overly open and receptive to everything that comes from outside. Unlike the Sun, the Moon in IX is extremely sensitive to criticism, and special efforts are needed to learn how to control this. IX is the kingdom of philosophy, and the Moon is not the best of philosophers. Philosophy requires clarity of thought, while the Moon functions through feelings. Therefore, it engenders an emotion-based philosophy that may be perfectly reasonable in itself, but is easily undermined by criticism and ridicule from intellectuals. After all, they expect from us well-founded arguments in support of our views, which, of course, they do not receive, undermine our self-confidence. This form of pressure can cause fanaticism as a reaction. In love, the Moon in the 9th house gives a deep understanding of a partner, the ability to share his feelings, but in this area she is very vulnerable, easily vulnerable, especially from intellectuals. When traumatized, she in self-defense can become tough, even cruel, not physically, of course, but verbally.



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