Moon in the 8th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Mother plays too big a role, interferes and controls too much, rules the house with an iron fist. With age, the power of intuitive insight into the essence of things, understanding of partners, interest in psychology and metaphysics develop. Difficulty finding emotional balance and calmness. It is necessary to strengthen emotional ties with the environment, especially as a parent. Sensitive to invisible forces. Inheritance, insurance, taxes. Financial affairs influenced by marriage and partner. Although you really need intimacy, you often isolate yourself from others and distrust those who would like to get to know you better. You are very sincere in your feelings and relationships with people and you want everything or nothing from the people you love.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– testifies to a passionate nature that strives for unusual experiences, looking for danger in everyday life, “thrill” sensations. A person is very sensitive, senses signals of the subtle world (“evil eyes”, vampirism). He is haunted by fears, nightmares, if the moon is struck. Difficult relationship with mother. With the affected moon – loss of mother, abnormal situation in the house. If the Moon is not affected, there is a constant struggle with the mother, the mother is a domineering woman who seeks to dominate.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Death for the homeland does not adorn the latter. Moon in the 8th house in a symbolic fall. Nevertheless, with a harmonious Moon, a person is psychologically and physiologically well adapted to overload, stress, changes in lifestyle and its main circumstances: marital status, work, place of residence. Moreover, under unchanging circumstances of external life and especially in the absence of internal life, after a while he begins to get bored and subconsciously (and sometimes consciously) look for dangerous adventures, borderline states and tragic situations. He is somehow attracted by scary stories, horror films or, at worst, high-profile divorce proceedings. With the harmonious aspects of the VIII house and the map as a whole, all this can be limited to completely social framework, but when the moon is defeated, irrational phobias, a strong (sometimes very frank) death instinct, a tendency to destroy one’s health and at the same time some unnatural egoism are likely. All this aggravates and leads to internal crises with significant changes, which a person simultaneously fears and secretly desires, in the hope that they will entertain him (which is often performed) and solve internal and external problems (which is unlikely, at least without a lot of work on by yourself). This person is intimately connected with the group and its internal problems, which affect him more than he thinks. He needs to understand that most of his emotions and feelings are induced by society or his own lower subconscious programs, and that his emotional states and meditations have a strong magical effect on the world and on himself, in particular, his emotions of hatred and desires for destruction are actualized both outside , and inside it. Here, the study goes along the difficult path of mastering your thoughts and feelings and developing an honest constructive life position in relation to the world and yourself personally. True religiosity does not appear before a person accepts himself, his psyche and physical body as God’s creations, and not the concentration of filth and sin.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

Usually, this disposition corresponds to a strong and strong body, combined with weak mental abilities. Such people are interested in the mysterious, during their youth they suffer from some loneliness and emotional distress. With such an arrangement of the moon, one can expect an average life expectancy, eye diseases, and a decent inheritance.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

After marriage – an improvement in social and social status, but life is less happy. Death outside the home, such as on the street or while traveling.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Union. The position of the Moon in the 8th house indicates hunger in intimate relationships. This is a basic need that is not the same as a contractual commitment. Let’s say more, it has nothing to do with agreements and obligations and is associated with a different reality. The basis of joint relationships is the emotional expression of sympathy and closeness, the openness of these feelings. The trap is being too dependent on your partners feeding you these feelings, believing that partners will empathize with you, regardless of whether you give them something in return or not, open up or not. The challenge is to make contacts that satisfy your emotional need for a temporary but real union, and avoid interactions that are “closed” or take a lot of your energy. Warmth and emotional softness are the basis; if she is in your life together, then you take great care of yourself. The magnifying glass symbolizes the emotional need for security and self-confidence, however, by definition, the death of the ego creates a sense of danger even in the safest environment. For you, security lurks in an intimate, intimate danger. Other people sense this danger by sensing the tension in your feelings. You are perfectly capturing the supernatural in human sensations. You don’t have to do anything to be susceptible to the supernatural, you are naturally attuned to it, thanks to the unconscious locator. Live so that a very small part of the ego is released every day, and do not let your emotions become explosive. The challenge is to create a stable existence through a rhythm of regular and continuous change. Sexual fusion. Your deep sexual urge is temperamental; it is an automatic way to maintain homeostasis. It’s not so much simple intimacy or intimate contact that you need, but a deep sense of emotional peace. You need a safe release, because it is in the release of orgasm that you begin to relax and release your defense mechanisms. You can live and work with partners who do not provide external security at all, or it is very weak, but when it comes to sexual union, security must exist. The trap is emotional dependence on the beloved. You are drawn to him by the need for release, so be careful not to “stick” to your partner, just as a child “sticks” to a mother. And equally, don’t nurture addiction in your lover. Let the needs be met, but don’t get hooked. Challenge – Feel the full range of emotions that arise in sexual relationships; foster a mutually relaxing relationship Focused intuition. Your intuition is automatic, omnipresent, and cannot be ignored. You tend to be more sensitive to the feelings of others, especially when you are emotionally involved in a relationship. People become more aware of their own needs when they are around you, which is good. However, when you are around other people or want to, then your own needs may overwhelm you, or the needs of people may become dominant in your emotional perception. The trap is submitting to these needs and losing contact with the true messages of your intuition. The challenge is to protect your integrity, even if a storm of emotions falls on you. You are dependent on the benefits of partnerships or family legacies, you spend a lot of energy working overtime to protect them. This is not to say that you feel a very serious responsibility for them, rather, you identify yourself so closely with partnerships that you take on the role of educator. You are able to support your partner during a certain period of life, and if done with trust and respect, then this experience can be most fruitful for you. Choose a partner who is trustworthy in handling money because suspicion can drive you crazy. The trap is losing your sense of security due to lack of resources or money. If you begin to think about what you do not have, then you will “inflate” your need to such an extent that you become unhappy. The challenge is to fill your life with tangible proof of mutual goodness and respect.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person feels an inner need for security. Often, he has psychic abilities and is interested in strange problems, for example, the afterlife. Love and sex are of great importance to him, but with the wrong use of energy, a tendency to abuse his sexuality is noted. Money can come through a partner, a mother, or a woman. Often such people have to manage other people’s money. They successfully deal with inheritances, insurance and taxes. After marriage, they often immerse themselves in solving financial problems. Sensuality and sex life must be strictly controlled, as passion is sometimes excessive. Such people have increased resistance, significant self-confidence and high responsibility. They take an interest in art and music, and their dreams sometimes become so real that they become hallucinatory. They can profit from social activities or as a result of the death of a partner. Prophetic dreams and a clairvoyant gift are possible. Such a person needs to beware of accidents and premature death, the likelihood of which increases with a severe damage to the planet.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

The moon and Neptune shape our ability to love to a great extent. Any planet located in the VIII house must reckon with social structures. Already in the 7th house you need to adapt to them, but there the individual with his dreams and desires is still more important than social rules. And the VIII house, by its nature, confronts us with the social laws of our culture, its moral code, the responsibilities that social status imposes, etc. The influence of status is reflected in our relations at any level, it is significant in everything. In the 8th house, we find what allows a person to take a social upsurge or to get rich rapidly. The moon in the 8th house I call the “filling of a sandwich” because its emotionality is sandwiched between all kinds of considerations regarding status and social restrictions. We do not feel free to spontaneously respond to a potential partner. Fixed notions of love bind us like a straitjacket, so we miss out on a lot of promising contacts. Our feelings are suppressed and full of dissatisfaction. But, oddly enough, I often meet people with the Moon in the 8th house, who, apparently, are completely unaware of their problem. When you try to point them out to them, they answer something like this: “Thanks, but I’m fine.” These people completely suppress their feelings and their pain, otherwise they would have to suffer too much. But this is possible for the time being. Many of them, at one point, experience an internal explosion that breaks down all moral barriers, entailing states of permissiveness and total rebellion against society. Such an explosion, however, requires a special predisposition, for example, the Moon in Aries, aspected by an opposition or a pair of squares. A favorably aspected Moon (blue and green aspects) in the 8th house can lead to escapism – escape from life with the help of alcohol, drugs, etc., which is very difficult to overcome. To rise above the negative consequences of this situation requires an increased level of self-awareness, which means a lot of hard work. A person needs courage to revise all the rules that have guided his life until now and brought confusion into the subconscious. Having done this, he will be able to subsequently use these rules, already controlling the situation consciously. This result is quite achievable if we learn to observe ourselves honestly and sufficiently detached, as well as to resist social pressures.VIII is a house of prejudice, especially in connection with Mars and even more with the Moon.



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