Moon in the 7th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

They marry for the sake of emotion and home. Often, marriage is at the insistence of relatives, as they are highly influenced by others. They are looking for a mother or father in a partner. Public transactions. You really need other people for emotional support and have a large “family” of friends who care for you and treat you like a relative. Women are of particular importance in your life; your relationship with them greatly affects your sense of security and happiness. You can be extremely dependent and insecure if you don’t have a close partner.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives a strong emotional connection with a partner, often – emotional dependence on a partner who is capricious, behaves in an incomprehensible way. A person experiences difficulties in observing agreements, avoids long-term contracts. If he signs them, this does not mean that he will comply with them. Everything is built on a feeling of sympathy, on the partner’s ability to maintain an acceptable level of security. Has a partner relationship with the mother and maternal relationship to the partner. In men, the wife almost completely repeats the mother.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The fight against selfishness should be done alone. This person will be inexorably drawn to battles, even when the moon is defeated, when the very thought of them can instill great fear in him. When the Moon is not entirely harmonious, the subconscious thought that guides a person is simple: the enemy wants to deprive me of everything necessary for life: food, shelter, and generally protection from the outside world. At the same time, the habit (and often the need), which has arisen from childhood, to fight for oneself, for one’s piece of bread (with a not heavily affected Moon – bread and butter) can temper a person, harden and close his heart, especially for the feminine principle, and to force, in essence, all his life to fight with the image of the mother in his subconscious, which gives bad relationships and conflicts in general with women, and with his wife and daughters in particular. In the female horoscope, this position, with the tense aspects of the Moon, gives bitterness to one’s own feminine and maternal principle, coldness in partnership and marriage. With a harmonious moon, all this is relaxed, there is an instinctive ability to adapt, smooth out aggression and even get some profit: an affectionate calf sucks two queens. Working out here is difficult: an open internal enemy is your own “ego”, programs of consumption and protection, with which you need to find a balance for a long time and carefully, adjusting the size of your egoism, the level of consumption and self-love exactly in accordance with your evolutionary level, otherwise they quickly grow , and the life attitude of a person becomes approximately the following: “The world is obliged to feed, pamper and delight me, and those who do not do this are enemies and are subject to death by being eaten.” With partners, a person is usually gentle, caring, generally reveals a mother’s figure or, conversely, looks for her in a partner, before whom he plays the role of a young vulnerable child in need of food and protection.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

These people find success in business and work for the welfare of others. They often change their connections, have a difficult character, becoming either too dry or overly emotional. They often travel short distances; dress well, are attractive in appearance; subject to strong sexual impulses, jealous and prone to competition.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Passionate nature. Enemies, especially among women. In the female horoscope – a restless family life.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Reflected awareness. The position of the Moon in the 7th house indicates that partnerships are a means of realizing your needs. You do not enter into a relationship for their own sake, you create a tool for yourself. If you fall into the trap of believing that other people are the real source for your needs, then you remain a child looking only for partners who represent the real or idealized qualities of your mother. The challenge is to let the awareness that comes to you through partnerships awaken sensitivity to your needs so that you can meet them. Whenever you lose touch with needs, turn to partnerships. Take off and fall alone and with others. Reveal what you want from us and through us, and then take care of yourself. Unlike the interpretation of the position of the Sun in the 7th house, where mere partnership is often enough to feed oneself, the interpretation for the Moon is radically different. The mere existence of a relationship is not enough; regular and fairly frequent contact with a partner is necessary, a kind of “check”, in order to renew the feeling of safe coexistence. The trap is dependence on partnerships. Regularity or predictability is what you want, but it is also a very powerful “emotional drug”. The challenge is to create working partnerships with a stable structure and changing content. Self-defense is always a double-edged sword; keep your sword to yourself, but be careful not to hurt yourself with it Contracts, commitments. Your commitments are not the result of thinking, prudent, well-thought-out decisions. This is not to say that you do not understand the essence of the obligation or enter into a relationship by mistake. Nothing of the kind, this provision suggests that the natural reasons for entering into contracts are emotional, based on a deep feeling. The nature of the commitment will vary over time as your needs for security and support for your development change. If your needs are not met, then by any means change your contracts, either form or content, but also remember that a promise is not always fulfilled with ease. What you think of as cooperation is often yielding or caring. You have such a powerful desire for shared life experiences that you are sometimes willing to give in to your partner. This is compliance, which in extreme cases leads to the destruction of the relationship, because you gradually go under the protective shell. Caring for your partner – or vice versa – can be natural and gentle, but it can also be habitual and deeply unconscious. True cooperation is the experience of diligently supporting each other, based on honest negotiations, with each person taking care of himself. The fact that a healthy relationship helps you meet your deepest emotional needs and brings your feelings back to normal is reason enough to learn to cooperate in good faith. Your natural partner is a very emotional person, perhaps even dull. He or she happily responds to your true needs and expects the same from you, but does not consider it necessary to attach to you or tie you to himself. Your companion readily demonstrates his deepest gentleness to you, even if you are the first to open it. Natural partnerships are emotionally direct, they have a quality of presence here-and-now. This relationship reveals something universal about emotions. While you should beware of the tendency to become overwhelmingly dependent on partnerships to meet security needs and support in life, the relationship teaches you the legitimacy of those needs and the importance of creating a way to meet them. The image is a clear stream surrounded by trees with dense and lush foliage.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person is in good relations with everyone, and therefore is very popular in society. He is very sensitive and sensitive to the needs of the public. He hardly decides to marry, although he often has many opportunities. Emotional dependence on others can be very high, which often leads to early marriage. But such a marriage is not often successful, since in order to build a relationship with another person, an individual needs to achieve greater maturity. May attract a highly sensitive partner who is prone to frequent and unexpected mood swings. Such a person marries for emotional well-being and a comfortable home. In matters of marriage, relatives take a noticeable part, because such a person is strongly influenced from the outside. Communicating with people leaves him deeply impressed, both in receiving emotional satisfaction and in its absence. In a partner, such a person involuntarily wants to see the image of one of the parents. Successful in negotiating contracts and agreements with the general public. Such people fall in love with those who are full of variety, anxiety and are constantly moving and transforming. Their partners are usually poorly arranged in life and devote themselves to community service. Marriage brings wealth. Possible opposition from women. Lawsuits are damaging. Relationships with partners of an intimate and business nature are fickle. Such a person is prone to travel and relocation undertaken for the sake of the business interests of others. Such people are very picky about their surroundings and partners. Often they are inclined to have many children, they go to marriage through serious resistance from rivals. Communication with representatives of high society is possible. Family life is full of changes and is often marked by the seal of distrust. Strange connections with married and married persons are possible. Life is full of changes and permutations. Heightened sensuality and high susceptibility, bright impressionability and deep sensitivity are noted. The wrong choice of partners leads to many troubles. Often, such a person is completely dependent on his partner or the world around him, relations with whom are built on a shaky and fragile foundation.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

The moon and Neptune shape our ability to love to a great extent. As a rule, the 7th house encourages us to act so that there is nothing to reproach us with, i.e. correctly. But this does not prevent him from being the home of intrigue, which is a form of suppressed and hidden aggression. Our culture forbids openly expressing aggressive feelings, leaving only a hidden, indirect way of expression. The moon in the 7th house is often found in the charts of theater and film stars. They know how to play a good scene, have expressive demeanor, are lively in communication and can win the hearts of a large audience. People with this position of the moon very often express not genuine feelings, but some pre-selected imitations of feelings. Therefore, their relationships with people are often emotionally superficial. They even plan their behavior with friends. Many people with the Moon in the 7th house are cheerful, sociable, benevolent, and surprisingly well maintain relationships with countless friends and acquaintances. They know how to create harmony from conflict. Sometimes these people also have outstanding diplomatic abilities, since they are sensitive to the mental state of others. But if the Moon in the 7th house is blocked by a sign or aspects, it can give coldness and prudence.