Moon in the 6th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Health instability associated with emotions, hypochondria, psychosomatic diseases. Emotions affect work productivity, relationships with superiors and colleagues. Proper nutrition plays a big role, you need a diet. Good chefs. Love for pets and small animals. You are full of empathy for others and instinctively find people who need help. You also have a deeply ingrained tendency to seek to improve or “tidy up” the lives of others, which can be annoying for those who don’t want to be changed or “helped”. In your opinion, love and care should be expressed through a very tangible service of some kind.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– indicates not very good digestion. The causes of malaise are in nutrition and in a person’s great emotional sensitivity. The key to recovery is food selectivity. You need to choose a diet and stick to it. Treatment methods: rest, relaxation, sleep, water treatments. A person often chooses a profession related to caring for people. Can take good care of, nourish, nurse (if the moon is not affected). This position of the planet is found in the maps of many doctors, medical staff, and workers in the service of everyday life. At work, he strives to arrange a semblance of his own home – a cozy place with tea parties, a sofa. Rarely becomes a boss (an exception is if the X house is very strong or if the Moon is in Capricorn). Avoids responsibility, does not strive for it. Prefers to be at the very bottom of the stairs. He tries to establish informal, almost kinship relations with his boss. Pets are small: cats, hamsters, dog type lapdog.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The gift of industriousness is perhaps the most precious of all divine gifts. The karmic task of this position of the Moon and at home is the development of industriousness in oneself, a subconscious positive attitude towards any work that comes across on the path of life. If the Moon stands harmoniously, a person is not afraid of work and knows how to get inner satisfaction from any of his work, and it is natural for him to work conscientiously; over time, however, this can pass if he constantly does not refine a little in relation to his karmic tasks: a harmonious moon is inclined to consume what is destined for others, which in this case gives some laziness, but, of course, not pathological: A person will still do 80% of his work, and only the rest will try to unobtrusively roll up. Affected, unworked Moon in the 6th house can give pathological laziness: a person is completely unable to force himself to work, his head refuses, tools fall out of his hands, and when approaching the workplace, a light-headed state sets in. An ill-mannered subconscious mind believes that the load for a person is excessive and gives its own defense reaction. Here, working out is difficult, because you need to essentially, and not mentally, convince yourself that an obviously overwhelming (and often disgusting) work must be done, while the main mental argument: “it will not be worse,” the subconscious (Moon) does not perceive because “thinks” in terms of the present, and the possibility of future troubles, as a rule, plays a weak role. The moon in the house gives great abilities: learning any skills and obedience to all tools, and most importantly – a very comfortable emotional background, a constant feeling of the meaningfulness of one’s life and its constructiveness. Functional disorders of the body are possible. You need to learn self-diagnosis and inner balance; auto-training is shown. In general, this person has good contact with his body, which at a low level gives extreme suspiciousness, overdiagnosis and diseases caused by negative self-hypnosis. Health gives a sense of the ideal functioning of the body, in particular, its clear two-way connection with the subconscious.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This position of the Moon indicates the meekness of the mind, the opportunities that are favorable for helping other people. In their youth, these people have health problems. They may be concerned about problems associated with pessimistic thinking, periods of exile or imprisonment, and stomach ailments. They have enemies and suffer humiliation or criticism. They are interested in spiritualism and are lazy in matters related to the material.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

The born will be a bad boss, but the best performer (the same in the family). Nature is passive. Illnesses in childhood.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Illness and treatment. The illness is often triggered by feelings, habits and needs. The gastrointestinal system is very vulnerable, so special attention should be paid to diet. The most significant disorders are generated by very deep habits. Any neuroses are related to the topic of security and family issues, the origins of which are probably hidden in the difficult relationship in childhood with your mother. With her, you did not feel safe enough to express your needs, and as a result, you developed a distrust of other people, and the needs remained deep inside you. The trap is rejection of your inner child, which provokes latent hysteria and creates secret urges. The challenge is to learn how to suit your needs. Treatment includes simple good self-care. Unequal relationships. All unequal relationships reflect the baseline mother / child relationship scenario. When you feel yourself in the position of a subordinate, then you “inflate” yours. childhood experiences. If you have been frightened, then terror takes over you. If you have been stubborn, then you will be in a position of open defiance. If you were angry, then you can become violent. When you are the boss, then you tend to parody your mother. If she supported, then you turn into a keeper. If she was overly protective, then you become suffocating and overwhelming. If she found it difficult to show emotional support, then you may not provide it at all, leaving the people around you when they need emotional help. The trap is to remain forever connected to such imprints, while the task is to grow above oneself. Become a mature person by learning to feel your inner child, and eventually invite that child to your home. Duty and Service. The desire to help comes from within you, you do not proclaim the decision to help, you just help, because this process is very natural for you. You look for individuals who you think are insecure or uncomfortable, and by giving them support you feel more comfortable and safer. The trap lies in the tendency to “help” other people regardless of their wishes, like a Boy Scout who is so eager to get a badge of merit that he takes an elderly lady across the street, even if she violently rejects help. The challenge is to improve yourself by serving the real needs of others through the emotional support you create. Thinking is similar to eating abundant food. You have a need to separate and analyze the world around you, reassemble it into a single whole, consider the details. You want to understand how things work, but only to the extent that it relates to your own emotional life, and no more. Trap – your feelings, permeating you and your surroundings, can take you away from the intended course, you can be like a scientist who studies trees in the fall only to admire the beauty of colorful leaves. The challenge is to combine insight and warm feelings. Thinking should be soft and intense, not indifferent and dispassionate. Discipline and patterns. You are generally receptive to the regularity of life. Once you form habits, they become part of the hierarchy of needs, and any split in this pattern creates an immediate emotional response. Whenever you need good feelings, it is useful to immerse yourself in measured real work, in the rhythm of a task with a specific purpose. The trap is enslaving oneself to random or destructive habits, and the task is to provide oneself with a steady stream of positive, productive patterns.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person often has to change jobs, he carefully takes care of his subordinates. Since he himself is a good worker, he expects active diligence from others. He is inclined to show maternal care for colleagues, knows how and loves to serve people. He cooks well, knows how to successfully serve those in need on time, especially when it comes to treats. From time to time he tends to change his habits. Increased nervous tension can manifest itself in a high predisposition to psychosomatic diseases. The state of health is unstable, directly related to the way of thinking and feeling. Possible tendency to hypochondria. Emotions affect the productivity of work and determine the nature of the relationship with the boss and coworkers. A boss with this aspect cannot keep employees with him for a long time, and subordinates with this aspect often change their place of work (if the Moon is not in a fixed sign). Proper nutrition is essential, and you need a clean and orderly diet. Such people tend to work in restaurants and food establishments, they are very fond of pets. Serious soreness in early childhood is possible, up to the expressed danger of illness for life. There is a great desire to benefit society as a serious and responsible professional. A person uses every opportunity and opportunity to achieve good results in serving others. He loves to provide services to others rather than accept help from them. In public service, such people do not stay for a long time, because they do not like routine and are preoccupied with finding new forms of self-expression in work. Damage to the Moon contributes to the betrayal and bad faith of employees. The mother of such a person is usually poorly provided for in her youth. Often you have to change your place of residence. One way or another, such a person should take serious care of his health and avoid excessive variability and uncertainty in employment. If others begin to serve such a person, he becomes completely dependent on them. Any profession requires safety and reliability, confidence and guarantees.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

The moon and Neptune shape our ability to love to a great extent. The main theme of the 6th house is the struggle for existence. The moon in the 6th house is also practical. We look for relationships that can be of practical use, such as marrying a colleague. Or we try to raise our social level with the help of marriage. Another option is also possible, when we tend to turn our love to weaker people and help them, often to our own detriment. Which of these two directions is realized depends on the general picture of the map and, to a large extent, on the sign of the Moon. The Moon in Virgo is more likely to choose a poorer, deprived person as a spouse out of sympathy, and the Moon in Capricorn will prefer a socially beneficial marriage. These examples illustrate various possibilities.



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