Moon in the 5th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Romantic experiences are highly dependent on imagination, likes often change, but dependence on a partner is also possible. Fertility, many children, love for children. You are emotionally expressive and often dramatize your feelings by disproportionately inflating or flaunting them. You cannot hide your instinctive emotional reactions to people and situations, and you also make no secret of your personal likes and dislikes. You are open and playful like a child, which other people like very much, but sometimes you get in trouble – when you take risks under the influence of impulse or whim.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives great fertility, close emotional relationships, deep affection for children and even a motherly attitude towards lovers. If you create familiar comfortable conditions for a person, he demonstrates himself, arranges performances. Loves quiet home entertainment, culinary creativity.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Viewer. This person tends to play soft, feminine roles. He wants to please others, he flourishes and prettier from compliments, but he should not take them personally, but always refer to the image he created. This person, with all his external vulnerability, can be completely invulnerable internally, especially when working on the 5th house, which gives him great opportunities for constructive work in the outside world, and, if desired, colossal abuses. On the one hand, this position gives the images of “I” created by a person a greater plasticity and ability of perception, and, ultimately, the ability to adequately and unobtrusively fit into any situation, after which to resolve the problem or conflict with an almost imperceptible influence, without raising energy waves and not tying new karmic knots. On the other hand, it gives a wonderful ability to play orphaned, poor and unhappy in all respects, extorting energy, love, as well as monetary and other benefits from others. With the defeat of the Moon, amazing greed is possible – such roles easily become facets of the personality, and the corresponding frustration, accompanied by a complex of resentment: “The world constantly does not give me essential benefits.” In a harmonious version – a caring and attentive person, usually with acceptable limits of vampirism; nevertheless, it is easier for this person to pretend that he is fine than to actually experience this feeling, but, in a strange way, the mask of a kind, attentive, prosperous and supportive person strongly supports him. Working through provides brilliant learning abilities, especially in areas that will show aspects of the moon, and dramatic talent, especially for feminine and gentle masculine roles. The average person with this position of the 5th house adores spectacles, empathizes with the artists and, deep down, really wants and at the same time is mortally afraid of being on stage. God is perceived emotionally and directly; specific details will show aspects of the moon, but the main religious feeling is maternal love for people, which also carries over to the beloved.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

They are educated people in a responsible position. These are people who can invest money well, give good advice, and serve society well. They have good children or students who are the subject of their pride. They own precious stones and other property. Usually they are trustworthy, honest, go through life in a straight way.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

A talented, capable nature. Often gives great fame, makes famous.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Conscious person. The fifth house is the sphere of active radiation of the personality outside and of conscious behavior – life as a theater and the ego as a “star”. The psychological function of the moon involves responsive caring and habit-based behavior. How can you be a star if – by definition – you are playing a support role? How can you be both conscious and unconscious at the same time? Often times, you play the role that comes from children’s imprints, especially those about protection. The trap is too selfish upbringing – the perception of other people as poor and in need of your help, when in fact you feel the real need – the need to give, to feel necessary and important. The task is to fill these emotions with consciousness, as much as possible, and help other people only in what they really need. Help boldly, but only when your help is requested. Romance, giving love. You strive for courting like a moth flying into a candle flame. Grooming is one of the basic necessities of life, similar to the need for food and shelter. Your love is more automatic than conscious; it is more a product of a habit than a deliberate pattern of action. Even desire is to some extent automatic. Typically, your romance is based on safety – yours, your loved one, or more likely both of you. If there is a trap to watch out for, it is the syndrome mentioned above: the need for an artificial sense of dependence on your strong, mighty shoulders. The task is to cherish the person you love, but to do it in such a way as to contribute to the education of a healthy, independent person. This position corresponds to the state of “mother-as-lover” (or vice versa) and reflects all the difficulties that arise in such a merger of roles. Sexual activity is seen as food for satisfying the internal sources of hunger. But since your sexuality is responsive by nature, you often have to manipulate your loved one to initiate contact. The tonality of sexual relations here is emotional, resonating more with feelings than with the physical body, and this feature gives you more happiness and pleasure than the sexual process itself. You judge the quality of your performance by the “fullness” of your partner’s feelings. In this case, the emphasis is on fertility in the literal sense of the word, it is expressed here most clearly in comparison with the symbolism of the position of other planets in this house. The challenge is to respond to sexual demands in an appropriate way, without creating the trap of interdependence, and to satisfy your need for safety through gentle and heartfelt sexual expression. Creativity is your second nature, however, it is somewhat more synthetic than original, because it is based on all the accumulations that you made earlier. This does not mean that your creation is in any way defective; here it is emphasized that the act of creativity is supported by the processes proceeding below the level of your consciousness. If you have children, then most of your creative process will probably focus on raising them; this position is most pronounced if you are a woman and a mother, but, by the way, it is no less strong if you are a man. You need competition, although a holistic notion of risk conflicts with basic lunar safety and self-defense functions. Paradoxically, you can only protect yourself by putting your ego at risk. The moon indicates a method for maintaining a person’s softness, pliability and nourishment, but here this method crosses the usual boundaries of “I”, enters the world, into the arena of battle and play. However, your thoughtfulness can darken and complicate the natural atmosphere of competition. As a result, challenging people to compete, you often support them, and as a result, the competition will either work out or not.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person is distinguished by strong emotionality, especially when it comes to love for others and the desire to have children. He is romantic and touching, prone to numerous love affairs and a constant search for pleasure. Possesses amazing charm and poetic gift. Almost always in marriage, he has children. He is a good parent, but tends to tie children to himself. Early success and good fortune in a teaching career as well as in theater or sports are possible. In stock speculation, luck is changeable, and therefore the probability of success is low. Romantic experiences are associated with deep emotional needs, expressed in pictures of the imagination. Due to excessive emotional mobility, sympathies often change, although dependence on a partner is also possible. Love for children is strong, but caring is often limited to nutrition and external care. Emotional impulsivity can lead to gambling crash. Such people are very actively engaged in the search for love and entertainment. They are constantly looking for meetings with young representatives of the opposite sex, gravitating towards places of entertainment, playgrounds, beaches and resorts. They like to take risks, but they don’t often win. They sometimes give their heart to the one who least deserves it, and therefore their falling in love often ends in antipathy, coldness and indifference. Often such people become quite popular. Their descendants treat them kindly and courteously. Significant difficulties are possible with strict observance of moral norms. Such people show considerable interest in education and public relations. They are highly friendly and very erotic. Excessive gullibility leads to serious mistakes in choosing partners and life partners. In love affairs and extramarital affairs, some fatality is noted, manifesting itself as a psychological dependence on the uncontrollable forces of fate: a person is attracted to another against his will. Often such people become successful teachers, the possibility of concluding more than one marriage is not excluded.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

The moon and Neptune shape our ability to love to a great extent. The moon in the V house gives some interesting character traits, in particular, a passionate love for children. To conceive and bear children in this position is very essential; a potential partner should feel pleasure from children’s society. In the event of a divorce, people with the Moon in the V house demand that the children be given to them. The partner can go wherever he wants, but the children must stay – there is no room for compromise. Fire signs are especially distinguished by their love for children. The moon in the V house is very amorous; she wants to be attractive and seductive. That being said, since the Moon itself has no gender, its charm can attract people of both sexes with equal success. Much more than physical sex, the Moon needs tenderness. She gives the desire for true intimacy with a partner, if, of course, there are no obstructing aspects. The moon in the V house loves touch and skin contact, unless blocked by opposition. In particular, opposition to the 11th house can turn everything into its opposite, make us so immersed in our precious ethics that natural feelings will be stifled, and we will allow ourselves only acceptable and thoroughly tested experiences. However, this extreme form of blocking is rare.



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