Moon in the 4th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Created for home and family, unhappy without family happiness. The mood depends on family relationships, are influenced by parents, especially the mother. They love to farm. They can become businessmen if they trade in food, land, and wholesale goods. You are very attached to your past, to the place where you grew up, to your heritage and family traditions. You may be unable to move away from the habits and roles that you learned as a child. Your bond with your mother is very strong, and you expect a motherly relationship and protection from your spouse, as well as from other family members.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives a strong bond with the mother. Getting rid of very close relationships with loved ones, going out into the big world can be a problem. A person condemns himself to a semi-closed state, painfully vulnerable. Has increased safety requirements, is constantly looking for cover. Homebody.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Mother of the world. The moon in the 4th house is a symbolic ruler. It is very difficult for this person to understand himself. In the depths of his subconscious there are (and very strong) two programs, which he manages to realize only through prolonged efforts, although the content of these programs is very primitive. The first is the life position of pure consumption: “the world was created to please me; people have to satisfy my needs and indulge my whims. ” It is rather difficult to achieve confirmation of this position in practice, therefore it leads to existential frustration, which is often repressed, but the person is uncomfortable with life; somewhere nearby, the ghost of a cold house with broken windows and a leaking roof and hungry begging constantly walks. When defeated, a person literally pulls a piece out of the hands of others; with harmonious aspects of the Moon, he does practically the same thing, but in acceptable forms, so that sometimes people may even think that they are giving it away voluntarily. The study of this position of the Moon in the 4th house leads to the fact that the second, fundamental setting is activated: “I must feed the world and protect it from the cold.” In what forms this will happen, the position of the Moon in the horoscope will show; but usually at first the “world” is perceived as one’s own family, and only much later the concerns of a person spread to a wider circle of people. This position of the Moon gives, perhaps, the most acute conflict between egoistic and altruistic attitudes, aggravated by what happens in the depths of the subconscious, where a person can only penetrate through indirect observations. Religiousness begins with a deep mystical sensation, the meaning of which is: “God will not leave me with his protection and sustenance”; on a higher level: “God will send me people in need of protection and sustenance,” and He really does. Depending on the level of study (and the degree of damage to the Moon), the house of this person can be both a terrifying sight, the embodiment of dirt and chaos, and an example of the principle of harmonious consumption, and when worked out, it can be a safe haven for any person in distress and the will of fate. stepped on the threshold of this house.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

Usually these are people with an open heart, pleasant to talk to, reasonable and receptive. They have a lot of knowledge, they are friends with good people. They move frequently, own property and live in beautiful locations. They are overly demanding of people, live with them and are usually very sensitive. Their hearts are satisfied.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Uncertainty of position. End of life fame.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Microcosm. The position of the moon in the 4th house shows that your inner sanctuary is truly emotional in nature. Security, self-defense and privacy are your key themes. The daily fluctuations in emotional needs and their satisfaction are more important to you than to other people. Maternal imprints here turn into walls, good or bad sense of the word. The trap lies in your overly defensive emotions; you feel so insecure that you don’t dare to communicate with other people; the challenge is to provide both yourself and everyone you love with a strong, reliable emotional foundation. Your family instinct is strong, deep and inexhaustible. Keeping the family safe and getting safety from the family merge into one emotional feeling, one action. Your safety is inseparable from the safety of the people you love. The past has a persistent and persistent influence; your imprints are both traditional and conservative. The trap is trying to expend too much life force to achieve and maintain security, which may be illusory or temporary at best. The task is to remember that you need to start taking care of yourself from your inner world, because controlling the world around you is an ineffective way to create your own security. Managing personal emotions and understanding a relationship with your mother at an early age, on the other hand, can help fulfill your desire. The environment at the beginning of life was a river of soft and warm emotions flowing through the curved landscape. Imprints were absorbed to a greater extent through empathy. You felt that you needed to be a teacher for yourself, because, as it turns out, some of those around you needed protection, so you learned to take care of yourself by caring for other people. Early acquired habits die hard, they cling to you for a long time after completing their program. And the core of these imprints rests on the themes of education and protection. The parent, “internally connected” with the person. The influence of the mother is extremely significant when Lupa is in the 4th house. It is very likely that she has had the most important impact on your life. As if there was a direct transfer of instincts between mother and child, because you keep in yourself not only the peculiarities of your mother’s perception, but also her role in the family. The moon always has a profound influence on the structure of life, but in this case it has a particularly powerful effect on the personality. We cannot predict the actual relationship with the mother; it depends on factors outside of the simple planet / home connection, but we can argue that its role as a symbol in your soul extends beyond ordinary expectation. Private intuition. Private intuition jumps up and down every day, sometimes very strongly, and sometimes completely unnoticed. Don’t lose contact with your inner emotional self, because your inner drivers are your guards, they are your source of protection from danger. Curiously, given the position of the planet in a house that accentuates such a strong egocentricity, an inversion is often observed: you interpret intuitively received messages in relation not to your life, but consider them instructions for protecting and educating other people, especially those you love. This is because your sense of self does not end with the physical boundaries of the body; your psychological territory encompasses those people with whom you interact emotionally. You literally see other people as part of yourself.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person is caring and has good intuition. He loves his home, family, homeland and land. Strictly adheres to family traditions. His mind is busy for a long time with the idea of procreation. He loves collecting antiques, takes care of family heirlooms. Very egocentric, very partial to the pronouns “I”, “me” and “mine.” When tired, he tends to escape from reality, isolating himself in his own world, the entrance to which is in his own house. Such people are literally created for home and family, and without family comfort they feel deeply unhappy. Their mood directly depends on the nature of family relationships. Such a person is deeply connected with his own mother and is generally under the strong influence of both parents. Likes to farm, successfully trades food and land. Experienced in bulk purchasing. The end of life was marked by a significant influx of money. If energy is misused, a person can fall into significant need and suffer losses due to theft, fraud or deception. Often, such people are interested in the history of the clan and are careful about family albums. They strive for a stable, sedentary lifestyle, if there is even the slightest opportunity for this. For them, solving sexual problems is very important, as it brings emotional peace and balance of mind.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

The moon and Neptune shape our ability to love to a great extent. House IV turns us to the hearth. The main thing for us here is the opportunity to relax, feel at home with family, friends, people of a similar nature to us. The moon in the 4th house reflects the need for intimacy and warmth, for her these are the most important components of any relationship. With this position, lunar tenderness can manifest itself freely only within the walls of the house. A person always needs the comfort and security of his home, where his relatives are around him; he really doesn’t like to leave his family, even for a short time. His house is like a nest of hamsters happily hugging each other – the perfect image of intimacy. Proximity is vital to the Moon in the 4th house; she loves touch, a sense of emotional closeness, belonging. This position of the moon makes a person dependent on the feelings of other people, especially family members. And in relation to the big world around, where everyone is strangers, it can inspire anxiety, concern, so that a person is reluctant to leave a safe family nest. In the presence of the appropriate additional aspects, such an attitude can manifest itself in the form of leavened patriotism.



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