Moon in the 2nd house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Strong need for finance. The mood depends on material comfort. Dexterity in transactions, especially when it comes to food, apartments, land. You are probably a great collector because your property gives you a sense of security and connection to the past that is important to you. Antiques and things related to your past are especially dear to you. You can also tenaciously hold on to your money and property, keeping it “in the family”, and not freely share it with those who do not belong to your immediate environment.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person shows concern about the required level of wealth. Likes to make purchases, always looking for things, mostly everyday things (clothes, bedding, etc.). He is afraid of being left without funds, he is not indifferent to long-term investments of foreign currency, shares of government loans, Stocks, accumulates food, preserves them, collects dishes. Uneven level of savings and spending. If the moon is not affected, then it accumulates more, and over time a mass of unnecessary things, canned food, etc. is formed. It falls under the influence of general sentiments: everyone buys – and he too. The problem is the lack of differentiation in acquisitions. You have to be more specific. Large amplitude between maximum and minimum earnings. Close relatives influence earnings. A person takes energy from liquid, most of all depends on dense physical food. Fasting is difficult. He loves to eat and nourish, therefore he has culinary skills. If the Moon is not affected – traditional home upbringing, no conflicts between parents about upbringing.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

True ethical teaching appeals to the values that the human soul has always known. This position of the Moon in the II house gives a great sensitivity to the external environment. A person literally feels it with his skin and suffers greatly from disharmonious interactions. When the moon is defeated, he tries, depending on the sign in which it is located, to defend himself in one way or another, but this is a rather hopeless task, since in a typical situation of the second house, attention is scattered. On the other hand, this person, without noticing it himself, strongly influences the environment by one fact of his presence (especially in situations defined by aspects of the Moon, and in a style determined by the sign of where he is). In this position, it is vitally important for a person to have a sufficiently comfortable environment (which, it should be noted, is ensured by adequate ethics), otherwise he will have nervous disorders, as well as functional, and then organic diseases. It is usually easier when the II house is in the feminine sign, then the person is inclined to adapt to the environment rather than adapt it to his desires and needs, as it will be in the II house in the masculine sign (the exception is the II house in Scorpio; if at the same time the Moon is in Scorpio, then the person or his environment will have to develop a very large amount of humility). In a harmonious version, this position of the Moon gives all the possibility of direct consumption of the environment (including money) for personal needs, and this is a great temptation. Working out gives a flow of grace from a person to the outside world, radiated simply in the course of life; It is pleasant to look at him and I want to take an example, no matter what he does: walk, talk, laugh.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This position of the moon is a sign of a person who comes from a large family, loves to eat and knows how to manage money well. He receives money from social professions and from inheritance. These people have beautiful faces, they study science and communicate with people of art. They speak softly and convincingly. Their financial situation is fluid.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Unstable financial situation. Good luck in public service.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Self-esteem. The position of the Moon in the 2nd house suggests that psychological self-esteem is associated with the ability to emotionally respond to needs. If you protect yourself (and others) with your senses, then you will feel good. However, even when life is beautiful, the Moon remains in touch with the ups and downs of temperament. Excitements, mood swings from bad to bad and vice versa – all this is there. These changes are cyclical and should be taken as temporary. Go, flow through these changes. But when personal needs for comfort or safety are not met, the mood will always be bad. The task is to provide yourself with what you need; not by what others have decided for you, but by what you personally need. The concept of “mine” is associated with personal safety to a much greater extent than in the symbolism of any other planet. There is a tendency towards sentimental attachment and possession, and the older you get, the more likely that attachment will become stronger. On the other hand, the sense of “ownership” tends to come and go – when needs are strong or not met, then the sense of ownership is deep, and when the needs are fulfilled, the grip of ownership quickly looses. Thus, possessions come and go at the same time as feelings change. Don’t get hung up on wanting a special kind of ownership; live for some time with one type of property, and if it does not satisfy you, then replace it. The trap is unconscious possession, and the challenge is to view property as a tangible way to anchor the grounding of emotions. Money is the main source of security; a topic of regular, daily interest. To feel comfortable, you need to know that you have enough money. The trap is a feeling of constant “hunger” regardless of the amount of accumulated money. Fate tends to change, and monetary fluctuations are reflected in the degree of your anxiety. Just do not sit and torment yourself – this will only drive yourself to madness. Better to acquire the wealth you require through pragmatic, hard work. The challenge is to ensure personal safety by preserving your finances. Save, but don’t save, and when you spend money, you will receive full-fledged emotional satisfaction from your monetary wealth. Mood swings have a profound effect on work. As in the case of the Sun, one can note a deep immersion in work, but it is not the center of consciousness that is immersed, but the level of personality that can be called by the terms “habitual” or “automatic”. You need to strain physically to stay in the stream of everyday well-being. The trap is inconsistency, the habit of working only when you feel like you enjoy the job. The task is to align the rhythm of work, coordinating it with the ups and downs of internal sensations. You need sensory pleasures to feel energized, to maintain emotional balance. The pleasures obtained from physical movement, muscular and skin, evoke interpersonal cordiality and receptivity that create maternal consciousness. The senses are tangible, very strongly attached to the body. Whenever you feel responsive, you naturally desire to enjoy the touch. You need sensory stimulation as this is the type of food that satisfies many types of hunger. The challenge is to satisfy basic needs with adequate sensations, see the need for physical pleasures in life and enjoy the comfort that they create.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

This is a good employee who knows how to change the value systems of other people. His financial affairs are full of changes and are in a fluctuating state all the time. The aspect favors public relations and business contacts with women, perhaps the money will come thanks to the support of the mother or women. Material wealth and finances are essential to his emotional security. He may be too stingy or too generous, and therefore these extremes should be avoided. There is a tendency to become attached to both people and money. The need for finances is very strong, since they are seen as the guarantor of the stability of household affairs and the family situation. The mood depends entirely on material comfort. Dexterity is shown in transactions, especially when it comes to food, land and apartments. Such people are often employed in the production of consumer goods and public catering. They often take care of the needs of ordinary people, willingly provide support for families and the production of family goods. Financial success is highly variable, although it can be significant at times. Money comes easily and leaves just as easily. Excessive gullibility is possible, leading to large financial losses. The main cause of losses is carelessness and carelessness.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

The moon and Neptune shape our ability to love to a great extent. The moon in the II house makes us like a climbing plant: we tend to “wrap around” a partner and keep him that way for life. This position of the moon gives great sensuality and sexuality, as well as in some signs pronounced sentiment. We want our relationship to be meaningful and lasting, and instinctively remain faithful to our partners. To value a partner, we need one thing: to know that we own it. True, the sign or aspects can make adjustments. Movable signs are by nature prone to polygamy, permanent ones – to monogamy, cardinal signs can be inclined to both.



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