Moon in the 12th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Mood and reactions depend on the subconscious and early experience. Interest in intuitive experiences, shyness and oversensitivity. Hypnosis is dangerous. Your own feelings and emotions are somewhat of a mystery to you, and it is often difficult for you to share what you are feeling with others. You often move away from contact with the world and need a wholesome, peaceful environment to flourish and escape from your inner confinement. You feel your oneness with the oppressed, rejected, and humiliated and try to help and care for them in some way.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person has a negative attitude to collective karma, avoids it, leaves all debts for later. The sense of duty to society is weakened – it transforms it into a debt to specific people. Devotes a lot of time to other people’s problems, and people intuitively feel this (“receiver of other people’s sorrows”). The task of a person on an emotional-mental level is to give up his problems and listen to others. Hides his mood. In dreams he sees his real home, which was in the previous incarnation. A constant wanderer in search of refuge. Self-examination is facilitated by a safe environment, family circle, and the presence of caring women. Likes to be alone – this is necessary to maintain strength. It is very good to do meditation, relaxation. Sleep, writing alone.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Mary Magdalene. This is a difficult aspect to understand: it will not be easy for a person to understand his feelings and life purpose, a significant part of which consists in working with his subconscious, and especially its lower programs, which should be sacrificed to the Absolute, having previously prepared them and ourselves for this. The external life of this person will require constant internal tension and internal sacrifices from him, which will often be very unpleasant to him, and he will begin to violate many conditions of a correct sacrifice (see above “Struck Twelfth House”), especially an impersonal attitude towards it. With the defeat of the Moon, throwing from complete selfishness to the same complete denial of oneself and the desire to completely destroy one’s lower principle (and at the same time the higher one, which is unable to cope with it) is possible; a harmonious Moon will indicate specific lower programs of the subconscious that a person should abandon, and will soften the process of parting, but will give the temptation of an unscrupulous and too easy attitude to repentance. However, in any case, a person will have a feeling of inner, especially emotional, isolation from people and the whole world, which at a low level gives extreme callousness and insensitivity, and on the average sometimes leads a person (especially a woman) to despair, since his emotional sphere seems to him defective , completely different from others, and absolutely unsatisfactory. In reality, this is not entirely true; but if the Sun in the twelfth house sacrifices the lower will of a person, preventing it from being realized, then the Moon in the twelfth house means a sacrifice of the lower self, which turns out to be unable to unfold and properly immerse a person in the abyss of sin and base pleasures: all they really will seem insipid and unreal to him. Moreover, whenever a person behaves selfishly, insisting on the inclusion of some lower program of the subconscious, he will not only be disappointed, but also subsequently punished for this (with a harmonious Moon softly, with a hard hit). At the same time, elaboration gives an opportunity for rapid evolutionary growth, a person will discover many of his secret lower programs and will be able to transform them into higher ones; then this aspect gives an intuitive belonging to the whole world, the ability to see and alleviate any mental (and physical) pain, extreme dedication, mercy and compassion, great realizing power and vision of human destinies. One must learn to see secret enemies, first of all, in selfishness hidden from oneself, make sacrifices less emotionally and as disinterestedly as possible, and remember that loneliness is always a direct consequence of egocentrism.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

The mind of such a person is a little out of control. Such people are able to think about spiritual issues, they believe in a future life. Materially, their luck is changeable, they are prone to secret or illegal activities, they visit unusual places, they may use drugs or have visions or dreams and attach great importance to them. They can spend a lot of time alone. Weak eyesight and lack of closeness to the mother may also occur.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Life in solitude will be happier than with people; it can save you a lot of trouble. Expulsion or imprisonment is also possible.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Imagination. You are not entirely comfortable in your own body; daily you need to take a break from yourself. Immersion in fantasy allows you to rejuvenate, to pour strength into your desire to be human. It is necessary, and if such an immersion does not occur, then you are emotionally upset. Imagine that you are in the womb, completely safe, that you are not in trouble. You may not be aware of your need for release from the pressures of ordinary life, and as a result, you are able to switch to autopilot mode, daydreaming unconsciously and not receiving emotional satisfaction. The task is to feed yourself with conscious fantasies. Dreams are the source of your existence, so visit it often. Just don’t fall into it and drown. Intuition defocused. Your intuition is instinctive; the whole question is how you use it. Imprints created in childhood by your mother or other people in the maternal role have developed a high sensitivity to intangible information. Now, your intuitive radar is second nature to you. Intuitive perception can drive out fear and confusion with safety and self-confidence. The trap is boundaries. Your own emotional states are often intertwined with intuitive messages. You may identify with sensations that are not really yours, or believe that your feelings are messages. The challenge is to recognize what is truly yours in the emotional space, to separate personal feelings from intuitive information. Separation or solitude. Regardless of the cheerfulness of your personality and the richness of your life, you become mentally softer away from the world. Secluded, you dive into a stream of emotions that float from the depths to the surface; they . swallow you here and there; then at one moment, then at another. You need to slow down and pull over to the side of the road of life for the sake of complacency, so that you can comprehend the secrets of life. In this case, sleep “mends the worn-out fabric of care.” Rest is wonderful if you are in your natural flow, but if your sleep is disturbed or not allowed at all, then you suffer terribly, you are exhausted almost instantly. Then you must consciously distance yourself from life. Selfless help. Your motherly feelings are easy enough and so abundant that other people may see you as a “kindhearted” person whose sympathy is easy to earn. The way it is. Your strength does not come from tough behavior. On the contrary, your greatest strength lies in your deep willingness to experience difficulties in the lives of others and to gently provide help. Avoid being overly modest; false humility is beneficial to anyone. Giving shelter to the poor, comforting the sick, and calming the anxious are all acts of compassion. But don’t let empathy destroy you. Be a secluded haven in a storm, an emotional buoy, a beacon to guide other people to shore. Getting out of trouble is not your job, you need to give refuge so that others can save themselves. “Past lives.” The pattern of your emotions and needs is very much tied to other realities that have infiltrated this life and require you to understand them and solve the problems they pose for you. There is a powerful and deep karmic connection between you and your mother, as well as other people who have fulfilled the mothering and nurturing role of your life. Examine these relationships carefully so you can grope for patterns “from the past”. In past incarnations, there has been a tendency towards unconscious or habitual behavior; you didn’t seem to really know what you were doing. These rhythms have been embodied in this life so that you can free yourself from them and fully develop the ability to make conscious decisions.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

This is a restless, shy, sensitive person who willingly retreats from his own in difficult times and does not like to find himself in a strange and unfamiliar environment. He needs time to open up and move on to the free expression of emotions. He lives in a world of his dreams, he likes a job that gives him the opportunity to retire. He is sacrificial and selfless, good as an educator and caregiver. True, she is too much attached to people and ties them to herself. There is a tendency to secret love affairs. The subconscious of such a person is so active that imaginary threats constantly torment him. Mood and reactions depend on early childhood experiences and the current state of the subconscious. An interest in intuitive experiences is manifested, shyness is sometimes taken for modesty, and excessive sensitivity leads to the need for deliberate isolation from the environment. Suggestion for such people is very dangerous. They are prone to eccentricity and are distinguished by pronounced tendencies to the development of neurotic disorders. They love everything secret, secret and hidden. Very romantic and sublime. The predominance of feelings over reason is the reason for the establishment of unreasonable love relationships, which bring only grief and loss. Life is full of obstacles and limitations. Work that involves isolation from the environment and creative solitude (hospitals, research institutes, secret laboratories, etc.) turns out to be beneficial. Significant progress in mental life is possible through the study of esotericism. Such people sometimes lack firmness and constancy, which leads them to unreasonable actions, the results of which are empty anxiety, all sorts of troubles, secrets weighing on the soul, far-fetched fears and hostility of women. When energies are misused, there is a threat of being subject to imprisonment, forced retirement and forced treatment in the clinic. These people are so vulnerable and sensitive that they are afraid of others. They always want to do more than they can, and therefore are prone to tricks and substitutions. Progress in theology and philosophy is possible. Often, the children of such people turn out to be painful and not very happy. The owner of this aspect will face great trials in love and family life. They must manage their contacts and love affairs exclusively soberly, sensibly and rationally. Their lives are full of hidden dangers and secret enemies. They are always full of secrets and secrets, in solitude their life turns out to be happier and more fruitful – without troubles and without disappointment.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

The moon and Neptune shape our ability to love to a great extent. For Luna XII, the house is full of disappointments. She is usually depressed due to feelings of isolation within the family circle. Maybe, when we were children, we were neglected, left us too much to ourselves, and we always have the need to make up for that wasted time, as well as the desire to feel belonging to something, needed, desired. We need a fair amount of tenderness, even in excess of it, especially if the Moon is located close to the cusp of the 12th house, where emotions border on hysteria. The XII house also gives a tendency to feel too sorry for oneself. One way or another, we are extremely sensitive. If others do not take our tantrums too seriously and provide us with sufficient support, we can show great sympathy and understanding in relation to partners, be very sensitive to them. Physical sexual intercourse must necessarily be full of love, tenderness and, most importantly, tact. A person with the Moon in the XII house readily comes to the rescue, because caring for others is a socially acceptable way for him to free his feelings from captivity.