Moon in the 11th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Strong need for friendship and teamwork. Dating is easy, but the connections are short-lived. Hopes, goals, desires depend on the mood. A lot of women. Friendship is often through family ties. The mood depends on the opinions and reactions of friends. To a large extent, you express yourself emotionally through participation in community activities, various groups, clubs, organizations, or with the help of a company of close friends who support and care for you. Your friends are your family, and you have kindred feelings for people who share your dear ideals and beliefs. You need people outside of your actual family with whom you can keep in touch.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives a sensitive attitude towards friendship. All group connections of a person are strongly colored. He is looking for sensitive, caring friends, loves family companies, when several families with children gather. The ideal world is security in the broadest sense of the word – physical and emotional. The Moon in the 11th house has a peculiar attitude to time: a person cannot live for today, he is somewhat running into the future.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Going to the people is best done on TV. This is a very collective person; the group is his soul, and he is intimately connected with it, which is far from being fully realized and felt by him. With a strong moon, a person perceives successes and failures, as well as the internal problems of a group, deeply personally and experiences them more than others might think. He really needs the group to accept him as theirs, necessary and loved, and ideally an integral part. If this does not happen, the person suffers and tries to make himself necessary for the group, and at a low level he simply arranges scenes and tantrums (in the style determined by the sign at the top of the XI house) in order to attract the attention of the group and prove at least to himself that she does not completely indifferent. Working out gives a subtle understanding of the inner life of the group, the ability to become a mother figure in it, soften contradictions and manifest the highest goals of the group so that they will be intuitively felt by all members of the team. At a low level, a person, on the contrary, is extremely pragmatic and views the group exclusively from the point of view of the interests of the “ego” (ie, like a cash cow), and it is very difficult to re-educate him, because in this attitude he is not only firm, but also completely sincere … Relationships with friends are warm, intimate, easily turning into sexual ones (with appropriate gender); With the defeat of Venus or the Moon by Uranus, homosexual tendencies are possible. Friends may view this person as a motherly figure who will listen, regret, feed, and endure all the inconveniences of a late visit or constant vampirism, which should be avoided; however, on occasion, the person himself is able to slightly parasitize on a friend, but here you need to look at other aspects of the horoscope. With a harmonious Moon with friends is kind, with defeat, hysteria, unmotivated aggression, even outbursts of hatred, usually short-term, are possible.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

By their nature, these people are friendly, skilled in areas of activity that bring maximum profit. They have good friends, although they prefer to live separately from society. Have a lot of sexual pleasure and can have good children. They are usually adorable on the outside and have influence in society.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Unfaithful friends. If the 1st house is Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius or Pisces, it is a large family.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Participation in the life of groups. Something that lives in your childhood experiences has formed a strong emotional craving for group safety. You grew up feeling safe and secure among people. It is the herd instinct, the need to belong. The trap is the loss of individuality. Remember that you have to pay for belonging. The challenge is to allow yourself to become part of purposeful social groups, to emotionally “glue” people together. Suitable behavior. The opinions of other people are meaningful to you because you want to be accepted into the group. As a result, our first instinctive reaction to group pressure is to adapt, to internalize the code of conduct that seems to be the most correct. As your sense of security grows in the group, you can modify your behavior, give it more original or creative forms, but if you are criticized, then you immediately feel the urge to return to the old forms of behavior, into the cage. The trap is giving up your independence, while the challenge is to fully experience the interactions that are created by shared social rituals Friendship, social circle. Friendship arises on the basis of “chemical attraction” and not a conscious choice. You do not analyze friendships or select friends according to a special group of criteria. Friends satisfy your emotional need for contact. Only the given position of the planet cannot indicate whether friendships will be reliable or not, but in any case, you rely on your friends and invite them to rely on you. Friends need to be receptive to your feelings. Your social circle is your second family, closely knit, merged in depth. Changes in relationships with people arise from fluctuations in emotions. Ideally, you have enough friends so that you can ply freely from person to person when such changes occur. You feel nurturing when you work in harmony with other people, and you could easily take the place of Mother Superior in a creative group. You do not set the direction for the development of the group, but you cherish and protect the direction in which the group is moving, especially in the moments of the flow and uncertainty of the creative process. Your creative role is to support and protect the group’s self-expression. Acceptance of love. You have a sentimental attitude towards accepting love. Romance is the basis of your fantasies: flickering candles, soft music, fire in the fireplace. You need tenderness, you want to be owned and secured. Being loved is so important that you could call it emotional hunger, but this feeling can create a variety of traps. The best time to buy food is when you are not hungry, because then you buy only what you need. If you go to the store hungry, then you can indulge in revelry. It’s the same with accepting love. When you feel the need for love, this is the worst time to “go to the store”, because it can end in a romantic version of buying unnecessary products. Fans must have a sign that says; “Attention – love can become a habit and harm our health.” The challenge is to satisfy the need for love in ways that promote wholeness and expand consciousness.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person differs from everyone else in freedom from prejudice. He always remains impartial and objective, although he very often changes his goals. Knows how to cooperate with people, has good organizational skills. He has many friends and acquaintances with whom he has good relations, which contributes to helping him. There is a danger of making friends with false friends. There is a great need for teamwork and friendship. Dating is easy, but contacts are often short-lived. Hopes, goals, and desires depend on moods. There are always many women surrounded by such a person. Often, friendships are established at the border of the family circle. Mood depends greatly on the opinions and reactions of friends. Such people hate loneliness and need periodic stay in a noisy, cheerful company. They are left alone only when it is necessary to restore unbalanced feelings. Their circle of acquaintances is very wide, but there are few long-term affections. Friendship ties generally degenerate into ordinary friendship, or turn out to be extremely brief. Such a person successfully communicates with children and adolescents. The aspect is very favorable for active social life and wide popularity. Betrayal of friends and separation from them for minor reasons are not excluded. But despite all the disappointments, such a person again strives for friendly unions. He is inclined to start a large family, has good composure. It is possible that the mother comes from a certain family. Such people are always fresh and new in communication, friendly and joyful. They willingly take part in the work of representative authorities. A very careful approach to choosing friends and fans is required. Thanks to this aspect, cherished dreams and secret desires of youth can suddenly come true.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

The moon and Neptune shape our ability to love to a great extent. The moon in the eleventh house again brings to mind the “filling of the sandwich”, because in this position we must submit our feelings to the prescribed norms of behavior. This leaves no room for spontaneity, except perhaps for humanitarian interests. The most worthy philanthropists, always ready to help and be useful, often have the Moon in the XI house. How exactly they prefer to help depends on the position and aspects of other planets on the chart. This idealism characteristic of the 11th house is also expressed by the libido planets. In the first place, we do not expect our partners to satisfy our emotional and sexual needs. Our inner gaze is facing a higher ideal of human contact: the meeting of similar minds, kindred souls. Our expectations are extremely high, common views and interests are a fundamental requirement. The main thing for us is that the relationship is based on camaraderie and the ability to share with each other. It is not at all necessary for them to be loving, let alone sexual. The moon in the eleventh house values friendship and gives rise to an appropriate philosophy of life. If the moon in the eleventh house is struck by harsh aspects, we can turn into “crusaders”. This danger is always present in the XI house, its expression depends on the sign involved. Fire signs more than earthly contribute to militancy. Air signs prefer propaganda, the use of intelligent weapons – pamphlets, brochures, etc. A just struggle for the good of humanity can become an all-consuming impulse in the 11th house, absorb all forces. Usually, with Neptune struck in the 11th house, it is best for us to devote our lives to serving some philanthropic institution or good cause. The 11th house is also characterized by a pronounced tendency to belong to a spiritual group or secret society, especially when this tendency is supported by one or more of our higher planets. Harsh aspects can make us fanatics or terrorists, but we will always justify our actions with noble-sounding theories.



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