Moon in the 10th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The need for authority and recognition. Parents often hold a high position in society and make ambitious plans for their children, especially the mother. Careers often depend on women. You work well with the people; people instinctively accept and understand you. Having your own nest is not particularly important to you, and you can put most of your emotional energy into your career or social life, rather than your private life. It is very likely a profession related to providing for others or caring for others.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– found in the cards of people of art. The mother’s influence on the choice of profession is great. A person is not independent in choosing a life path, is burdened by a tough work schedule, and avoids responsibility. His vocation is to take care of people, create comfortable conditions for them. Medical worker, cook, consumer service worker.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

A truly religious people perceive political elections as a mystery. The moon in the X house is in symbolic confinement. This is a difficult situation: a person is internally not very indifferent to power, but what exactly he has to do with it and what role it should play in his life is not clear to him. The role of the Moon in a career and in specific elections can be expressed in different ways, for example, through the participation of women (in the form of a partly maternal figure); the influence of the mother and her image will also be very strong, for example (which is typical with the defeat of the moon), in his childhood, the mother could bring up ambition in the child, depriving him of the necessary love and affection, and now he suspiciously hopes to compensate himself by taking a high position in one or another hierarchy. In the absence of elaboration, this position gives great egoists, since the choice of goals and objectives and relations with the bosses and subordinates in the X house presuppose an impersonal attitude, and the Moon, on the contrary, represents its principle, and a person really likes to choose, command and obey, introducing into these activities a purely personal attitude and selfish interest. The study proceeds along the path of forming an impersonal attitude towards the situations of the X house and realizing their spiritual role, which a person intuitively feels, but experiences a strong desire for her profanation, which will have to be fought for a long time. At the middle level, a person can feel good specific karma and even somehow convey his feelings to others (and realize for himself) if he overcomes natural laziness and develops a sense of responsibility for people who actually entrusted him with their fate and looking at him through the eyes of practical spiritual students. and optional advice should be given as little as possible so as not to follow the path of gray teaching and discipleship.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This is a comparatively rare position that is the hallmark of a person with good ideas; it can make a good assistant in business. Such people are popular, friendly hosts, good parents, capable of caring for the sick. Classical texts mention their considerable life span and their participation in religious or social organizations.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Success in the public arena, notoriety that could be followed by a fall. Instability in life. The influence of a woman will be very strong.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Collective responsibility. Your maternal energy is quite powerful, however, you do not always recognize its action, because it is very natural for you. Caring for other people is a deep imprint, a responsibility that you took on early on; usually it’s a reaction to your mother. In mild cases, she may have been by your side at all times as an example of dignified, receptive strength. In extreme cases, she could be strong and overwhelmingly patronizing, or she was absent, was weak, or did not meet your needs. Either way, you’ve learned that your job is to take care of others. Your patronage is not only about those with whom you are connected in your personal life, it extends to other people as well. It is the need to respond to the troubles of the whole world. You are looking for a child inside each of us, and depending on how you do it, this process can be heartfelt or end in tragedy. The challenge is to respond to troubles and educate in ways that contribute to the growth of your power; do it spontaneously, without conscious effort. Professional ambition. Your attitude to social status is somewhat conservative, because here safety is very important for you. You may be very concerned about the harmony of career development, the smoothness of its daily flow, since the regular maintenance of official affairs in good condition is the very heart of this symbolism. As far as your real profession is concerned, it is more natural for you to have a service department than a production sphere, because you are more attracted to people than things. You could be successful in any profession that involves patronage, survival, or satisfaction. Your ambition is linked to personal safety. Missions and messages. The combination of vulnerable softness and a powerful protective surface is clearly visible to other people, allowing them to perceive the universal message without interference. Your personal emotions are sometimes almost invisible, but your ongoing concern for the feelings of others is very visible. Your presence reminds us of the existence of a basic human need for protection. We learn from you the motherly qualities – either how to perform them well, or how they should not be performed. In any case, your mission is to reveal to us the meaning, process and result of maternal influence, the power of children’s imprints and the importance of safety, in all possible senses of these words. A parent, “externally connected” with a person. Your family may have reversed the classic parenting roles. Your mother likely played a dominant role in shaping your perception of the outside world. Your dad may have been a feminine figure, more like a gentle educator than a strong structuring force, but that is less likely. Role reversal in itself is not particularly problematic, although it tends to merge the usually differentiated roles of fatherhood and motherhood. You believe that the correct role of an authority is to patronize, provide security, and give your power in critical situations. Your need for an authoritative position is strong, but not fully realized. In fact, having to make conscious choices about authority or power can lead to conflict because you feel more comfortable just responding instinctively to the needs of others.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

On his own initiative during his life, such a person will change jobs many times and will be inclined to frequent job changes. He needs to maintain steady contact with people, especially women. Often, such people are guided by professions related to solving women’s problems, as well as marketing, trading in raw materials and public relations. Authority is of great importance to them. Their feelings are governed by pronounced ambition and a desire for progress. The world for them is a large auditorium, and therefore, with a lack of external attention, they tend to attract it even at the cost of squabbles and scandals. Concern about professional issues does not allow you to delve into solving family problems. Sometimes such a person feels like a “fish in an aquarium”, as his personal emotionality is constrained by social standards and professional responsibilities. It is very important for him to feel useful to society. There is a great need to achieve public authority and recognition. Often, the parents of such a person occupy a high position in society and ambitiously plan his own life. His mother and female relatives are particularly influential in his career. Often, such people make money through public speaking, they often become popular politicians. Achievements are unstable, and therefore a fall may follow the rise. You should be very careful about your monetary affairs, since without care you cannot get profit from the economy and possessions. All favors and troubles in the life of such a person are in one way or another connected with women, their influences and interests. For them, personal life means a lot, they strive to have many children and have more than one profession. Career growth is unstable, but relatively easy. Possible marriage with a prominent politician or pop celebrity. Intuition and sensuality dominate the mind. Implementation of plans and intentions is carried out inconsistently, at intervals, swoops, leading to frequent retaliatory strikes and unexpected destabilizations. There is changeability, instability and inconstancy in relation to the profession, material wealth, social status. The occupation is chosen not at the behest of the heart, but out of necessity. The life of such a person essentially depends on the rhythm of the change of the lunar phases. The success of his affairs is directly related to the mood and state of mind. Career failures can lead to nervous breakdowns and even tantrums.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

The moon and Neptune shape our ability to love to a great extent. In the 10th house, we again meet with status concerns. But here is not a desire to achieve status, but such a state, as if we already have it and should behave accordingly. The idea of what exactly our status requires is, of course, subjective and relative. Most importantly, we adhere to our own standards and do not allow any attacks on them. At X, we work hard to achieve power, want to have leadership, or at least take a position so that others do not dominate us. In the X house, a person strives to be a strong person and stand firmly on his feet. At the same time, we have no right to ignore the rights of those below us. In the X house, we constantly feel that others are watching and appreciating. Alas, all those in power should look back on their voters, subordinates or subjects. With the Moon in the X house, we strive to have the widest possible circle of friends and acquaintances in order to be popular in various sectors of society. At the same time, close personal contact, personal involvement in any group is not peculiar to us. We like to be popular, to take the place of “everyone’s favorite”, to be known as glorious, honest and irresistibly charming; the lack of intimacy is compensated by public praise. True, such a replacement does not always eliminate disappointment. The Moon in Capricorn will be quite satisfied with the situation, but not the Moon in Libra, with her strong inner need for more intimate relationships, blocked by the X house, where she must be content with the admiration of many instead of personal relationships with a few. Sometimes this translates into acute problems (crisis of self-awareness).



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