Moon in 1st house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Self-awareness and authority are strongly colored by emotions, childhood experiences and family matters. Great susceptibility to the influence of other people. Changeable and capricious. Strong attachment to mother. Often round, full face. They love to eat well, which leads to fullness. You are good-looking and tend to approach other people in a very personal and sympathetic manner. However, sometimes you allow your emotions to prevail over common sense and logic, as a result of which you are biased in your opinions. You are impressionable and quite gentle (or at least you seem to be). Your feelings are on the surface, and you cannot hide your emotions.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person is looking for patronage. As a child, he realized that his survival depended on his mother. Likewise, in adulthood, he thinks that his behavior should satisfy the requirements of stronger people. Feels that he may be in danger. The world perceives it as a very fragile changeable entity. Changes behavior all the time, strives to adapt to the environment. If the Moon is not affected, it is highly adaptable; if it is struck, it requires super attention to itself, torments those around it with whims. Affected, but strong in other factors, the Moon leads to the search for pleasure, comfort, and a relaxed state. A person avoids responsibility, stress, seeks protection and shelter, tries to take a cozy, safe place where he will not be disturbed and there will be no need to rebuild all the time. The impression that a person makes at different times of the day is different and depends on the mood and environment. If the mood is good, it leaves a good impression; if it is bad, a painful emotional atmosphere arises. It never becomes the center of attention, it always occupies a peripheral position. Children feel very good in his presence. He attracts a stronger person with his weakness. The first period of life is usually ideal. If the Moon is strong and harmonious, close contact with the mother. If the Moon is struck, but strong, the mother is overprotective, the mother hinders the development of individuality. If the Moon is weak and struck – troubles in relations with the mother, rapid mood swings, adaptive breakdowns, withdrawal into neurotic diseases. Appearance is changeable depending on the situation. The eyes are protruding, lively, expressive. Humidity of the face, excess fluid in the body. Light, but pale (in contrast to the Sun) color of the skin.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The mother hen gathers the chickens under her wing with a loud caw. This position of the moon gives a great personal vulnerability as well as a vulnerability of self-esteem that must be overcome. When these people are located, they can be the best listeners in the world, in whose sympathetic attention any troubles and sorrows are dissolved, even if the Moon is in Capricorn or Aquarius. If, however, they are treated harshly, they suffer and defend themselves with hard armor or go into a counteroffensive, especially if the 1st house cusp and the Moon are in the masculine sign. Their desires and even basic needs are expressed very unequivocally, and if the Moon is in harmony, they are satisfied very beautifully. The whole family rushes to watch how this child eats, and in an adult state, his sexual acts can be immediately filmed, especially when Venus is strong in aspect with the Moon. Here in the personality there is a lot of biological principle and general social stereotypes, and one and the other must be gradually got rid of, although the former in many ways adorns a person, making his behavior natural, and the latter is realized with great difficulty and gives, among other things, easy social adaptation – all this unless the moon is heavily affected. If the Moon is severely affected, the owner of the horoscope will have serious problems in society and biological imperfections, for example, health, nutritional, sexual and other problems – in accordance with the aspects and position of the Moon. The woman has a strong and distinct maternal origin; men want to marry her or, in extreme cases, have a child. The defeat of the Moon in a masculine sign can give a feminist. The man will be under the great attention of the mother figure, formed in childhood, and will look at women and at himself through the eyes of this figure. With the defeat of the moon and weak Mars – difficulties with male identification.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

These people are given a gentle and romantic disposition. They are nice, beautiful, loving, popular people. They have significant mental activity, are sensitive, spiritual. They love travel and change, take care of others. Their married life is happy; they perform well in areas of activity related to society.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Love for social activities. Frequent changes of place of residence, generally changes in life, if the 1st house is Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn. Lively imagination, intuition.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Self-expression. Here we are faced with a paradox: when the Moon is in the 1st house, the natural and active projection of the “I” is inverted, so self-expression becomes “reactive” or responsive, responsive. Your natural personality radiation is emotional, sensitive, maternal; it is the subject of conversation about the causes of recession and rise in mood. Needs are projected directly from your surface, they are visible to everyone. When your needs are not being met, you may experience outbursts of anger, protective shutdowns, or falling into hysterics – these are the main traps. However, in general, this position of the planet is associated with the “softness” of the personality. You protect those you love or who attract your attention; you strongly feel their needs and subtly defend against those strangers who may seem alien or threatening to you. The task is to gain confidence in your own safety and then to reveal yourself. Your natural face is soft, motherly, “wet”, almost “raw”, or full of sympathy, or distressed, or sometimes both. This is especially true when the Moon is in an expressive or emotional sign, and less true when the Moon is in a sign such as Capricorn. In this case, the quality of dampness can be replaced by a solid wall of seeming passivity. Your label says: “I am responsive. Tell me what you need and I will meet your needs, because they are the most important thing in the world to me. ”Self-awareness. The spontaneous projection of emotional susceptibility generates awareness of the central, root self. Radiating yourself outwardly as either “mother” or “child” – defense, protection, nourishment, satisfaction, affection – shows you what your real inner nature is. Consciousness falls and rises simultaneously with feelings. As soon as you come into contact with your needs and discover your inner self, then your personality comes next, influencing what you have understood. Being responsive to influences from the outside world allows you to become aware of who you really are and what you really want to do. You smooth out the tension between your inner and outer realities by empathizing with the needs of others. Insensitivity or lack of emotional expression disconnects these realities, creating alienation from the self, while the forced imposition of maternal feelings or an unconscious desire to satisfy needs breaks the border between realities, causing a sense of incessant hunger and emptiness. The challenge, however, is to nourish yourself and your environment without creating addiction. The positive result of its implementation is a feeling of satisfaction. Vitality is directly related to emotional well-being. Adequate diet and emotional comforts maintain your vitality, although there may be increased sensitivity to fluids and a vulnerability of the digestive or reproductive system. You must understand the meaning of the activity in order to balance your urge to react. Habit strength has a huge impact on your endurance, either by guarding and maintaining it, or by destroying and draining it. To heal yourself, study your habits and change your imprints. Your relationship with your mother is one of the most important factors, regardless of whether it is real or is just the result of childhood experiences that are stored deep in your soul for a long time.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

An emotional, sensitive and changeable person, a lot in business and relationships depends on how he feels. Prone to frequent mood swings and very rapid changes from well-being to bad and vice versa. If he can overcome his natural shyness, he will very quickly achieve success in society. He badly needs public recognition, always tries to please others and is very dissatisfied if his efforts do not lead to anything. The psychological connection with the mother is very strong. He has a rich imagination and reacts very vividly to others. Physically very active, which can be expressed in noticeable anxiety and some fussiness. Self-awareness and understanding of authorities by such a person is strongly colored by emotions, experiences of early childhood and family affairs. Such people are unnecessarily influenced by others. They are changeable and capricious in their reactions to the environment, and therefore it is difficult for them to establish themselves on a specific goal and continuously move in one direction. Their impressionability can border on the paranormal. They have a strange knack for involving others in resolving their personal issues. The need for recognition and applause is great, which experienced manipulators willingly use. Such people love to eat deliciously, and therefore any psychological distress leads them to excessive obesity. Their life is full of various events, fate is changeable and many-sided. They manage to change several occupations and places of work over several years and even live in different places. Their minds are intuitive, sensitive and receptive, imagination is creative and self-active. Ambitiousness is combined with a penchant for social life. They are very tactful, observant and resourceful. They should devote themselves to ennobling their own nature and deriving benefit and benefit from those around them through a wide social activity, in which their family interests fit. Often, such people gravitate towards clairvoyance and perceive knowledge about the future in prophetic dreams. The character is mobile, wandering, fickle, peaceful, amorous and friendly. Such people pay special attention to women and prefer to communicate with them. They are popular with the general public and are successful in charity work. They are noble, but fearful, often inclined to have many children and strive to acquire a wide circle of good friends. It seems to many that such people are full of incessant anxiety and constant hesitation. Their life is characterized by frequent changes and alternations, fractures and rearrangements. Often, the events of their lives are strictly synchronized with the lunar rhythms, which is perceived as a lack of stability and stability. Thinking and behavior are entirely dependent on the disposition of the spirit. The reaction speed is high, the fantasy is rich, the mind is identified with emotions. Changes haunt such a person constantly, and in all spheres of life at the same time. Such people are very sociable and courteous, they manage to adapt to any circumstances, people and occupations. They are very sensual, impressionable and sentimental, unrestrained and unstable, unreasonable and unpredictable. Improper use of energy can lead to the development of timidity and shyness, whims and quirks, hysteria and distraction, inconsistency and bouts of lethargy and laziness.

B. Huber. Mars, Venus, Moon and Neptune in twelve houses

Moon and Neptune largely shape our ability to love. The Moon in the 1st house indicates that we are very eager for contacts. To have a taste for life, we need a bunch of friends and acquaintances. Contact with people is essential to our self-image. Whether we are able to take the initiative in this depends to a large extent on the sign of the moon. Feminine signs are more passive than masculine ones; they tend to hesitate. With the Moon in a masculine sign, it’s easier for us to be the first to take a step towards another. But for any sign of the Moon in the 1st house, the need for social contact has a tinge of egocentrism. We try our best, sometimes even desperately and with some obsession, to make a favorable impression. The appreciation of other people is very important to our sense of our own worth.



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