Moon – Descendant conjunction


(Natal Moon → Natal Descendant)

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

Strong emotional connection with spouse, partners, friends. Dexterity and scent in everyday life with the public is beneficial for merchants, traveling salesmen, etc., associated with household items. Influenced by other people. Often the mother lives in the home of her son or daughter and has a great influence on the family’s dormitory. Sensitive, easily offended. Romantic and ideal ideas about marriage are good for women, enhances the feminine traits. Men have an emotional understanding of the wife.

Het Monster. Aspects of

Strong emotional connection with spouse, partner, friends: good intuition in communicating with the public, clients. Beneficial for salespeople, good aspect for women. Men have a rare ability to emotionally understand a wife. Sensitive, easily offended. Often the mother lives in his (her) home, having a strong influence on the whole family life.



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