Money magic: magical properties of herbs for money and luck

Many plants are associated with money magic, abundance, and luck. Listed below are some of the plants that anyone can use to create amulets and talismans for wealth and good luck. Magic uses fresh and dried herbs, tinctures, solutions, essential oils and extracts. But some herbs are best used in some form for both magical and medicinal purposes.


Magical properties – Agrimony

Agrimony is a plant of the depths associated with sleep, dreams, the other world and protection from fears and monsters.

In monetary magic, it is used to help us understand the deepest fears and barriers that separate us from flourishing and realizing our True Will.

Magical properties – Lucerne

Alfalfa is a plant of prosperity and abundance. The earth itself gives this “grain” in abundance, which is easy to grow and collect.

Keeping alfalfa in a buffet keeps poverty and hunger at bay.

The best alfalfa is the one that you grew yourself and harvested during the growing moon.

Magic properties – Allspice

The aroma of allspice is believed to combine the scents of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. Its rich aroma can be used to attract wealth.

It goes well with all of the listed spices in tea, food, incense and amulets. It is also a Fire plant that bestows vitality, energy and creativity.

Magical properties – Maranta

Arrowroot is used to change fate and prevent tragedies. It helps change the course of life by taking new directions with intention.

This is the plant of Mars. Arrowroot root should be ground into flour and sprinkled on the body when you boldly define a new direction in your life. Arrowroot is also used to treat heart disease and protect babies.

Magical properties – Basil

Basil is a powerful cleansing plant. In some traditions, it is burned to scare away evil spirits who fear its fiery nature, but most people enjoy basil. The fiery aroma of this plant is also used to kindle passion, it is used in love magic. His energy and strength can be directed towards achieving results in work and making money. Some practitioners say that the basil leaves used in potions resemble green bills, which strengthens the plant’s bond with money.

Magical properties – Laurel

Although the laurel is primarily considered a trance-inducing prophetic plant, wreaths were also made from it. Thus, laurel can be used in magical rituals during which a person invokes success or greatness in order to inspire and guide others.

It is the main ingredient in the hoodoo formula known as the  crown of success  , an oil that is used to help you succeed in any endeavor.

Magical properties – Blueberry

The magical properties of blueberries are used primarily as an ingredient in protective potions, but they can also be used in prosperity magic, since blue is the color of Jupiter in ceremonial magic, and bunches of sweet berries symbolize abundance.

For magical purposes, you can use berries and leaves.

Magical properties – Cucumber herb

The main magical property of the cucumber herb used in tea, incense and amulets is to maintain courage in a difficult situation and triumphantly out of it.

This herb is especially useful in difficult business situations, it gives the courage to face the complexities and make a difference.

Magical properties – Burdock

A plant of Jupiter, the burdock possesses strong magical and medicinal qualities, which are most clearly manifested in the thorns of seeds that cling to people’s clothing and animal fur, which then spread them. Burdock “clings” and pulls, it can pull something out of your system, pull you to something or something to you.

Although the seeds and leaves also have magical and medicinal properties, the main power lies in the roots, and it is this part of the plant that is commonly sold in magic and medicinal stores. The root can be used in teas, tinctures and amulets, but when used in the form of incense, it does not give a very pleasant smell.

Magical properties – Cedar

The magical properties of aromatic cedar wood are associated with wealth. It can be used to attract wealth, and along with sage and bison, it is used for cleansing.

Cedar is mentioned in the Old Testament as a substance used in cleansing rituals for lepers and as a tree used in Solomon’s temple.

Magical properties – Chestnut

Chestnut, like horse chestnut, is a plant of Jupiter and is used to attract luck and money. Various types of horse chestnuts are used in protective amulets that protect against the evil eye.

Horse chestnuts can also be used as talismans for good luck in gambling: for this, the chestnut must be wrapped in a dollar bill and wrapped in red thread.

These nuts resemble male testicles and are used in love magic. They can replace nutmeg when crafting a player’s nut (see the Nutmeg article).

Magical Properties – Cinnamon

The magical properties of cinnamon are one of the most commonly used elements in the magic of money. The scent of cinnamon brings good luck to everyone who inhales it. Add some cinnamon to your morning tea or coffee. Pieces of cinnamon laid on a burning charcoal are in themselves a powerful incense for prosperity. When cinnamon is cooked in a house for sale, or cinnamon sticks are boiled over a fire, the house sells faster and at a better price. This simple method is used by real estate agents all over the world. You can make a cinnamon tincture and sprinkle it in your home, as well as sprinkle on doors to attract success and good fortune.

A cup of cinnamon tea is a classic money potion that helps focus your inner fire on prosperity. If you are in a profession that relies on the generosity of others to earn money (for example, you are a waiter in a restaurant and tip a large portion of your earnings), add a cup of cinnamon tea to the water when you wash your work clothes (unless they are white ). If your skin is very sensitive, you can soak a handkerchief in cinnamon tea, dry it without rinsing, and carry it with you. Any of the methods described will help you attract money.

Cinnamon oil or infusion can also be sprayed onto your shoes to attract new opportunities. (Note: Pure essential oils, especially cinnamon oil, are irritating and should be used in conjunction with a base oil. More information on the effects of essential oils can be found in medical books on this subject.)

Magical properties – Cinquefoil

Cinquefoil is known as cinquefoil, another prosperity plant that has long been used in protective magic. It is a counteraction plant that is effective in removing curses.

The teaching tells us that anything done with five human fingers can be overcome with a five-leafed leaf. Cinquefoil is also used to help us get what we want, especially in the magic of gambling.

Magic Properties – Carnation

Carnation is associated with Jupiter due to the richness of its aroma. It can be used alone or in combination with other spices, whole or chopped.

During the winter holidays, you can create a powerful amulet for good luck, friendship and health – an aromatic ball. Stick the sharp ends of the clove into the orange peel until you have covered the entire surface. Dip an orange in a mixture of crushed cinnamon, nutmeg, and violet root powder (one teaspoon of each ingredient) and place it in a paper bag for a month. When the orange is dry, it makes a great aromatic decoration that attracts wealth, health, and prosperity.

Magic Properties – Red Clover

Red clover is a widely used herb with many medicinal and magical properties. In medicine, it is mainly used to cleanse the blood.

In money magic, flowers or leaves can be used in amulets to attract good luck and multiply the resources that you already possess.

Magical properties – Currant

Both black and red currants are Jupiter plants used in a variety of success formulas. They can be used to make wine and baked goods. In folk medicine, black currant berries and leaves are an excellent remedy for the treatment of scurvy and other vitamin deficiencies. Black currant fruits are part of the vitamin fees.

Fresh and dried berries are also used as a diaphoretic, diuretic and anti-inflammatory agent. Black currant has a therapeutic effect on stomach ulcers, gastritis with low acidity, atherosclerosis, kidney disease, metabolic disorders, anemia. Fresh berry juice is taken for stomach and duodenal ulcers, gastritis with low acidity of gastric juice.

Decoctions and infusions of currant leaves are useful for hypertension and atherosclerosis, hemorrhagic diathesis, skin diseases, diseases of the bladder, cystitis, kidney stones. Preparations of currant leaves remove uric and oxalic acid from the body, relieve inflammation of the kidneys.

Magic Properties – Dandelion

Dandelion is another Jupiter plant used in medicine (mainly to support the liver, an organ ruled by Jupiter). Most often the root comes into play. It helps to strengthen the connection with the earth and to manifest what you want in the material world.

In magic, dandelion is used not only as flower water, but also as a remedy to help remove obstacles in the solar plexus that interfere with your personal strength and ability to create the life you want.

The magical whole flower of dandelion indicates a connection with the power of the Sun, which helps to create and achieve success. Dandelion seeds, with their airy white tufts, can be used in wish-fulfillment magic. Make a wish, and then blow on the flower: the seeds will fly away, taking your intention with them.

Magical properties – Dill

Dill is considered a plant of abundance due to its many seeds. This plant is used in magic for growth and multiplication. A simple dill spell can be performed: take a teaspoon of dill seeds.

Wrap them in a dollar bill and carry them with you as an amulet in your pocket, purse or bag in order to attract money and increase the finances that you already have.

Magical properties – Fennel

Fennel is a powerful herb with many uses. Fennel seeds are believed to have the ability to mesmerize other people by persuading them to lean toward your point of view. Fennel does not force or deceive, it just helps you gain the gift of persuasion.

Politicians, advocates, and teachers should carry some fennel seeds with them in order to attract the attention of others and to clarify their perception. It is also used in the magic of protection, success, health and counteraction.

Magical properties – Fenugreek

The fragrant fenugreek seeds, like the seeds of other prosperous plants, attract money.

They are especially good in magic jugs, where you should add a few each day to build up your wealth.

Magic properties – Dymyanka

Although the smoke is usually associated with funerals and rituals of farewell to the dead or communication with the spirits of the dead, it is also used in money magic.

Dymyanka points to the connection between secret riches and the rulers of the dead, who are also the rulers of the depths.

Magical properties – Kalgan

Galangal root, known in Hoodoo as Little John’s Root, is used in Judgment magic. The root should be chewed and its juice swallowed right in the courtroom so that it gets a little on the floor. It is believed that after such a ritual, the judge will rule in your favor.

Some people mistakenly associate it with Shorty John’s root, which is a different kind according to most Hoodoo practitioners. Kalgan is also used in the powerful ceremonial magical oil known as Abramelin oil, along with cinnamon.

Magical properties – Ginger

Ginger root is a powerful warming agent. Like many other plants of the Sun and Jupiter, ginger is a sign of wealth, but it is he who has some unique qualities.

It is one of the most powerful plants for maintaining the fire of your will, gaining the energy of action, getting what you want and creating success. It also has protective properties, as its inner fire scares away negative forces that seek to hinder your success.

Magical properties – purple stew

Skeleton purple is used in amulets, usually made in the form of pouches, and as an incense to overcome obstacles on the way to achieving goals and getting what you want.

Also known as kidney root and gravel, this plant can grow in clay and rocky soil. It is believed that it pulls the surrounding stones to itself as it grows. In medicine, it is used to treat kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

Just as it removes kidney stones in the body, it is able to magically remove other obstacles, especially those obstacles in life that cause anger in us. If you feel like something is standing in your way, Stem Purple is a great ally that can either remove these obstacles or help you find a workaround.

Ipomoea root

Ipomoea root is used in all forms of magic related to success, victory, gambling, cunning, protection, power over oneself and others, love spells, restrictions, sex, love and the development of masculine strength.

The root is carried around as an amulet, used in other amulets, oiled, wrapped in dollar bills or other materials to enhance its properties. Be wary of oil mixtures that claim to contain morning glory root oil: many of them are fake and don’t have the right oil. Hoodoo practitioners who prepare the oil themselves usually keep a portion of the root in a container of oil.

Magical properties – Altey

The magical properties of marshmallow seeds and flowers are used to achieve prosperity and material success. They attract gifts of spirits.

Magical properties – Jasmine

Jasmine, the feminine plant of the moon, has the power to multiply the energy of everything to which it is added.

Jasmine will enhance the vibration of any money mix, giving you the opportunity to do what you really want to make more money.

It attracts the forces of the moon, so it is best used when the moon is waxing.


Magical properties – Juniper

Juniper is a magical tree that is burned to cleanse a room and attract good. Its berries are used for medicinal purposes, needles and berries can be used in money magic in order to bring good luck into your life.

The magical properties of juniper are also used to keep thieves at bay, allowing you to preserve your wealth.


Magical properties – Lavender

Lavender is a medicinal herb used to calm and soothe. It helps to clarify thoughts.

In prosperity magic, lavender is associated with Jupiter due to its lilac flowers, and its strong yet soothing scent brings it closer to Jupiter.

Lavender helps to calm the mind for making the right decisions in business and money matters.

Magical properties – Lilac

Lilac has a pleasant scent that gives us pleasure and attracts attention.

The color of lilac, which matches its name, connects it with Jupiter, and the rapidly spreading scent helps us multiply our resources and gain the attention of those whose help we need.

In the form of flower water, lilac helps us to adhere to our personal opinion and follow the path of our own dharma to goals in all areas of life.

Magic properties – Lovage

Although lovage is considered by most people to be the plant of love relationships, one of its main abilities is to help achieve success in all matters of the law and victories in court.

In particular, it goes well with incense and pine in the incense that talismans are fumigated with for victory in court.

Magical properties – Calendula

Calendula is a plant of prosperity and wealth. When it grows in a pot in front of your front door, your prosperity will increase as the plant grows.

The magical properties of calendula flowers are used in amulets for victory in court.

Magical properties – Verbeynik (Coin holder)

The coin box, also known as the lunar, gets its name from the vibrant purple flowers that turn into seed pods that look like silver coins.

The magical properties of the seed pod are used to attract wealth, decorate a prosperous home, and heal (in the form of a flower essence).

Magical properties – Mustard seeds

Mustard seeds are used in money magic because they are very numerous despite their small size. The power of the mustard seed was mentioned by Jesus talking about faith the size of him – and even with that faith you can move mountains. Small objects can be extremely powerful.

Mustard seeds can be discreetly worn in a wallet, bag or shoe as an amulet to attract money. Usually, the money raised in this way comes gradually, in small portions.

Magical properties – Nutmeg

Nutmeg is another magical plant of prosperity. Like cinnamon and mustard, it can be put in a wallet or shoes to attract money and good luck.

There is a very powerful old talisman used in gambling. It is called the  gambler’s nut . To create it, you need to drill a hole in the nut without splitting it. A small amount of mercury is put into the hole. Mercury is toxic, so most magicians and witches no longer use it.

A piece of silver can be used as a substitute, since it resembles mercury in color, and the color is very important in this case. Silver dime “Mercury” is best suited. The hole is then sealed with red wax. Carry the player’s nut with you when you play and you will get lucky more often.

Magical properties – Oak

Oak is a sacred tree of the gods associated with Jupiter. He brings the blessings of heaven to earth. There are many types of oak trees, but red oak is best for increasing material strength and facilitating material change.

Traditionally, the magical properties of oak bark are used, however you can use leaves, acorns and chopped twigs.

Magical properties – Oak moss

Like most mosses, oak is associated with the elements of the Earth and the other world. It can be used in all forms of underworld magic, including working with the rulers of the dead to gain wealth.

Oakmoss goes well with patchouli.

Magical Properties – Orange

Orange is used for its connection with the sun. It requires a lot of solar heat to grow, and it magically absorbs the forces of the Sun that accumulate in it.

Although the whole orange or its juice can be used for magical purposes, usually drugs and incense made from dried orange peel or essential oil added to perfumes and detergents are used.

Magical Properties – Patchouli

The bright scent of patchouli is used in money, love and protective magic. Patchouli, the plant of Saturn, helps us make our desires and dreams come true.

Patchouli helps us connect with earthly gods and goddesses, as well as with the deities of the other world.

Magic Properties – Pine

Pine is another magical tree ruled by Jupiter. The pine spirit is very friendly towards people. Needles, bark, cones, and resin can all be used in magic.

The pine tree brings prosperity and clarity. She also helps in matters related to leadership.

Magic Properties – Rice

Rice, like many other grains, is a symbol of abundance and prosperity. Many forms of Asian magic and American folk magic involve the use of rice as an abundance. White rice can be easily colored with food coloring to enhance its magical properties.

Prosperity magic traditionally uses green rice. Rice can be placed in a money magic bowl, kept in a bag, or scattered as an offering.

Magic properties – Sage

In English, sage refers to both the garden sage, which is used in cooking, and the various types of wormwood used in American Indian ceremonies.

All of these types are now well known for modern metaphysical groups and shops and can be used in money magic. Garden sage is great for restoring body and mind. It is used during periods of fatigue and illness to help focus on work and purpose in life.

Pour hot water over a teaspoon of dried sage and let sit overnight. Drink this broth every morning for one to three months. It is especially useful in the fall and spring to prepare the body for the changing seasons. Those recovering from severe ailments can take one to three cups a day, mixing sage with rose petals, jasmine flowers, and lavender.

Take three parts dried sage and one part each rose petals, jasmine flowers and lavender flowers, mix together and use one teaspoon of the mixture per cup of hot water. You shouldn’t add this mixture to coffee. The magical properties of garden sage and wormwood are used in potions and incense to banish unwanted energies and attract blessings and good luck. Wormwood is especially effective when used as an incense with cedar and bison. This combination attracts beneficial influences and adds sweetness to life.

Magical Properties – Sandalwood

Sandalwood illuminates and clarifies consciousness. Since it is used in meditation, in money magic it helps us to see the situation clearly and to distance ourselves in order to make informed decisions.

Sandalwood is an excellent base for prosperity incense and blends well with other resins, woods, and spices.

Magical Properties – Sarsaparilla

Sarsaparilla is the plant of Jupiter. The crushed root can be used in all incense, teas, amulets and tinctures for the magic of Jupiter.

The magical properties of this plant are also used to enhance love magic.

Magical properties – Sumakh

Sumach is considered the plant of Saturn and has the brute strength of its deities. Sumakh can be used in litigation – especially so that the decision is in your favor, or so that the sentence is softer if you are present at the trial as an accused.

It is used in peace tinctures to end conflict and enmity with another person and bring final clarity to the situation.

Magical properties – Sunflower

Sunflowers are plants of the Sun used in the magic of prosperity, success, inspiration and health. Seeds are most commonly used, but petals and leaves also have magical properties. Sunflowers that you personally grow are best suited for magic.

Planting a sunflower seed itself can be a magical ritual. Your luck will grow with the sunflower. We need stability in order to grow our natural prosperity in relation to the land, just as sunflowers need a good place to grow and cannot tolerate transplanting. If you want your sunflowers to seed, choose your planting site carefully and water them regularly.

Magical properties – Dipterix

Although in hoodoo dipteryx is used in love magic, in the Cabot tradition the magical properties of this plant are used to flourish. It has a sweet, rich aroma reminiscent of vanilla. It is a Jupiter and Venus plant used to thrive and attract what you desire.

For Thursday’s prosperity requests, you can make magic ink using blue vegetable dye or blue art ink. Add four Dipteryx beans (whole or chopped) along with a pinch of cinnamon and a slice of lapis lazuli. Use this ink to write your money spells.

Magical properties – Vanilla

Vanilla is a plant of love and prosperity. The aroma of vanilla contains a magical power that strangely leads some modern magicians to believe that this blessed ingredient is subject to Pluto – the planet of power, death and transformation.

The scent of vanilla is strong and sweet and is used to attract benefits, luck and pleasure.

Magic Properties – Vetiver

Vetiver oil and root have a strong aroma used to attract earthly wealth. This plant is associated with Hermes (Mercury), the patron saint of commerce and business, as well as thieves, so it can be used to protect against thieves.

Its magical properties are used in magic to calm the mind and stabilize. It can also be used in love magic.

Magic Properties – Violet

The magic of the violet is uplifting, helping those who are overly sensitive. Due to their hue, violets are associated with Jupiter and his money magic.

Magical properties – Curly sorrel

Curled sorrel is another plant of Jupiter that is used for a variety of medicinal and magical purposes. In particular, seeds are used in prosperity magic, as some believe they resemble small coins.

Magic lies in the ability of one plant to spawn many seeds, which are used to multiply the resources you already have. Collect seeds and roots in the fall.