Mind, Body and Soul Spread


This spread is a trinity spread because it makes up all of the parts of your being.  The mind is a representation of how you look at the world.

The body is a representation of how the world around you affect you.

The soul is a representation of what you desire in life.  Some of these things are hidden while some of them are not hidden.

When you are feeling like you are stuck in life, the Mind, Body and Soul spread can be very helpful to do.  This can give you an idea on what is affecting the way that you are living your life and to help you figure out what you are really desiring.

Laying Out the Cards

When you get the deck of cards, have an open mind and shuffle the deck.  Take three cards and put them in front of you, face down and in a line.  Turn over the card to the left.  The left card represents the mind.  Then, turn over the middle card.  This card represents the body.  The card on the right represents the soul.  Turn this card over last.



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