Mercury Sextile – Mars


(Natal. Mercury → Natal. Mars)

S.V. Shestopalov. Aspects of the planets

The mind becomes sharp and discerning; strong intelligence; an energetic, active, enterprising, constructive, resourceful person. Business Aspect; ability to do business, good manager; the ability to find practical benefits. Skillful, skillful, strong hands. Man is capable of working with iron (blacksmith). Eloquence, oratory, persuasiveness in speech. Ability to quickly embrace, navigate in the environment. Excellent organizational skills. On the negative side, friendliness does not go beyond practical benefits.

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

Spiritual energy and sharpness of mind. The main quality is determination. They say what they think. They work purposefully and productively. They bring their ideas to life. They do their job well. They know how to clearly state their point of view.

Absalom Underwater. Aspects of

Mercury Sextile: The work of thought is effective in the boundaries between what a person does not understand and what he cannot wrinkle in principle. Mercury Sextile gives the Planet the opportunity to constructively interact with the principle of thinking. The statement “the mind is the head for everything” is both a varnishing of reality and its falsification; however, in the sphere of action of the Planet, sextile will provide a person with various possibilities of rational understanding and tactful mental control. The Sextile of Mercury does not give an instant and easy superficial rational understanding of the principle of the Planet, which is characteristic of trine, but makes constructive efforts aimed at comprehending it, and, with a certain amount of work, a person reaches a level where his understanding does not profane the principle of the Planet, but gives him on the contrary, new directions of development. Here, when interpreting, it is important to pay attention to which planet is stronger in sextile. If Mercury is stronger, then a person will be tempted, only having begun to understand the problem, to consider his first (or second) thoughts sufficient and effective and to harshly suppress the principle of the Planet by them, eventually accepting it with great distortions, and the mental control of the Planet will turn out to be too rough … If the Planet is stronger in sextile, then a person will be tempted to subordinate his thinking to its principle, and then rational understanding will be biased, which interferes with the objectivity of assessments, and mental control is too weak. In any case, a person will feel the general need for mental development in the areas ruled by the Planet. Development gives great opportunities for rationalization in the spheres of influence of the Planet, subtlety and flexibility of rational thinking, the boundaries of competence of which a person will feel well. Good for teachers in areas related to the Planet, since this person will be able to give students ample opportunities to master the principle of the Planet, forcing their rational mind to work – a very effective teaching tool. On the contrary, a lack of elaboration, a persistent unwillingness to use rational thinking to work with the principle of the Planet, leads a person to a loss of faith in himself, his abilities and capabilities, mental depression and possible blows of fate in the relevant areas. Mars Sextile: Work may be heavy duty or sustenance, but never honorable. The Sextile of Mars gives a person the opportunity to refine and increase the level of vibrations of the energy flow inherent in the Planet. These are the perspectives of constructive activities, during which the Planet (and Mars) is being worked out along the way, and in which a person learns to coordinate his strength and energy with the needs of the Planet, which will present some difficulties and require some effort, but they will not seem excessive to a person. If, on the contrary, he begins to reject all the possibilities of constructive activity associated with the Planet, then after a while he will feel that the energy available in him does not find a satisfying outlet for him and stagnates, which over time can lead to depression, a feeling of his own inferiority or a sharp disharmonious energy surges, for example, aggression or accidents (aggression of the external environment). From the point of view of inner life, this aspect makes it possible to increase the frequencies of one’s own energy, which occurs as a result of the interaction and visible adaptation of the subconscious programs associated with the Planet, and energy, in particular, ancient instincts, which as a result acquire a more civilized form. Here, elaboration makes it possible to direct the destructive and low energy of the outside world into a constructive framework. For example, a well-developed sextile Mars – Pluto can provide an educator who works with antisocial teenagers.

Het Monster. Aspects of

Spiritual energy, sharpness of mind. The main quality is determination. They say what they think. They work purposefully and productively. They know their business well.

Catherine Aubier. Astrological Dictionary

Trine, sextile: Mind and energy work together to achieve as much as possible. Head and Legs live in harmony.

Various sources for a child’s horoscope

Your child is given both a sharp mind and great spiritual energy. He shows a desire to learn and learning will be easy for him. He can write beautifully. His mind is always ready to accept new discoveries, regardless of what is already open, and therefore he sometimes makes hasty judgments. He probably loves to argue, compete and prove the superiority of his views. At the same time, he knows how to clearly state his point of view.



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