1. In California, a study on teen use, using data from the California Healthy Kids Survey, suggested minimal effects of legalization on adolescent use levels, and in fact a “striking” decline in marijuana use among the state’s youth. But another study, which looked at data from the same survey one year later, found that legalization was associated with significant increases in both lifetime and past-30-day teen marijuana use. In just the past six months, every cannabis-related ballot measure put to voters last November passed — including those in conservative Mississippi, Montana, and South Dakota — and state legislatures in New York, New Mexico, and Virginia have approved bills to legalize cannabis for recreational use. That’s a lot of action. So much so, in fact, that there are now fewer states that have not legalized THC for either medicinal or recreational purposes (12), than there are that have given their residents a green light to smoke up at their leisure (18). https://www.creativejuices7.com/Forum/profile/helenashe82308/ Aside from all the benefits, usefulness, and diversity, cannabis tends to be the single most greatest family of plants that has ever existed. It has given opportunity to grow, uplift and relax when necessary. No other plant can boast so huge and positive effect as it has had on the people who have consumed it At TOKE, it’s our goal to ensure that when you purchase cannabis from our store, that you’re also provided with accurate and detailed information about cannabis. Cannabis is a substance that should be used with caution and safety, with the user understanding its effects on the mind and body before consuming. A person’s size may affect how they are affected by cannabis. While much more research is needed to know for sure, it seems that a person’s body fat may be a determining factor for how long THC stays in their system; the more body fat, the longer the cannabis stays.


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