Mercury in the 9th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Interest in philosophy, jurisprudence, higher education. Decisions are made from ethical and moral considerations, as well as practicality. These are teachers and professors, religious mentors. They love to travel, they love distant countries, they are not afraid of distances to learn new things. You are characterized by an indefatigable thirst for knowledge, wisdom and an ever greater expansion of your understanding of life. You are an eternal student, busy with higher education, philosophy and religion. In addition, you are interested in jurisprudence, broadcasting, publishing, as well as in the field of various kinds of communications. You are also not indifferent to traveling the world and exploring other cultures.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person does not notice obvious facts, but he filters out the meaningful in the general flow of information well. Busy with ideology. Any communication leads to broadening one’s horizons. Spends a lot of time in general philosophical abstract reasoning. The analytical mind interacts well with abstract thinking. This is an ideologue of pragmatism, a theoretical scientist. Long distance communication. Long-distance telephone communication. Email.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Ideally, it is better to be smart than ideally smart. Mercury in the 9th house in a symbolic confinement. Here a person thinks of his ideal “I” and receives instructions from him also in the form of thoughts, which is not very natural, but it is convenient in specific life situations. The ideal is formed by a person in many respects with the help of thought forms, i.e. during mental meditations, in-depth reflections on what he wants to be, which is quite dangerous and can lead to strong distortions, since the core of the ideal should be a certain spiritual aspiration, and mental speculations by themselves can lead anywhere; in addition, a tendency to disputes and arguments is possible when interacting with the ideal, which is also undesirable: you need to create for yourself, albeit with great difficulty, the ideal “I”, but then obey it unconditionally, and if the ideal is imperfect, remake it, and not enter in the discussion. Working out makes it possible to conduct in very strict accordance with the ideal, which, in turn, will reveal an outstanding mind. Great mental interest in the philosophical understanding of one’s life, religious philosophy, distant countries and cultures, but the expansion of essential consciousness is difficult, since a person prefers to expand, but not to rebuild the mental picture of the world; emotional and existential, he tends to leave completely unchanged (a manifestation of the protection of the psyche), which leads to mental profanation, sometimes very strong. The study here follows the path of adopting the theses “To understand is to change oneself”, as well as “Knowledge is skill.” Relationships with spiritual teachers and students also go through a strong mental filter, which greatly complicates them, at least until the third level of elaboration of Mercury.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This person will be lucky in his studies, he will have high-ranking friends. Can practice the Vaishnava religion (worship of Krishna). His name is mentioned in print and he receives money through advertising. These people can make money by traveling or transporting goods by sea. They speak well, have a penchant for charity. The father of such a person may be widely known.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Teachers, professors, good historians, astrologers. They love distant countries, their culture. With bad Mercury – dogmatism, arrogance, “scientific sectarianism”. With good, especially with aspects with high planets, the gift of prediction, prophecy.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Conceptual structures. The position of Mercury in the 9th house suggests that you collect abstract systems, just like other people collect stamps, and construct a network that connects these systems together. Like nothing else, you love good old home discussion, preferably debate. As long as the conversation remains lively, it doesn’t matter at all the position you defend. The pitfalls are numerous. Your thinking is extremely fluid, but not always logical, and often you generate very extensive conclusions based only on poor experience. You would like to know everything, but not being able to cover all areas, you chew on a certain topic over and over again. For all occasions, you have the answer. As a master of rationalization, you are capable of impromptu “throw out” a convenient and profitable “philosophy.” The task is to become a real librarian of philosophical knowledge. A perspective in the field of culture. You cannot help but study too hard, absorb too much, travel too far. Everything that you come in contact with is connected to something else – your mind becomes a central switch. Long-distance communication is right for you; often even a phone will be enough. All means of communication are of interest to you: magazines, travel brochures, foreign films – anything that can feed the curiosity of the mind. You are interested in the Brain of the Earth, you want to make sure that your nervous system is firmly connected to the communication network that enmeshes the entire globe. You see outsiders as potential friends, as a new outpost for your network. You strive to expand in everything at once and in nothing in particular. Higher education. You probably do not strive to acquire knowledge only in a certain educational structure, you are not inclined to explore any specific area of knowledge. It is much more likely that you take an interest in a variety of fields of education, taking a little from one area, a little from another; it is more like an inspection than an in-depth study. This desire for versatile learning is modified by the position of the Sun in the natal chart. If it is in the 10th house, then a narrower specialization is possible, or at least the subordination of your impulses to learning to a single goal, the use of knowledge only in the field of a career. If the Sun is in the 9th house, then your mental interests are broader. If it is in the 8th house, both are possible, everything will be determined by other factors. The challenge is to remember that dialogue is more important than pure learning. Learning is most successful in interaction and two-way communication, in the life exchange of inspiration and motives. The search for truth. You are fascinated by the variety of forms of truth. It is natural for you to explore all the branches of the river, realizing that each one eventually flows into the sea. You grasp the information with the eye of the mind, examining it from different angles, squeezing and stretching, exploring changes in its form, cutting it into thousands of pieces, looking for differences, contradictions and paradoxes. You are not reaching the final product, the complete truth. You stay in the laboratory again and again, checking, cleaning, experimenting. It is more natural for you to talk about the search for truth than to express it directly. The task is to convey to us those structures through which we could gain wisdom. Truth is an endless source of curiosity, a continuous exploration, the ideal society. You idealize a society where people learn to effectively express their own thoughts. Depending on the sign in which Mercury is located and on the state of the Sun, you believe either in open access to information or in strong control over information; the former is more likely than the latter. However, in any case, free movement from place to place would always be allowed. A perfect society would be in a constant state of flux. As the ruler of the world, you would be the main information hub, connected to everything and everyone, but still mobile, exploring your kingdom.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

He is a sincerely religious person, interested in getting a good education, loving philosophy and willingly studying the culture and religion of other countries and peoples. He loves to travel and is fluent in many foreign languages. May be successful as an advertising creator, university lecturer, historian and educational anthropologist. Intuition is so strongly developed that sometimes many consider him clairvoyant. With the wrong use of energy, such a person is under the pressure of doubts, because of which they can become too dogmatic, stubborn and harsh in judgments, as well as show a tendency to frequent changes of point of view. It is better for him to live separately from relatives, since when living together, there are likely to be many disagreements. Such a person seeks to obtain academic degrees and high-profile titles. His mind is always occupied with the dominant ideas in jurisprudence, metaphysics, and spiritual psychology. His decisions are based on sound pragmatism based on moral considerations. Beliefs are supported by facts that the person himself considers extremely important. Such an individual is not afraid of overcoming great distances if it helps him to learn something fundamentally new. Often such people become religious guides or sect gurus. With favorable horoscope indicators, the gift of prophecy is possible. The mind is original, skillful and diligent. The gift of literature is combined with a passion for art and a love of knowledge. Such a person loves to comprehend the hidden meaning of parables, legends and traditions. Success in publishing is possible. He reads a lot, is often busy with literary creativity, accumulates knowledge from everywhere, and of a very different nature. With the wrong use of energy, he suffers from the contradictions that exist between his versatile interests, and scatters his forces, doing many things at once, instead of preventing the dissipation of energy, focus on one thing and complete it. He has a healthy commercial streak, is somewhat hasty and easily makes promises that are difficult for him to keep after. Has good inclinations necessary for the application of spiritual practices. Negative character development makes him indecisive and treacherous. Overcriticality, a tendency to puritanism and a desire to lead the movement of fanatics are possible. Often such people become successful astrologers, good writers, original mathematicians and successful doctors. The mind is active and practical. With the defeat of the planet, there is a tendency to stupid trips and wasting time and energy. Development of consistency, rigor and self-control is very important. The gift of foresight must be developed, otherwise it degenerates into empty projection. Success in psychology and sociology is possible. It is very important to supplement your own intuitions with rigorous scientific facts and broad conceptual knowledge.


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