Mercury in the 8th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Greater dependence on rational thinking and distrust of one’s own, sufficiently developed intuition. Strong susceptibility and susceptibility to external emotional attack. It is necessary to listen to the inner voice and not give vent to sarcasm. Interest in public money, taxes, insurance, inheritance, work in this area. A penchant for trivial secrets, especially about information they think is important. They love riddles, intrigues, read or write detective stories. Do not forget grudges. You are fascinated by everything mysterious and unknown, and you can do research in the field of the supernatural, hidden and forbidden. You need to know what’s going on behind the scenes. You are also interested in economics, political and social forces, big business, and the motives and forces behind the façade of society.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives insight, interest in everything mysterious, research ability. A person has very intense thinking, he deeply concentrates during intellectual work. He is inclined to adhere to extremist opinions, formulates his thoughts in a very harsh form. Has the ability to enter into communicative relationships with entities of other orders; decrypt, extract information from hidden sources. Good position for an accountant, financier, employee of a notary office. Mercury in this house is often found in the charts of biologists, physiologists, psychologists, occultists.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Death is not that inexplicable, it is too existential. The thought of this person will be attracted by acute situations and tense situations, and with a strong VIII house – by the problems of transition to another world and further wanderings of the soul. Such thoughts will be dictated not only by pure interest, but also by specific life circumstances associated with birth, death or changes in the main egregors (family, work, social circle), which will require an understanding of what is happening in order to solve very specific problems. With a strong Mercury, a person will be inclined to treat marginal states too mentally, profaning what is happening with too rough schemes, while his system of concepts and ideas is clearly weak for even an approximate description of what is happening. The latter also applies to people who have mastered the elements of the occult and magical view of the world, since any transition of a person from egregor to egregor is accompanied by profound changes in the psyche, and the result is always unpredictable, and the process of transition itself is shrouded in a cloud of mystery (the symbolic ruler of the VIII house is Scorpio), to comprehend which the rational mind cannot. Working out gives the ability to manage oneself and, to some extent, external circumstances in borderline positions and tense situations, using the power of thought, foresight and mental programming of the future (the latter in most cases is an act of black magic, since it limits the freedom of creativity in the life of both the person himself and part The universe). Psychological crises are often expressed in a violation of thinking abilities, in particular, negative mental meditations, when the same thought is played over and over again, without bringing any results, but taking away the last strength. The defeat of Mercury can give a tendency to depressive-destructive thinking, constant thoughts about death, etc. Working out is difficult, because it requires changes, first of all, in life positions, and only after that the thinking patterns are adjusted. Collective ethics are understood and expressed too rationally; and therefore it is often wrong: subtleties and nuances are important here, and although outwardly slogans are most often heard, you need to learn to understand them correctly (in the spirit of the team), and not literally. When a person learns this, he can become a major ideologist, and if there are additional instructions in the map, then a financial tycoon. A person has great abilities for mental control of psychic energy, the power of suggestion (but also suggestibility), the ability to manipulate the will of people; but at the same time there is a risk of being at the mercy of a person whose natal Sun is in conjunction with Mercury of the owner of the horoscope.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

A person with Mercury in this house can expect a significant life expectancy, good education, happiness, thanks to the study of mystical knowledge, a small number of children, inheritance, early separation from his marriage partner. Nervous complaints, a tendency to speak ill of others, a small number of close friends, and knowledge of reincarnation are also to be expected.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Interest in occult sciences, especially with aspects to Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. They love riddles, intrigues; often read or write detective stories themselves. Death from nervous system disorders or respiratory disease. Often they work as investigators or in general in areas related to other people’s secrets.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Union. The more contacts, the closer you come to your intimate world. However, interactions do not have to be based on full agreement. Although conflict in relationships is unnatural to symbolize the position of many planets in the 8th house, here it contributes to your excitement. Because disagreements are purely mental, not emotional, the relationship becomes more intimate. However, don’t rely too much on ideas in which you and your partner differ. Also, remember the tendency to talk about intimacy without sacrificing anything for true union. The challenge is to use the connection of your mind to the mind of another person as a kind of “intuition radar lock”, showing you the path to the real merging of your souls. Transformation. Your thoughts bring you to the border of self-understanding of your personality, and while it may seem strange – that your brain is taking you outside of itself – it really is the most natural process in the world for you. Develop the vision of a scientist, explore all the transformation processes taking place in the world around you. Ask people about the significance of the change to them, learn the language of the change, and put yourself in the same conditions. And remember, just thinking about transformation is not enough. What you have learned and learned, you need to bring into your own life, shift the focus from scientist to guinea pig. After all, you yourself are your best experiment. The starting point is easy: learn the transformation syntax with your rational mind. The real trick lies in your mind’s ability to teach your heart Sexual fusion. Your nervous system is sensitive to sexual contact. It is intertwined with the nervous system of a loved one. The excitement is indeed buried in a vast network of neural sensors that eventually combine in the brain. Talking is often sexier than touching because you want to blend in with the mind of your loved one. You move quickly enough from a state of activity to a state of passivity and vice versa, and although this may delight your beloved, it can equally prevent the steady build-up of tension necessary for release. Sexual feelings can arise suddenly, even in the wrong setting. You are equally capable of thinking about a joke immediately after the climax of a sexual relationship, and needless to say, such thoughts spoil the mood. Satisfy your curiosity about crossing Niagara Falls in a barrel – your mind is a barrel and your sexual energy is a waterfall. Focused intuition. You are not so much a highly intuitive person as one who is very interested in intuitive experience. Intuition is an invisible and highly uncertain process. and although you have all the means to be physically sensitive, it is not easy for you to fully open up to your strength. You stand on the sidelines, wanting to test intuition, to confirm it rationally and objectively. The trap is simple discussion and talk about opportunities, not actually using your intuition. The challenge is to tune your nervous system so that you can hear other people’s thinking, or at least discern the patterns of their thoughts, if not the words themselves. Your mind is busy with incessant accounting calculations, shifting resources, reshuffling assets. It can be a completely natural experience, recharging your nervous system, in which case you enjoy the change, or weakening the nervous system, and then you gradually exhaust yourself with imaginary crises. It’s not how much you have, but how you manage the property. Put money into circulation – both your own and the money of other people that you manage. Realize how wonderful it is to spend a significant portion of your time thinking about resources, for dealing with money and possessions is a game you need to recharge. The essence of the problem is not to gain and lose, but to play.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

This is a mysterious and very perceptive person with extrasensory abilities and subtly developed intuition, which is why he is prone to passion for esotericism. He can be cunning and sarcastic, able to get pleasure from intrigue and backstage machinations. Knows how to manage other people’s property, skillfully manage the work of others, and therefore often turns out to be a successful bank employee and successfully deals with operations related to taxation and insurance. This aspect is conducive to politics, not in the context of managing people, but in terms of helping and supporting them. Such a person receives the first sexual experience in early youth. The death of loved ones can deeply hurt his heart. The misuse of energy makes him a brawler. He should avoid smoking as his lungs need a lot of oxygen. He is inclined to engage in trivial secrets and considers any secret information as very significant only because it is closed from others. Likes to make secret plans and invent all kinds of tricks and practical jokes. Loves detective stories, loves intrigue and riddles. He is able to unravel the secret motivations of other people’s actions, so he always gets to the bottom of the issue. The death of relatives and friends often forces him to withdraw from his familiar place and go on a journey. Inheritance can come in the form of important documents and secret information. When overstrained, the nervous system is quickly depleted. Improper use of energy contributes to the development of rancor, vengefulness and resentment. Then he is inclined to spread rumors, and he himself may suffer from slander. Serious quarrels and disagreements with the life partner in connection with the use of his money are possible. Such people show considerable anxiety in connection with the arrangement of the financial affairs of others. They often study with interest the literature on the afterlife and life extension. They meet death in clear consciousness and sound mind. Ideas and plans are built and implemented mainly for personal purposes, often at the expense of other people and society as a whole. Sober calculation, naked prudence and a cold mind prevail. Mismanaging a partner’s financial affairs can lead to a loss of legal action. In his youth, such a person often stands on the brink of death.