Mercury in the 7th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Striving for the exchange of thoughts and spiritual cooperation. They love to work with partners. Dexterous in dealing with the public, they can be sellers, engage in social work, jurisprudence, are interested in the thoughts of people. Marry intellectuals. Marriages with an employee, a relative. You often engage in exchange of views, discussions, discussions, giving advice, negotiating, sending or receiving messages, and sharing information. You are drawn to outgoing and intelligent people with whom you can communicate and from whom you can learn. You love to have an audience that shares your ideas and, in turn, appreciate the eloquence of others.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person is successfully engaged in intellectual activity in dialogue, is serious about communication; has a ton of contacts, although they are not very deep. In marriage, calculation prevails over feelings. A person is looking for a partner of a sociable, intellectual profession, quick mind, with humor. Marriage is often early, but unstable if the spouses have different intellectual development.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The purpose of military memoirs is not the restoration of the truth, but the secondary destruction of the enemy. This person will fight with his rational mind; at a low level, he will fight his own stupidity. Outwardly, it may look different. For example, Mercury can materialize in the form of an enemy, from which, in an amicable way, one would have to learn intelligence, logic, speech or, in extreme cases, dexterity in business, but a person perceives him as a competitor or adversary who has completely antagonistic goals and is subject only to extermination or exile. Nevertheless, in the course of a war, a person will have to learn to think and combine (sometimes trick and deceive), which, at the middle level, is its meaning for him. A variant is possible when Mercury, as an enemy, materializes in the form of an academic subject, and then a person at the beginning hates him with all his soul, he does badly at the sight of teaching aids and a teacher, etc. Then you need to change the emphasis of learning, making it less mental (immersion, for example, strongly includes the element of water), but the main thing is to understand that you need to overcome a certain internal obstacle, suppress the activity of an internal enemy that interferes with thinking in general or prescribes thinking only in certain, well-learned forms is a program for protecting the subconscious, tuned specifically against unnecessary (from its point of view) knowledge, including mental blocking, and you need to learn how to manage it. As a partner, this person will show liveliness of mind, combinational abilities, perhaps dexterity in business, and he likes partners with the same qualities; on occasion, he can cleverly shift responsibility for a misconduct or just part of the responsibilities to a partner, but if Mercury, the VII house and the card as a whole are not severely affected, he will not abuse this.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This is an intelligent, spiritual person, loved by other people, able to speak convincingly. These people dress well, get married early, and have at least some business success. They change jobs or marriage partners repeatedly. They travel all over the world, they have skillful hands, they are capable of doing things that require attention to detail.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

They like to work with partners, not alone. Dexterous in dealing with the public. Marry intellectuals. With good aspects – judges, lawyers, businessmen. With bad – difficulties in communication, disagreements in marriage, non-compliance with agreements; the partner is insincere, indecisive, often younger. Marriage with an employee, relative.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Reflected awareness. The position of Mercury in the 7th house suggests that interactions are the “triggering mechanism” of a person’s thinking. You cannot turn on mental activity on your own. But connecting with other people stimulates your mind, develops rational abilities that allow you to deal with your own puzzles. Naturally, you will be attracted to people whom you consider intelligent or bright thinkers. The trap is a kind of unintentional plagiarism. Do not adopt the style of thinking of another person, regardless of his grace and brilliance. The challenge is to use the stimulation of thought through partnerships to develop thought forms that you can call your own. You connect with other people through your own curiosity; you spend a lot of time thinking about partnerships. The trap, curious enough, is communication difficulties. You are often too passive to contact your partner. You wait for contact, all the time thinking about it, exhausted, but hoping that your partner will be the first to take the initiative. If you want a relationship to be lively, interesting, and exciting, then you should stimulate it, rather than wait for it to excite you. The task is to study relationships between people. Explore every relationship in your own life and in the life that is happening around you. Learn how they work, why some are successful while others fall apart. Become an Expert Contracts, Commitments. You enter into a contract only after a comprehensive analysis. You consider every opportunity, explore the relationship from all sides, before making a lasting agreement. But even signing a contract doesn’t calm your mind. You like the small details of the contracts being developed; you are fascinated by the very structure of the agreement. And while it may sound paradoxical, the disagreement fascinates you equally, at least in terms of stimulating the nervous system. The trap – the amount of information is limitless, and you try to take into account every factor. The challenge is to do the analysis first, but then remember the importance of making a decision. Each phase of the process is required. One phase without the other is not only unproductive but boring; this distinction is the cause of broken agreements and broken partnerships. You submit yourself not so much to cooperation as to endless negotiations. You are not always inclined to cooperate, but you are always ready to discuss the possibility of cooperation, sometimes ad infinitum. You are more excited by differences than by commonalities. The trap is an endless series of negotiations, agreeing on rules, defining exceptions, discussing what has already been decided, etc., without embarking on productive collaboration. However, you are impressed by logical reasoning, you can be convinced by eloquence, so remember the task – to draw attention to yourself, to return to yourself, otherwise you will later find yourself creating something with which you disagree. Partners or partnerships. Your natural partner has an active, strong intellect; this person is curious, excitable and sociable. Your companion / must have a highly developed intelligence, at least in your eyes, and must be interested in a wide range of events in people’s lives. Natural partnerships are mobile in nature with the mobility of a ball of mercury. They should allow you to freely associate, have many friends, be socializing and be a source of mental stimulation, directing your mind to new, exciting areas that you previously had no idea about. The image is a fast car racing through the lanes and wide boulevards of a crowded city.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

The relationship with your partner is supposed to be respectful and sincere. Marriage will be more a matter of reason than of heart. Many marriages are possible. Either family life begins early, or it goes with a young partner. Such a person is inclined to choose a smart, talented and witty life partner. In general, people play an important role in his existence, and he himself is very sociable. The aspect favors the work of a consultant, in the field of psychology and jurisprudence, as well as professions associated with public speaking. There may be some grumbling and excessive concern about the partner’s opinion. You should try to solve legal problems without going to court. Any document to be signed should be scrutinized before committing itself. Such a person seeks to exchange thoughts and spiritual cooperation with a partner. He loves to work with colleagues, is dexterous in dealing with the public, can engage in trade and social activities. Such people are not only interested in the thoughts of others, but also tend to choose a purely intellectual partner. They are fortunate as judges and mediators. Misuse of energy creates communication difficulties, disagreements in marriage, non-compliance with agreements and misunderstandings with a partner. In this case, the partner may be insincere, indecisive, or overly young. Possible marriage with a colleague or relative. In public service, such a person achieves significant success, possessing a knack for literally all matters related to the public. He is lucky as a writer, gravitates towards wise people. Perhaps the partner will be malicious and conflicted, excessive criticism from him is not excluded. Trips and journeys will be marked by unexpected, bright encounters with interesting people. There is a tendency to enter into fictitious marriages. For all the activity and richness, married life does not bring happiness if it is not possible to master the energies of the aspect. Such a person will be especially successful in co-authorship and collaboration with young people. It is very important to adhere to strict moral standards and lead an orderly lifestyle, since the aspect predisposes to the opposite.


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