Mercury in the 6th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Special knowledge and skills that help in the profession. They work thoroughly and methodically, always up to date with the latest achievements of science and technology. Favorable location for medicine, engineering, science. Taking care of debt, personal hygiene. The subtlety of feelings, hence the intolerance of disorder. The tendency to rework everything, improve. You use your mind to organize, classify, and bring order to your environment. You are interested in improving your technical skills and abilities and are very attentive to detail. You are very likely to have organizational and secretarial skills, training others in your area of expertise and, in general, work that includes training and information exchange.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

The main problem and reason for a person’s ailments is preoccupation with small things (if there are no cases, he will invent them). You should either learn to solve problems quickly and well, or ignore some problems. A person cannot take up a large business (“I will finish a few small ones and then I’ll do it”). Breathing exercises and gymnastics in general can help a person to improve their health. The small intestine is often out of order, so a diet is needed, and Mercury is a diet master, a nutritionist. Such people make good healers. Professions: doctor, signalman, transport worker, journalist, commentator, salesman. At home, it keeps not very large living creatures that support communication: talking parrots and other birds.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The wolf’s legs are fed. Mercury in the 6th house is a symbolic ruler. At a low level of working out the situation, this person is inclined to talk about how to work, causing strong irritation to the people who actually do this work. In general, this position of Mercury in the VI house gives professions related to movement, trade, conversation, information exchange and management. At a higher level, these are intelligent professions, where the main tool is thought, rational reasoning: engineers, critics, observers, scientists, etc. The defeat of Mercury gives a terrible fuss of thoughts, deeds and circumstances that impede normal work, and this is not accidental: a person needs to learn mental concentration and control of his work, overcoming the chaos of outer life. At a low level, this chaos overwhelms, offering a person a thousand things at once and not allowing him to complete any of them, or even to understand what, in fact, is required of him. At a high level, this person learns the mental management of energy, which gives an outstanding organizer and practitioner in any area (details will show the position of Mercury in the chart, especially the planet standing with him in the most accurate major aspect). This person’s health is strongly influenced by his way of thinking; he can get sick from too much negative thinking, especially marking time in one place with a lot of energy loss (negative mental meditations); conversely, the right way of thinking, focusing on the idea of healing and restoring a normally functioning body, promotes healing. When this person is healthy, he is very active (sometimes to the point of fussiness) and efficient, especially quick thinking and inclined to chatter (if the Ascendant and the signs where Mercury and the VI house stand) do not contradict.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This position is a sign of competitiveness or passion for something, perseverance at work, living alone, or a love of solitude. These people have breaks in their education, travel abroad, and participate in humanitarian projects. They are interested in religion, law, write well, and are adept at research or computer skills. Classical texts say that they should beware of pride and show off. Mercury in this house indicates a struggle with many enemies.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

They work in medicine, mathematics, any precise and sophisticated field. The tendency to recycle everything, improve it. Always aware of the latest achievements in science and technology.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Illness and treatment. You are physically vulnerable to classic nervous disorders. The term “misunderstanding” becomes very important in this case, because errors in perception or thinking are responsible for patterns of behavior that lead to malfunctions of the body or physical disorders. Sometimes this is caused by the work of the brain, and sometimes by the person himself. The trap is to notice every imperfection, eventually becoming pessimistic or bringing up a bad character. The task is to collect and analyze data about any situation (including taking care of yourself), keeping an eye on the objective, and concentrating on the inner gaze on restoring and maintaining integrity. Disease is a malfunction in the organization of the functioning of the body, and treatment involves renewing the understanding of its work – creating the right connections and connections. In this case, the acceptance of inequality in relationships is less significant than for the position in this house of other planets. You notice the existence of inequality not in the sphere of general interaction, but in the sphere of communication. You especially notice differences in intelligence and education of people. The trap is suppression of yourself, because others seem to you to be smarter or more eloquent. The challenge is to use your mind to register the differences in status and authority that exist in all social relationships. Duty and Service. Service is connected with the use of mental faculties or with the sphere of communication. Solving logic puzzles, solving problems, decoding situations – all this comes naturally to you. The abilities of your mind manifest themselves in the analysis of situations in the external world, concerning both people and “machines.” The last word needs to be enclosed in quotation marks because the machines you love to take apart and reassemble can be machines in the literal sense of the word – metal, plastic, screws and bolts, or figuratively – like the mechanics of social interactions. In any case, you are constantly looking for flaws, loose parts or non-functioning blocks. The challenge is to heal your own mind by helping others solve problems. Providing help, you comprehend the structure and principle of work of objects and relationships, but do not forget that the desire to help can subdue you. Remember, if something isn’t broken, don’t touch it, don’t fix it. Don’t even take it apart. If something goes wrong, study its design, figure out how it works, and restore it to work. Technical thinking. You have an urge to organize, an inexhaustible curiosity about the functioning of objects. You have such qualities as: isolation, neutrality, almost computer-like sensitivity. You process vast amounts of information, constructing complex patterns of cognition, you create them in part because you enjoy the endless stimulation of thinking. Your analysis branches into many streams, and mental processes do not stop for a moment in any of the branches. The trap is the tendency to postpone final conclusions and instead engage in continuous calculations. Challenge – Your research needs to be pragmatic and you need to learn to experience satisfaction with problem solving through clear analysis and critical thinking Discipline and patterns. Regularity is not as important to you as variety. You need an active program that meets your daily need to deal with many things. Productivity itself is not as important as the process of having problems to deal with, puzzles to be solved. As with all levels of analysis of the position of Mercury in the house, the position of the Sun can significantly modify your attitude towards discipline. The task is to be busy, but to see the final goal with one eye.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person is practical, reserved, systematic and very observant. His actions are effective, he loves mental work, is interested in education, health care, literature, medicine and hygiene. Gravitates towards design and engineering specialties. Hardworking and efficient, but tends to be overwhelmed at work. The aspect favors commerce, secretarial work, and systematic event planning. Often such people have many professions and are constantly immersed in work. Excessive excitement is possible, which is bad for your well-being. Most of the diseases of such a person are of a psychosomatic nature. You need to pay special attention to proper nutrition. Such a person easily acquires secret knowledge and masters professional skills. He works thoroughly and methodically and is always familiar with the latest advances in science and technology concerning his profession. General intelligence is high. He tends to take care of his comfort and adhere to the rules of personal hygiene. Refinement of perception determines the intolerance of disorder. Living in chaos can lead to severe mental illness. There is a tendency towards processing, improvement and transformation of semi-finished products into the final product, be it information, energy or substance. Such people should avoid pathogenic factors that adversely affect health, overestimation of insignificant details and an overly critical attitude towards everything. Subordinates and colleagues bring such a person a lot of minor worries and troubles. His intellect is prone to excessive stress and weakening from excessive worry and overwork. With exhaustion of mental activity and elementary fatigue of the mind, he tends to fall under the influence of surrounding persons and conditions. If the planet is damaged, serious disturbances in the development of intelligence and the nervous system are possible. Usually these people turn out to be good accountants and excellent performers. It is difficult for them to be leaders, as there are many fears and concerns. A clear mind and intelligence are surprisingly combined with a tendency to lie on occasion. If such a person has a responsible post with broad independence, then often he will be on the verge of bankruptcy, therefore it is more expedient to cooperate with other figures, or go under the authority of a major leader. Such people become successful scientists, lawyers, translators and traders. This aspect tends to “wander in the three pines”, forcing confusion in their own affairs and responsibilities, which creates unnecessary nervousness. At the same time, it facilitates adaptation to different occupations and enhances dexterity and agility in the craft. Wit is combined with resourcefulness and extensive knowledge. The main problem of such a person is external and internal anxiety, a tendency to deception and vain fears. The defeat of the planet contributes to the fragmentation of interests and goals, predisposes to confusion and ambiguity, to confusion and turmoil, to hassle with subordinates and losses from fraudsters. Travel and travel makes sense to undertake to promote health.


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