Mercury in the 5th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Intellectual interest in artistic, creative pursuits. Many art critics and writers, especially playwrights. Pulls towards directions in art, which contains information that serves as a means of teaching and propaganda. They love chess, preference and other card games. Financial professionals monitor the market. They care about the intellectual development of their children, are proud of them. You like puzzles and games that challenge you intellectually. You like to demonstrate your ability to master words and intellect, to use your mind in a creative, constructive way. You would love to be a writer, a spoken actor, or otherwise show your creative intelligence.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives creativity associated with mental work, writing, speech. A person seeks to find a rational grain in any entertainment, holiday, to benefit from a situation of free time, puts entertainment under the control of the mind. Almost imperceptible to external information, does not listen to what he is told. Courtship, writes letters. Romantic acquaintances in libraries, in transport, at fairs. There can be rationalism in love. Weak emotional contact with children.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The peddler. Mercury in the 5th house is in a symbolic fall. In general, the fall of the planet in the house does not mean its weakness, but the difficulty of working at home (Mercury in the V house in Aquarius is much stronger than Mercury in the XI house in Leo). Mercury in the V house means a role in which the most important thing is not the inner content, but the words that a person says, or the functions (usually communication functions) that he performs. It is difficult to be a great courier – it requires that the message or sender is appropriate in value. Working out gives the announcer, commentator, orator; with mystical abilities – a medium capable of talking with the souls of the dead, or telepathic abilities, especially with Mercury in the sign of water. At a high level of development, a person can be a conduit for mental Divine revelations – prophets, saints. At the middle level, when neatly embodied in an image, he turns out to be endowed with a well-hung tongue – you just need to carefully separate it from yourself, since what the image will say can be very different from his own thoughts – this position of Mercury gives inborn demagogues. In love, this does not interfere, you just need to try to avoid common cliches, say, instead of telling your loved one how extraordinary he is, to show, on the contrary, his social stereotypes and outline ways to overcome them.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

He is an educated person, a talented researcher, capable of calculating, a good writer or advisor. Caring for the education of others, such people speak in public and communicate with those who have a lot of influence in society. These people are fickle, good athletes and players, often occupying positions in management. They may have many children; they love astrology and are devoted to reciting mantras and prayers.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Interest in creative pursuits. Good writers, critics, playwrights, teachers, artists. They love smart games: chess, preference. They take care of the intellectual development of their children. With bad aspects – stupid speculation, vanity.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Conscious person. The position of Mercury in the 5th house indicates that you are an actor of the mind, a person prone to mental pyrotechnics or verbal gymnastics. In your performance, every message is presented to the audience as at a press conference; you will realize that words are the most creative part of your action. The pitfalls are mental vanity and pedantic humiliation, while the task is to develop a charismatic and conscious perception of the mind and its presentation. Romance, giving love. Where it comes to love, you are a poet, a magician of words. The courtship process is between minds, and what is said is much more important than what is done. Love flares up extremely quickly, because the nervous system instantly responds to the ringing call of romance. However, on levels other than the mental, love can be cold, and this is a persistent trap. The key concepts here are incentives and images; flirtation of the mind is transformed into art. The task, of course, is to penetrate deeply into the thoughts of a loved one, comprehending both your thoughts about him, and his thoughts about everything. In order to win the heart, you must charm the mind. Sexy spectacle. The act of love is something that you think about before, during and after. The technique of performance is of great importance, and your brain is constantly busy developing scenarios for the sexual performance. Communication is just as important as contact, and often even more, because for you the creation of love is like a “dance of the mind.” Relationships are characterized by the liveliness of mercury; it is an atmosphere of weak detachment from the act itself, as if you were a photographer registering an event. And, like a photographer, you go from image to image, snatching out the ideal pose, and then again continue the search. Mercury does not look at, does not savor the details, but creates a rapidly changing collection of images, so the trap is subtle sexual perversion. The challenge is to first satisfy the need for stimulation of your nervous system with beautiful images, and then direct this beauty to your loved one. Personal creativity. Your mind gets involved in any creative process. However, the position of Mercury in this house is not enough, which indicates the full use of your mind. Instead, the emphasis here is on quickness of perception, ease of use of words and wit. The sign of the planet and aspects to it are especially important when analyzing your motivation and creative style. For example, you can be lightheaded and playful, presenting pleasure as the main product of your creativity, or you can be serious and focused when working on creative projects that require complex schematics and strategies. The task is to create new ways of communication with emotional spaces. Competition. Competition excites your nervous system. Mental competition stimulates you, you enjoy mental gymnastics. This is where you are most exposed to verbal risk, which often arises in complex logic games and games with intricate strategy. The trap – “pouring from empty to empty”, not being able to do the real thing, you can spread about how confident and determined you rush into risky activities, but in reality it will be just a play on words. The task is to conquer people not by their external brilliance, but to take possession of them in all aspects of life so that you can continue playing.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

The thinking of such a person is creative and very dramatic, he is eloquent and somewhat despotic, shows a tendency to deception and speculation, the mind is willingly interested in sex, pleasure and works of art. He loves children, but is not inclined to take excessive care of them. He is attracted to anything that develops mental abilities, for example, chess and linguistic games. Education is very important, can be very stubborn and arrogant. Lucky as an actor, playwright, teacher or film critic. Shows broad intellectual interests in artistic and creative pursuits. He is willingly interested in informational teaching and propaganda tools. Orally and in writing, he is able to express himself vividly. Wants everyone to admire him for his intellectual ability. He is inclined to card games, he can be an expert in financial and stock exchange affairs, closely following the situation on the market. He takes care of the intellectual development of his children and is proud of them. Romantically attracted to smart people who inspire him. Overly critical of love, intellectual vanity, and big losses in ill-conceived speculation are possible. Such a person prefers refined pleasures and rather intellectual than physical pleasures. He prefers the joy of the mind to sense gratification. Excessive instability in contacts and affairs is possible. Often such people become successful traders, astrology promoters or school teachers. They are active on stage and dramatic in life. They willingly participate in noisy trials, conduct public discussions, are prone to falling into loud scandals. They adore gambling enterprises and adventures, quickly agree to participate in risky ventures and interesting experiments. They are prone to extramarital affairs. Intellectual oversaturation is possible, as a result of which a person becomes overly talkative and extremely confused in judgments and decisions. Aspect promotes inventive, design and rationalization activities. Favors tricks, gimmicks and cunning in everyday affairs. Frequent winnings in the lottery and a benevolent attitude of society towards the petty mischief of such a person are possible. Prudence and prudence are often manifested in love, excessive anxiety about one’s own children is possible.