Mercury in the 4th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Intellectual and educational work in the family, often these are the children of educated parents. They love to explore the family tree and history. Often their home is a workplace. They often collect a large library, spend a lot of time with their families, doing intellectual pursuits. Interest in land and agriculture, in science, geology, ecology. There are many changes in the house, moving, life on wheels. You have an introspective mindset, you may like to keep a diary of your impressions and dreams, or study psychology, history, as well as the internal processes and emotional foundations of your own life. You are diligent and, plunging into books, you forget about everything around.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives good associative memory – information sinks deeply. Home is a meeting place. The connections between family members are somewhat superficial. The person is not tied to the house, easy-going. He inherits a large library. Reliance on erudition.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Thinker. In general, this is not the most pleasant position of Mercury in the chart. Driven into the depths of the subconscious, he should give very wise life positions (and even then when working out), and in our civilization, as a rule, services of a completely different kind are required from him, more operational and practical; therefore, a complex of thoughtfulness is likely, especially with Mercury in Taurus or Capricorn, and if defeated, others may consider this person inhibited or frankly dull. At the same time, the life position, which is realized with great difficulty, requires precisely the understanding of the external and internal world of a person, ideally – the development of mental control of the energies that set in motion the human psyche and external reality. At a low level of elaboration, the life position tends to deny the rational principle in life: “Everything that happens in the world is nonsense”; in a more cultural version: “the world is incomprehensible.” Working out changes the life position to a more constructive one: “the world should be comprehended”, and its confirmation gives the first glimpse of religious feeling; at a high level, God simply talks to a person, but in such a way that the latter does not have any atheistic doubts. A person tries to build relationships with his family on rational grounds, eliminating contradictions during negotiations. He believes in the power of reason, but tends to underestimate the emotional-empathic beginning (if the top of the 4th house is in the sign of water, or Venus is in the 4th house, this is softened). Mercury is a crude instrument for solving subtle, purely mystical problems characteristic of any manifestation of the 4th house, so you need to learn the subtleties of thinking and try to always see the boundaries of your understanding; motto: “An intelligent person differs from a wise one by his readiness to answer any question.”

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

These people are attached to family life. They are educated, sincerely religious. They make good parents, teachers, critics. They travel far and live in scenic, green surroundings, own property and good transportation. Choosy and demanding.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

They love historical, generally intellectual research. Often a large library. They love to explore the genealogy of their own family. Home is the center of communication; have a lot of telephone conversations. Lots of changes: moving, life on wheels. With bad aspects, quarrels and differences of opinion with the family.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Microcosm. The position of Mercury in the 4th house shows that your thoughts, ideas and all kinds of connections are connected to the most personal levels of self. You spend a lot of time thinking about yourself and the people you love. What you know you keep secret, and while it is natural for you to be so conservative with the information you have, sometimes this behavior can hurt you. The challenge is to recognize that your thoughts are private and not secret, and to learn to joyfully share some of those personal thoughts with those you trust most. Home is a place to stimulate your mind, a traveling carnival of ideas and physical change. Mobility is important for you, because boredom and gray gloom do not sleep, ready to pounce on you when the movement suddenly gives way to stagnation, so you can think of yourself as a person who carries his own house with him. Mercury is naturally subordinate to the Sun, and the presence of a tendency to frequent movements depends on the state of the Sun, as well as on the map as a whole. However, regardless of the instructions on the card, communication is always important for you: talking on the phone or communicating with the help of letters. These are the tools with which you build a sense of endless security. The trap is too often to deprive yourself of roots, foundations, or let other people do it; the task is to develop, develop the topic of your safety, shifting the emphasis and changing it simultaneously with changing requirements for your development. Emotional clichés. Your imprints have been constructed primarily from your observed human behavior and mental instructions. What you saw and heard was a powerful source of motivation for your further behavior, because the rules of imitation modeling work here: “What the monkey sees, the monkey does.” The impact on your mind was either positive or negative. However, Mercury is the least significant among the ten planets for revealing the structure of the imprint. The parent, “internally connected” with a person. Although the influence of Mercury is more a modification of the influence of the Sun, rather than an independent influence, its position here speaks of the powerful influence of your mother as a teacher. She structured your nervous system and mental apparatus in infancy. If your Sun is in the 3rd or 5th house, then perhaps your mother was overcome with doubts about what role to choose as a mother, maybe she preferred the cold dryness of mental contact to the warm softness of emotional contact. Private intuition. Thought processes are the natural key to private intuition. Given the position of the planet, you have to deal with deciphering the facts, a lot of time is spent on “conversation” with the inner “I” when sorting out situations, problems or when choosing the best option. The answers may not be straightforward, but may be questions, thus forming a never-ending dialogue of Socrates: you ask questions, and your leaders answer you with other questions. Even if you are given direct answers, they will encourage you to ask new questions. Your mentors are pulling you into the conversation, but keep in mind that the channels of communication are open as the contact with the leaders is established by your questions. Go outside and get in touch with someone, even if existence in the state of questioning may be incorporeal.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

He is a decisive and quick-witted person with a good memory. He is proud of his family and loves collecting books, coins, postage stamps and antiques. His parents can be very educated and cultured. He tends to change his place of residence often, likes to be active in his own home. Perhaps you have to live with a relative. Somewhat tense and easily irritated. The aspect favors the mediation of real estate, agricultural labor, ecology, archeology and geology. Family life is imbued with the spirit of an intellectually oriented upbringing. Such a person is happy to explore the history of the family and is inclined to explore the family tree of the family. His home is a workplace, he collects a large library and spends a lot of time with his family for intellectual pursuits. The house is the center of communication with people, it is always full of conversations, dialogues and telephone conversations. Such a person prefers to eat while consuming information. A nomadic way of life is possible, in any case there is a lot of crossings and a kind of “life on wheels”. With the wrong use of energy, quarrels and disagreements with family members are possible. The entrepreneurial affairs of such a person are very unstable and unstable, but he often has to move and travel. He is justifiably worried about the imbalance in household chores, maybe owning a private school, registering, or heading a newspaper. In general, such a person’s life lacks stability and constancy. He is possessed by the spirit of mediation and trade, has many foreign connections, and retains mental freshness until the last days. This situation favors the pursuit of agronomy and breeding. Often such people become representatives of the liberal professions. The range of influence of this factor is very large, and therefore errors and delusions in its interpretation are possible – this should be borne in mind. Often such people turn out to be very educated, well-bred and intelligent. They are interested in expanding their horizons and devote a lot of time to spiritual searches.


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