Mercury in the 3rd house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Excellent intellectual ability, dexterity and interest in dealing with people. Good writers, orators, are distinguished by originality, mobility of mind. Frequent trips, lively contact with brothers, sisters, neighbors are characteristic. Spend a lot of time by the phone or writing. Find practical solutions to different problems. Good secretaries, telephonists, reporters, publishers. You are inquisitive and sociable and your mind seems to be always at work; You are constantly gathering information and sharing ideas. Your attention can be quite unstable: you have many different interests, and you are easily distracted, sometimes you can talk for too long. You are capable of learning, strive to quickly move to a new subject of study or reflection.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person establishes a lot of unnecessary connections, is overly curious. If he achieves good concentration, then he can achieve great intellectual success, if not, he drowns in information fuss. It has a low information threshold – any news seems valuable to him. Constant processing of information. All events begin with the receipt of news – a call, a letter, etc. Constantly striving for learning, always looking for a teacher. A good primary education is crucial. A person is able to distribute attention between several activities, quickly rebuilds from one activity to another, appreciates the word and means of communication.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

A clever person can say that ten fools will shut up. Mercury in the 3rd house is a symbolic ruler. This position means great activity and dexterity in dealing with people. With a strong Mercury, especially in an air sign, this makes it possible to manipulate, a person’s thought takes possession of those around him. At the 3rd house in the sign of water – hypnotic abilities. The defeat of Mercury gives a flickering of acquaintances, superficiality, (movable cross) or, conversely, getting stuck (permanent cross) of thinking in communication. There will be a strong temptation to rationalize the social environment as a whole, i.e. perception of people as thinking automata. With the aspect of Mercury to Mars, this person can talk to anyone in society, which he should not abuse. If there is no strong IX house, there will be an advantage over it of the III, and a person needs to learn to constantly keep in mind the group social ethics, otherwise the personal, with the help of clever rationalizations, will quickly begin to serve the lower principle in a person. In general, thinking is revived in the presence of other people who want to tell something, teach them something, etc., and without human society, apathy and depression come. In training, a person shows great mental activity, catching on the fly, at least not too complex thoughts (for mastering, strong Gemini or Mercury in the sign of Air are desirable). It is difficult for him to perceive emotionally overloaded information, and he is unlikely to be a fan of lyric poetry at school (unless, of course, there is an additional Moon or Venus in the III house or an aspect to it. It is easier for him to master knowledge in an active mode, working through some of the material on his own (but under general supervision of the teacher), solving problems, etc. This position of the third house gives the teacher excellent mental contact with the student, knowledge of when and what to say in order for him to understand; however, there is a temptation to overemphasize the rational-logical side of classes; you need to learn take into account the emotional and spiritual aspects of learning and do not neglect the visual aids.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This disposition gives the person the ability to write and deal with numbers and facts. Such people do good to others, but lack peace within themselves; they have a large number of relatives. They are decisive and get the job done regardless of obstacles. They love to study, are friends with big businessmen, and are prone to nervous diseases.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Dexterity and interest in dealing with people. Lively contacts with brothers, sisters, neighbors. Good secretaries, writers, scientists.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Surrounding people and objects. Position of Mercury in 3rd | home indicates an enduring interest in the environment. Often, you rush from topic to topic, from subject to subject, guided by your nervous system, insatiable in its quest to find and taste new facets of the environment. Activity in this case is both mental and physical, with emphasis on research and perception of the environment. Usually you are in a state of search, looking for more and more new sources that can pique your interest. The position of Mercury in any house gives this house the quality of activity, but this | chance creates a situation that anathematizes boredom and completely deprives it of the support of the spirit. The challenge is to develop the intelligence and abilities of your brain through an ever active life. Concrete thinking. Your mind is fluid, fast, and very well suited for manipulating data. You are capable of treating your mind like a computer, juggling vast amounts of information in an ongoing process of searching and sorting to create new forms of understanding. Pure rationalism is emphasized here, which should be maintained at the proper level for the sake of clarity of thought. The trap lies in the loss of a holistic understanding in the endless pursuit of new data, and the task is to perceive the ever-changing kaleidoscope of information interactions. You are a person with an insatiable curiosity, and therefore you have a more pronounced work of thinking than the process of chasing any special information. Knowledge is not the end point of a quest; rather, it is a means of stroking your nervous system. The trap is not to concentrate long enough on the actual study of something, but to create a state of continuous nervous excitement, “an itch that you cannot remove.” The task is to enjoy the desire to know, and not knowledge itself. A child in this position of Mercury often naturally has the ability to learn. Communication skills can develop earlier than usual, although they should be maintained at a high level through a variety of incentives. All language comprehension skills can also be successfully developed. Later, in all likelihood, this person will have very versatile interests – “he knows a lot, but does not master anything masterfully”, because he will have only superficial knowledge of the topics of interest to him. Communication. Mercury, as usual, indicates a very chatty, verbose personality. This quality may or may not be characteristic of a person, because in the case of Mercury, as in the case of all other planets, the sign of the zodiac in which the planet is located, and aspects to it, can significantly change the symbolism. However, it’s safe to say that your normal state is information processing. When information reaches you, it is the information itself that is valuable to you, not its stylistic design, such as the tone of voice. When communicating with you, other people should listen carefully to the words themselves. Because they are the foundation, the key.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

He is a very smart, reasonable and sober person who knows how to find a common language with anyone. Able to make decisions quickly, since his thoughts are clear and accurate. Has a literary talent, successful as a secretary and journalist. He is interested in research, and by the time he reaches adulthood, he acquires an extensive correspondence. Often such a person works for his relative, being a “generator of ideas” for him. Children and relatives are of great importance to him. He is interested in all aspects of life, a restless nature requires finding such a job that would allow him to constantly be in motion. When the planet is defeated, there is a tendency to overload, over-concern for others and unnecessary unrest. It is very difficult for such a person to comply with the measure, as a result of which he is often carried over, and the prerequisites are created for the forced deception of others. Smoking causes him significant harm. Any important document must be double-checked three times before signing. Such a person has excellent intellectual abilities, is interested in communicating with people and shows considerable dexterity in him. They are good writers and orators, distinguished by originality and agility of mind. They often travel around and are in lively contact with relatives and neighbors. They spend a lot of time at the phone and over texts. They can easily discover practical solutions to a wide variety of problems. Lucky reporters, successful publishers, respected secretaries and popular screenwriters. If energy is misused, they cannot deliver on promises made, use the agreements they make and benefit from the signed contract. These people are very active and strive with all their might to improve their educational level. They love to learn and talk, enjoy attending lectures and love to read books. The mind is fast, receptive and somewhat anxious. Many of the concerns are related to correspondence, failure to deliver on promises, or incorrect messaging. These people are distinguished by a scientific mindset and an interest in astrology. They are very popular, their abilities are broad, and their connections are promising. They willingly work in the post office and transport, they are happy to deal with communication problems. They are alive and cheerful, mobile and resilient, flexible and thin, quick in connections and swift in contacts. The interests of such a person are always multifaceted, and therefore he is inclined to master several professions. Most of all, such people like to work with information, as this strengthens memory, enriches fantasy and revives the imagination.


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