Mercury in the 1st house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Curiosity, intellectual attitude to life. Actions and words are based on logical and reasonable reasoning. Great intelligence, intense need to express their thoughts orally or in writing. Constantly on the move. Good writers, doctors, scientists, researchers, librarians, secretaries. You are talkative, sociable, and eager to contrast your ideas and opinions with the ideas and opinions of others. You immediately lay out what is on your mind. Other people perceive you as a mobile person of an intellectual make-up, perhaps sometimes a little chatty.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

The world for a person is a constant flow of information. He sees the meaning of existence in the exchange of things, signals, knowledge. If Mercury is struck – super-curiosity, constant search for new sensations, new information, nervousness, restlessness. The person is very sociable, quickly rebuilds in accordance with the situation. Depending on the aspects, the demeanor can be wary, distrustful (aspects with Saturn) or on the verge of risk, over-stress (aspects with Uranus). Outwardly, it leaves the impression of some fussiness. Sharpness of features. Usually looks younger than his age.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Newborn Hermes kidnaps Apollo’s cows. This position of Mercury, especially when Mercury is strong, gives a great combinator. Personality is active, and words play an important role for a person; his own speech has a strong impact, unless Mars is very weak, but in this case the information transmitted by the person is extensive and plays an important role in self-esteem. Working out gives great magical and hypnotic abilities, great strength of personality; if the energy of a person is generally weak, he will easily obey a manipulator with a well-hung tongue. A great tendency to logical analysis of the external and internal world and self-deception through internal distortion, as well as a consequence of the coarseness of mental models. In general, a person considers himself to be very smart and values others according to this criterion. It is necessary to learn self-expression and perception not only in rational categories, but also using the principle of a planet standing with Mercury in the most accurate major aspect, even if it is a square, and also, if they exist, of other planets of the 1st house. But, most likely, the person is too active, and you need to learn to objectively and attentively perceive the world around you, not succumbing to the temptation to use mental schemes and cliches that are convenient and safe for yourself, stamped by society.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This is a sign of a smart, talkative, cheerful, funny person, neat, well dressed. These people have many friends, business talent, literary leanings, or a good education. They love variety, act quickly, and look restless. They have skillful hands. They radiate an aura of harmlessness. They may love medicine, astrology, religion, or anything with a new message.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Curiosity, intellectual attitude to life. Intelligence, the need to express their thoughts orally and in writing. If Mercury is in the sign of fire – good writers, doctors, scientists, researchers, librarians, secretaries.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Self-expression. The position of Mercury in the 1st house shows that your spontaneous personality is agitated, mental, able to quickly perceive and also quickly change direction. We can talk about some “short-term” orientation; your mind is focused immediately, directly, without delay, but the period of concentration of your attention is short. You love solving riddles, you are fascinated by any activity that puts your brain into a state of immediate activity. This state of Mercury can be largely supplemented by information about the position of the planet in the sign and interpretation of aspects, as well as, more importantly, the position and state of the Sun. Interpretation is strongly influenced by environmental factors such as education, family and socio-cultural setting. However, if all this is not taken into account, then only the state of Mercury in the house says that you are a talkative, as well as a quick and dexterous person. Mercury indicates a mental face with an emphasis on rationality and the desire for knowledge. How chatty you are depends on other factors, but your personality is definitely interested in communications. This mask is agitated and quick, possibly pestering other people with questions, and telling something about itself. Your label name reads: “I am curious, interested in your mental abilities, with a quick change of the object of concentration and objective in my perceptions.” Self-awareness … The activation of thinking, perception and communication functions of the nervous system promotes awareness of your true inner self. The more you think, the more you awaken yourself. It is not at all required that you think about yourself; in fact, the more objective perception of the world around you is reflected in your thoughts, the more self-awareness is acquired. Curiosity about the world and everything in it wakes you up. Boundaries. The bridge between inner and outer realities is associative, rational, and agitated, and mental interaction provides a connection between the two. Expression without thought or communication without content can lead to the fact that two realities revolve around one another in a meaningless vortex, and very powerful nervous energy or impersonal thinking will alienate them, breaking the connection. The task is to analyze and communicate with both kinds of realities without falling into cold, mechanical rationality. Clear perception and logical thinking support your vitality, but vulnerability to nervous disorders is possible. You live in your mind, but you must learn to trust your body. Investigate yourself, find out as much as possible about the physical and mental disciplines that guard your vital.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

He is an inquisitive, restless and somewhat nervous person, adapting well to any situation. If the planet is not affected, he can be quite eloquent and talkative. Possesses pronounced intellectual strength, energetic perception and quick thinking. His thoughts are always directed to his own “I” and therefore he hardly perceives the feelings of other people. Very smart, constantly in need of self-expression and speaks before he thinks. True, in personal matters he is always rational and calculating. Aspect is good for writers, medics, researchers, and librarians. He treats life intellectually, he is inclined to rationalize a lot. Notices everything that happens in his environment. Actions and speech are based on sound logic and reasonable reasoning. He is quite smart and even chatty. There is an intense need to constantly express their thoughts in writing or orally. He is in constant motion, which helps him to be aware of himself. The mind is intuitive, the willpower is great, sometimes it develops vigorous intellectual activity. Success as a secretary is possible. This situation promotes entrepreneurship and interest in statistics. This person is resourceful, quick in decisions and quick in conclusions. Loves reading and talking, always ready to receive new information. Persuasive, expressive, diligent and perceptive. Speech, thought and action are fast and impetuous. Life is full of changes and many travels. Periodically there are bouts of restlessness and anxiety. This person is very critical, witty and has a developed sense of the new. Usually a good speaker, shows a greater inclination towards mythology than science. Successful in trade, accounting and all types of mental work. With the wrong use of energy, excessive irritability, talkativeness, sarcasm and a tendency to deception are possible. Unstable disposition, ambitious and somewhat demonstrative. Able to dispute for the sake of dispute. Successful in teaching and commerce, he is receptive to everything progressive and unexpected. Associated primarily with figures in the intellectual spheres. Connections and contacts are of great help.



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