Mercury in the 12th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Thinking under the influence of the subconscious. Decisions are made due to emotion, not logic, hide their true thoughts and feelings, are often shy and rarely say what they think. You are not particularly talkative even when you have something to say. In addition, your mind is prone to some vagueness and it is difficult for you to study purely factual material, without the play of colors and imagination. Your intuition and first impression are probably very accurate and you tend to be guided by them when making decisions.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person seeks to rationally approach all karmic loads. He has a strong occult mind. Decrypts hidden meanings. He does not publish the fruits of his intellectual creativity, writes on the table, keeps secret diaries, hides his thoughts. In search of lost knowledge. Only in loneliness can one really think, study, receive information.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Samizdat. This person feels his loneliness when his mental picture of the world collides with external reality, and especially with similar pictures of other people and society as a whole. His thinking energy is always directed in such a way that others do not understand him or understand him poorly, flatly or perversely, and it seems impossible to break through the wall of this misunderstanding. At a low level, a person seems to be a fool around him, and after a while he himself is affirmed in this opinion, especially since it is difficult and inexpressibly boring for him to think, and he reduces his thinking to a limited set of social clichés, which he manages to do, barbarously profaning all mental streams going through it, and thereby sacrificing them to oneself (more precisely, to one’s crystallized mental egregor). The study goes along the path of developing independent thinking, principles and ideas that will turn out to be too original and not similar to generally accepted ones, and at first no one will understand them, but this should not confuse a person. Nevertheless, it will take a lot of sacrifices from him, especially in the form of hard and seemingly fruitless intellectual work, until his thoughts and ideas seem constructive enough and at least understandable and necessary to someone. And here it is very important not to stop halfway, when thoughts have already appeared and, in the opinion of the person himself, are quite original and valuable, but no one yet perceives them: at this moment there is a strong temptation of mental pride and position: “Why should I be them, to these losers and fools, to explain; let, if they want to overcome their banality and stupidity, they figure it out themselves! ” This person should realize that he understands other people’s thoughts much better than he expresses his own, and the clarity of his thoughts is apparent if he cannot express it in such a way that he can be understood. Working out gives extraordinary mental abilities, no matter what a person does, the ability not only to solve a problem, but also to express its solution in clear words. At a high level, there will be a temptation to solve problems that a person poses to himself, instead of those that fate sends. In general, there are many intellectual riddles, secrets in life, at a low level there are constant intrigues and misunderstandings in contacts, bad speech and perception.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

In this person’s life, considerable knowledge of transcendental things will be manifested. This is a generous person who does good at the expense of his future births. Materially, he may have debts, an incomplete education, lack of favorable professional opportunities, an unstable mind, and a small number of close friends. Classical texts mention a tendency to commit adultery and a small number of children.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Decisions are made by emotion, not logic. They are often shy and rarely say what they think. Children with bad Mercury in the XII house study with difficulty, read poorly, write illiterately.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Imagination. Your rational thinking is an open and inspired screen onto which your dreams are projected. It extends deep into your subconscious and beyond, into the collective unconscious of humanity. However, communication often confuses you and creates misunderstandings. Sometimes you don’t know how to verbally express yourself, sometimes other people don’t understand the figurativeness of your speech. Quite often, you misinterpret what they say by attaching images of your subconscious to their words. The challenge is to convey your dream thoughts as clearly as possible. Realize that your mind sometimes does not belong to you, find non-verbal communication. Defocused intuition. Intuitive messages are clothed in the form of thoughts, as if they are a conscious product of your own rational thinking. But this is not the case; they are signals that you convert into thought patterns. Your own thinking evolves in sync with the changing patterns of society, so you are the herald of events at the forefront of society. You naturally accept new social word formations, and your thinking changes over time. To maintain clarity of thought and minimize the risk of misunderstanding, you must learn to be mentally calm. The challenge is to understand that your mind is not just a rational machine. Listen to intuitive cues and discover where they come from and what they are for. Distance or solitude. You feel the need to clear your mind of the chaotic thoughts of other people, to throw away mental garbage. Too much information flow, or a powerful exchange of information, can overheat your brain. If the tension is not eliminated, then your thinking will be distorted. This does not mean that you have to stop thinking. Stopping the brain is possible no more than stopping the heartbeat. But you can get distracted from your thoughts for a while. Let the mind follow its own path, do not pay too much attention to it. You don’t have to “read” every thought. Direct your consciousness outward, beyond the cacophony of thinking. Give up thinking for a while, and when you return, you will find it fresh and bright. Selfless help. You enjoy finding solutions to psychological conundrums that bother other people. However, be careful not to turn into an advice-giving machine. Regardless of how pure your motives are, you can be overwhelmed by trying to solve other people’s problems. Even if you feel like they really want you to take care of their concerns, you win if you let people find their own solutions by talking to you. Staying neutral is an essential part of your ministry. Spontaneous periods of silence – “speech fasting” – are very helpful, for too much chatter can overwhelm your sense of order. The way in which you perceive the world, think and communicate is related to past life patterns. Your nervous system is already programmed to interpret life in special ways – in ways that need to be recognized now. The reasons for misunderstandings in relationships with other people are often hidden in past incarnations. You should not assume that communication is simple and straightforward, especially in the event of conflict or difficulty. Assume the opposite, namely: communication hides something from your sight; explore this through visualization, visualization of your image and the image of another person in a past life setting. The better you distinguish between the past and the present, the easier it will be to reach mutual agreement. The task is to deal with your past lives, find sources of disagreements or misunderstandings and, as a result, learn to comprehend the facts of any situation in your current life without hindrance.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person knows how to analyze other people’s problems, is interested in extrasensory perception and has a special kind of mysterious thinking. His mind is shrewd and sophisticated, he likes to work alone, as it is difficult for him to express himself in public. He is not too confident in himself, but he tries to hide it. All his decisions are based on feelings, not on reason, and therefore one should be wary of living in a fictional, imaginary world. With the defeat of the planet in childhood, difficulties in mastering reading are noted, often childhood is spent in a strange family or in a boarding school. Thinking is under the pronounced influence of the subconscious. Such people are somewhat shy, and therefore rarely say what they think. Not because of cunning, but because of their special vulnerability and resentment, they often hide their true moods and considerations. They have good intuition and a rich imagination. With the wrong use of energies, neurotic fixation on the experiences of the past and difficulty in adapting to the environment and situations is possible. Such people often turn to the study of esotericism or medicine. They show a penchant for risky adventures associated with secrets and dangers. They love to reflect on the unusual, adore secrets and secrets, are inclined to study strange objects and mysterious circumstances. They have enviable talents, but often they lack the strength to auspiciously manifest the gifts they have. Sooner or later, they come to success, especially benefit from rest, relaxation, tranquility and solitude. Such people often turn out to be inconsistent and inconsistent, which limits their opportunities for self-realization. They are very eloquent and capable of showing themselves as talented speakers, if in the end they decide to speak out and explain their position to others. They are inclined to engage in meditation and mystical experiences. Their secret enemies are very influential, they are often under the pressure of doubts and misunderstanding of the ways of development. If used incorrectly, energy is prone to deception, forgery and practical jokes. Often such people have good mathematical skills and are able to think constructively. They are fortunate as middlemen, traders, translators, lawyers, scientists, medical professionals and bankers. If energy is misused, they get involved in scandalous situations, thoughtlessly criticize social institutions and become victims of thieves, slanderers and gossips. Such people are prone to behind-the-scenes secret activities in institutions and organizations, hidden from outsiders and public influence. With carelessness, they are prone to accidents, with arrogance, they now and then make new enemies, there is a danger of exile, coercion, violence and forced imprisonment. There is a tendency to penetrate deeply into the spheres of art, literature and music. Very often such people have pronounced paranormal abilities. Often they are victims of secret conspiracies, intrigues and anonymous slander. Communication with criminal elements and bad people is very dangerous for them. The second half of life turns out to be more successful than the first, thanks to the acquisition of life wisdom, a person solves all his property and financial problems.


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