Mercury in the 11th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Interest in communication and exchange of experience, feel good in society, learn from others and teach them. Love of truth, impartiality, original and objective thinking, interest in scientific research, astrology, philosophy, humanistic ideas and goals. Make friends, regardless of origin and way of thinking. You have a good understanding of group interests, politics, mass movements and public affairs. Exchanging ideas with groups of people is exactly what you do well and is probably what you do. You are excellent collaborators in collective affairs and, perhaps, a member of some team or organization.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

Intellectual entertainment is characteristic of man. House XI is responsible for professional interests, hobbies and interest groups. Mercury is discussion clubs, games, quizzes that require erudition. Great craving for knowing the future, forecasting, among the methods – astrology.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Truly popular thought has a shade of truly popular dullness. Mercury in the 11th house at a symbolic climax. This person in the team is very active: he talks a lot, moves in space, negotiates, orders, and most importantly, constantly thinks about the group and its problems. It can be very useful to the group in its external activities (all kinds of negotiations and contacts), as well as in the internal, starting from improving its structure and ending with careful consideration of relationships. At a low level, however, it all boils down to active chatter, fuss and concentration of thought efforts on the problem of the best use of group goods for personal gain. The defeat of Mercury gives a tendency to cheating, manifested both within the group and outside, as if in its interests (in fact, always in its own); with harmonious aspects, excellent ability to organize work in a group and establish its interaction with the outside world. Working out gives a direct mental connection with the group egregor the opportunity to work directly there; prophetic abilities concerning group karma. Self-affirmation in the group is possible, given the above, very strong, but at a low level there will also be a desire to gain recognition and praise from the collective, doing nothing for this, combined with mental pride: “I am the brain of the collective.” There are a lot of friends, interesting communication with them is possible, for the most part, on a mental level. One should try to understand their interests deeper and not forget that they also have feelings and emotions.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

He is an influential person with knowledge in many areas. He will make money through farming, owning a large library, he can be friends with important people. It is likely to be a truthful person of considerable wealth, a profitable business and the ability to hear about knowledge from the right sources; other people serve him.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Interest in communication, exchange of experience; learn for themselves and teach others. With bad aspects – eccentricity, isolation from reality, concern only for their own well-being, or, conversely, blindness in relation to greedy and selfish “friends”.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Participation in the life of groups. You are very interested in what other people think, and even more, in what is within the “collective mind” of the group. You are interested in the life of a wide variety of cultures, and you have an inexhaustible desire to participate in the work of a wide variety of organizations. Whether you are a sociable person depends on other factors (such as the position of the Sun and Venus), but either option emphasizes the vastness of your interactions. The challenge is to expand your network of communication to such a size until you begin to interact with any social group, thus creating a giant information platform for your mind. The spectrum of social agreements fascinates you. What kind of fork is a dish, how to send a business letter, what to choose from a wardrobe for a cocktail – these small details of social life are infinitely interesting for your mind. The most important among them are agreements in the field of communication: how to talk with a certain person, what can be said to him and what should not. You want to interview other people, find out what they think. It doesn’t matter if you follow your own rules of correct behavior, or those developed by others, remember to just learn them. The trap is gossip, and the task is to master the policy of information communication. Friendship, social circle. Friendship is based on intelligence and willingness to communicate. It is not at all required that your friends be the deepest thinkers in the world, but it is very good if they have a quick and malleable mind and versatile interests. If they are not enjoying the conversation, then they are not really your friends. You like to connect with a very large number of people from whom you could put together a company, so your social circle is very wide and varied. Most of all, you are interested in developing the foundation of friendships, but you strive to keep up with the lives of your friends. You are not socially sensitive, so be careful not to get carried away with gossip, not paying attention to the truth. If we consider only this position of the planet, then we can note the superficiality of friendly relations. Of course, there is nothing wrong with such behavior, because your task as a friend is to keep your life moving, to develop mental contacts with people. Be proactive in friendship. Go somewhere with your friends, do something with them. But most importantly, have a great time. Co-creation is mental. This does not necessarily mean that you are the brain center of the group; you absorb and develop the thoughts that float around the group leader. Your presence encourages the free exchange of ideas as well as discussions about their relative value. Your creative role is to spread ideas and provide constructive criticism for the group’s ideal expression. You want the feeling of love to be expressed verbally. Even casual conversation, if charming enough, can be interpreted as containing signs of love. You are receptive to niceties. What is important for you is the feeling of arousal, massaging the nervous system. Love can be thought of as a delightful hide and seek game. It is possible for you to feel loved by one person and be ready to passionately accept the love stream that another person may suddenly pour out on you. You are an acrobat who can juggle numerous superficial romances at the same time. The challenge is to understand that love is expressed through the mind, but comes from the heart.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

The mind of such a person is active and original. He loves new ideas and tries to deal only with cultured and highly developed friends. Has a finely developed intuition. When solving important issues, he often turns out to be an idealist. Friends and acquaintances are of great importance to him. He is friends with them for the sake of achieving common goals. Likes to share knowledge with friends, and therefore friendship is more intellectual than emotional. He is very sociable, devoid of prejudices and superstitions, prefers friendship with young people and people of liberal professions. When energies are misused, they tend to be critical, cynical, eccentric, and impractical. If he does not carefully choose his friends, serious problems and even scandals can arise. Such people feel great in society, show interest in communication and exchange of experience, teach others and willingly learn from everyone. They are truth-loving and impartial, their thinking is original and focused on scientific research, humanistic ideals and philosophical concepts. Often such people are fond of astrology and esotericism. Friends usually share their interests, and therefore the relationship with them is even and friendly. They know how to be friends with everyone, regardless of the origin of the person and the way of his thoughts. Openness to everything human expands their horizons and allows them to understand the needs of others. With the wrong use of energy, they turn out to be divorced from reality, begin to care only about their own well-being, hardly come into contact with the group, manipulate friends and show a strange blindness to the self-interest of acquaintances. Such people acquire many acquaintances, but they do not have so many permanent, faithful friends. Friends are truly beneficial in helping that person’s inspiration and intellectual development. Often they are friends with writers, journalists and scientists. Damage to the planet makes dating empty, hectic, unreliable. Then friends become the cause of worry, trouble and damage, they show strange frivolity in the interpretation of facts, they do not fulfill the given promises and give the wrong advice. In this case, you cannot rely on such friends and enlist their help in difficult times. Such people have considerable organizational talent and are capable of inventing new ways to get money, in the implementation of which their prudent friends are of great help. The defeat of the planet inclines to violent discussions, disputes and incessant accusations of everyone and everything.



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