Mercury in the 10th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Higher education for professional ambition. Knowledge for the sake of honor, career, benefit. Organizational talent, foresight. Dexterity in dealing with the greats of this world. Associated with the media, press, publishing, teaching. You reflect on your career, reputation and how you are perceived in society; You would like to make a significant contribution or leave your mark on the world. Communicating with the masses or exchanging information of some other kind is likely to be an important part of your work.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person, in order to achieve popularity, masters the means of communication, polishes oratorical talent. This is a scientist who can process large volumes of information, or a person with ambitions of a scientist, a writer. Mission is to inform people. Translator, commentator, information service worker.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Not only think when you choose, but choose carefully what you think about. This position gives a great ability for official intrigue; in any case, thoughts about a career, ways of interacting with bosses and subordinates come to a person’s head quite often. With a harmonious Mercury, they are very useful and constructive, with a struck one, they provoke and contradict the principles of the hierarchy in which a person is. With a strong Mercury, mental arrogance is likely: it seems to a person that he always knows best of all, at least as regards practical goals and objectives, as well as relations with superiors. Indeed, his combinatorial abilities in these relations are unique, but they do not work at the moments of the creation of the Absolute, when very unlikely (from the point of view of public consciousness) processes and events take place. Here, the study proceeds along the path of clarifying perception and thinking, when logic becomes an auxiliary apparatus in relation to the direct-intuitive comprehension of karma, which the public subconscious is very opposed to. The planets in the X house give a hint not only to the energy of interaction with bosses and subordinates, but often also to the type of profession – in this case, it can be associated with information, commerce, management in hierarchical structures. At a high level, the study of this position of Mercury in the X house can give an intelligent politician who sees well the fate of his people and the correct concrete measures to govern them. A sense of responsibility goes through rational thinking, and you need to learn to trust it, but not speculate by projecting on others, but beware of useful advice, always waiting until they are asked, and in a rather persistent manner. This person needs freedom of thought, press, movement, assembly and discussion of what he deems necessary.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

These people have a lot to say to others, they can be found transmitting some knowledge to society. They have aptitude in commerce or public speaking. There will be good educational opportunities; they can become writers or doctors. The way to make a living can be found through publishing, secretarial work, medical supplies, and by courier, messenger.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

They acquire knowledge for the sake of honor, career, benefit. Associated with the media, press, teaching; can be directors of enterprises, associations.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Collective responsibility. You may or may not be responsible, because your nervous system is very changeable in its aspirations, but, of course, you realize what responsibility is. In any situation, in any environment, you discern spiritual messages, indications of a great goal, and you try not to miss a single factor that, in your opinion, should be taken into account. The trap, of course, is spending so much time and energy calculating for the maximum benefit that you inadvertently forget to act. Remember, a myriad of information is probably only required by criminologists. The task is to tell everyone about responsibility. You do not need to urge people on, for you are able to sense what task each person is most efficiently capable of performing in any situation. In many ways, your role is to help other people define their responsibilities. Professional ambition. You are constantly thinking about your career. However, you quite often get carried away with the passing moments of your career and you may miss something important for you. Therefore, despite the strategic plans, your career develops on its own. You can own several professions or one profession that requires the involvement of knowledge from different areas. In any case, the basis of your social status is mental. Any profession requires a mastery of a specialized language, but your style of work is based on the ability to manage information exchange. Communication is your product, broadcasting information is your service. Missions and messages. Your thought processes are especially visible to others. When you speak or write, it reminds us of the importance of the communication process in human life. Often the source of what you perceive is in the universe, and our task is to become aware of what you are broadcasting. Therefore, announce everything that wants to be embodied in your mind – announce it as well as possible. Learn to express your thoughts, and then your message will have a positive impact on your life. The parent “outwardly connected” with the person. You don’t have to think like your father, but there is definitely a relationship between your mind and his. His behavior has stimulated the development of your thought patterns. Ultimately, this happens to everyone, but in your case the impact is much more significant. Your father was on the road most of the time, leaving home and returning after a while. Where he was? What did he do? His thinking about travel fascinated you, like a foreign language with a strange and confusing syntax. Your own authority is most effectively manifested through the patterns of your thinking, writing and speaking. When you use your mind, people pay attention to you. This does not mean that you are always right or that you know the only correct solution to a problem; this suggests that the quality of authority is inherent in the way you transmit your thoughts. The challenge is to use your mind authoritatively. Our nervous system is sensitive to special semantic rhythms, and it is not your fault that words have such a magnetic effect on people. However, in your case, the power, ultimately, lies not in the words themselves, but in you, imparting power to these words.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Facts are of great importance to such a person. His thoughts and actions are always quick and impetuous, but they are not often solid and rooted in practice. He has clear thinking, open character and high luck. Likes to change professions, is inclined to obtain several professional educations. Career achievements are very significant to him. He is attracted to politics and any large-scale public activity. He is a great speaker who can get people interested in his ideas. He is always practical, active and has excellent organizational skills. Strives to get a good education, considering it as a promotion tool. When the planet is defeated, a person can become an unprincipled manipulator prone to dubious machinations in order to achieve personal ambitious goals. Knowledge is acquired by such a person for the sake of honor and benefit. Foresight allows him to plan the future in the light of achieving his goals. Very clever in dealing with the powerful. He is an excellent political strategist and author of inflammatory speeches. A speaker who can make a name for himself with brilliant ideas. He is good at dealing with the public and politically astute. Strives for close contacts with journalists, publishers and the teaching elite. The misuse of energy forces him to put ambition above ethical obligations, and therefore he becomes insincere, indifferent and selfish. He is capable of occupying important positions of responsibility, but is not so much the top of the hierarchical pyramid as the chief deputy or referent. Can be successful as a lecturer, reporter, psychologist, novelist and production manager. He is capable of successful trading, has an excellent memory and fluent speech. The character is restless, the speech is impulsive, very active and inventive. Easily adapts to any situation. His intuition is always aimed at solving specific practical problems. This is a very responsible person who has broad connections, but does not have the proper independence. Able to earn income from science and language studies. Often becomes a successful reformer and a productive scientist. Reckless changes in the profession are possible. Sometimes such people become composers, actors, or high-ranking officials. If energy is misused, they find themselves at the center of major scandals, exposed as corrupt and caught red-handed in abuse of office. Ideas, goals, plans and intentions of such a person can come true. His mind is flexible and light, mobile and active, perceptive and inventive. He easily adapts to business and situations and is able to develop his personality and reveal innate talents in a short time. Choosing a profession is not easy, as there are always many opportunities. It is difficult to rely on such a person entirely, so he must have a large leading figure behind him, capable of compensating for his mistakes and mistakes.



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