Meditation for Revealing the Totem Animal


To find a common language with your totem animal, you need to get in touch with him or get to know him. This can be done most easily through meditation technologies. Not only a bird or an animal can become a totem, it can also be an insect and a reptile.

Preparing for meditation

Any meditation should be started in a completely relaxed state. It is worth postponing or completing all tasks, taking a comfortable posture and making sure that no external factors interfere with the process. A sudden phone call or knock on the door can disrupt communication with the animal and then it will be difficult to call him to a meeting. If during meditation there is a very deep entry into a trance, it is better to set the alarm for a specific time to safely exit self-hypnosis.


The meditation technology itself is no different from others. You need to transfer your consciousness to nature. To meet with a totem animal, you need to find a symbolic “door”. It can be a tree with a hollow or an open cave. The task of getting through the door is not difficult. Behind the entrance you can see several animals, or you can immediately find your own. Even if the animal did not appear the first time, it is better to wait a while and look around, to feel the growing power of pacification.

Allowing the creatures that have appeared, the dialogue can be found out which animal is the totem. To do this, you can simply ask a question about his involvement in the power of your world. Usually the animal responds with either a sign or an action.

If the animal is not your totem, then you should thank him and go towards yours. When meeting with your animal, it is worth finding out what knowledge or skills are needed to improve your spirit. You can ask the animal to appear again to firmly secure that this is it. Then you need to be as careful as possible, because the animal can give confirmation in a dream, in illustrations, or in conversations with loved ones.

Getting out of meditation

Before leaving meditation, it is worth waiting for the animal to leave or dissolve. This will allow you not to offend the totem and will allow you to refer to it again. After the animal is identified, you need to apply maximum forces to study it. Find out how it lives, how it defends itself, or attacks, any habits can be a good help in our life.

If the acquaintance with the totem did not happen with the first meditation, then you should try to do it again. But with tracing the situation in ordinary life, perhaps the beast will come without going into a trance.

Totem animal and how to recognize it

A totem is a very ancient sign, which necessarily depicts an animal. Knowledge about totems came from the most ancient great-grandfathers, when people still lived in tribes in order to ensure their safety and protection. They chose an animal and worshiped him, asked him for help in difficult situations. Because of this, various cults of worship of certain animals were formed, which had truly enormous capabilities and provided reliable protection to their admirers. People could get the qualities that the selected animal had.

The most popular totem animals were:

  • a lion who possessed courage and strength;
  • a fox who is a cunning cheat;
  • the jaguar personified power;
  • the bear helped to penetrate into the depths of his own consciousness;
  • the turtle helped a person to be assertive and persistent;
  • the eagle helped to become farsighted and sharp-sighted;
  • the snake helped to mutate and transform.

Esotericists carefully collected and analyzed the most ancient information, they found an unknown totem calendar. When looking at him, one could understand that each person has his own totem animal, his patron. It may even be not one, but several. That is why everyone can understand what kind of animal protects a person.

How to identify your totem?

The totem animal is always present next to a person, it is only waiting for him to awaken from sleep, waiting in the wings. Shamans know perfectly well how to turn to their astral assistants for help and skillfully use it. Some people also communicate well with their totems, receive help in difficult situations, but do not even know about such a connection.

No one has the right to independently choose a totem for themselves, because the animals do it themselves. However, it is possible to determine who exactly is the astral helper. You just need to carry out a certain ceremony and plunge into an altered state of the psyche or go to the astral plane.

Those people who do not practice meditation can get to know their totem animal in a dream.
You need to tune in the right direction before going to bed, want to get to know your animal and fall asleep with these thoughts. Usually, an astral beast independently finds a person in a dream and seeks contact with him. The main thing is to remember your dream after waking up, and then call this particular animal.

If contact has been established, then it is possible in reality, with the help of thoughts, to call the animal for help in difficult situations. It will move in a peculiar way into the human body and make it possible to take advantage of its capabilities. If you show all observation, you can understand which of the close people has which totem. Totem animals will never pose a threat to humans, they will communicate with them as if they were their own.

If a person has a totem animal of a snake, then under no circumstances will a snake touch him in real life. If a dog is the totem, then all the dogs on the street will not be afraid of a person, they will approach him and caress him.

When determining a totem, you need to purchase a figurine or figurine with an image of an animal. You can also find a pendant with a picture of a helper and use it as a talisman. You need to periodically hold a figurine in your hands or stroke it. The amulet will absorb the positive energy of its owner and help him in everything, and a person will be able to turn to him for help at any time.

Meditative Technique for Meeting the Totem

You need to calm down, be completely alone and take a comfortable position. Breathing should be even and deep, you should really want to meet with your astral assistant, only then the acquaintance will take place.

It should be understood what a person sees in front of him in his thoughts. If you focus and just sit with your eyes closed, you can soon see a fairly clear picture. You should carefully listen to the sensations and look around.

It is quite possible that a person will pay attention to some kind of cave or hole, direct his gaze to the nest. Or maybe you just need to sit down for a while, and soon the animal will come by itself? If a person understands that the astral beast is still hiding in a hole, then you need to wait near it.

Soon the animal will appear, in this case it must be greeted and shown respect. It is worth paying attention to how the animal behaves. Maybe it will start dancing or running. Usually animals in natural conditions do not do this, but this is a magical helper, so he can do very unexpected things.

It is worth trying to talk to the animal. You need to understand exactly how it will respond. It is quite possible that a person will receive answers in his thoughts, or maybe the beast will communicate with movements and gestures. The assistant may not give direct answers, but show the place where the person will receive the answers on his own.

After communication and acquaintance with an astral animal, you should definitely thank him. In most cases, a totem gives a person a small souvenir as a keepsake. You need to pick up the gift and complete the meditation.

After returning to reality, write down the results on paper. Record in all details what he saw and heard, determine the behavior of the assistant. This will come in handy in the future so that you can always connect with a new friend.
It is worth recording the appearance of the totem animal. Did the assistant look like an ordinary animal or did he differ from him in certain features? Is it possible that he did not have a completely normal tail or body structure?

It is necessary to describe the behavior of the beast, what he said or tried to say, his feelings at the same time, a sense of trust, a gift that he gave as a keepsake.

After that, you can contact the totem next time, but you should think in advance what questions you need to ask him.