Meaning of each Tarot Card The Suite of Pentacles


Meaning of each Tarot Card – the Suite of Pentacles is the suite of the physical.

This includes the body and health as well as the material world.

The symbolism of a pentagram is traditionally : earth, air, fire, water, and spirit, so it is all encompassing of life as a whole.

Pentacles are best known for representing health and money, but they also represent anything to do with work, a job, a task, a craft. These are the cards of fortune – good and bad luck.

Each card tells a story, and it for you to build your own story lines using the explanations as a guide. After all it should be your own story line that matters.

Meaning of each Tarot Card


Ace of Pentacles :

Symbols – A hand emerging from a cloud holds a large pentacle. Below is a garden with lilies surrounded by a flowering hedge. An arched gateway leads to the outside world.

Many packs simply show a large pentacle supported between two flowers.

Meaning – Perfection, Attainment. Prosperity. The combination of material and spiritual prosperity.

Reverse – Prosperity without happiness. Corruption by money. Misused wealth

New source of income. There is work to be done, but if the subject fixes their gaze on their outcomes, their path will take them there.

Meaning of each Tarot Card

Two of Pentacles :

Symbols – A juggler balances two pentacles on the shore of a turbulent sea.

Meaning – Difficulty in launching new projects. Difficult situations arising. Worry, concern.

Reverse – Agility in handling matters. Literary ability.

This is a juggling finances card.

It counsels astuteness in financial matters.

Make provision for turbulent times.

Current concerns are not as serious as imagined.


Three of Pentacles :

Symbols – A sculptor is at work in a monastery.

Meaning – Great skill in trade or work. Artistic ability.

Reverse – Mediocrity, commonplace ideas. Money problems.

Mastering ones skills is called.

Qualifications and knowledge gained will lead to reward.

In regard to health, this card can also indicate positive results from a new treatment or therapy.

Four of Pentacles :

Symbols – A crowned figure, having a pentacle over his crown, clasps another pentacle with arms and hands, whilst two pentacles rest beneath his feet.

Meaning – Love of material wealth. Hoarder, skinflint. Ungenerous person. Unable to share.

Reverse – Setbacks in material holdings. Opposition to further gain. Suspense, delay, opposition.

The message I see associated with this cards is that the subject has got to give in order to get. Holding on to ones possesions for dear life is not going to take them anywhere.

Five of Pentacles :

Symbols – Two mendicants in a snowstorm pass by a lighted window. One is lame, both are destitute. The window displays five pentacles.

Meaning – Material troubles. Failure, loss, impoverishment.

Reverse – Problems in marrage, obstacles to resolution of personal relations.

A difficult time, but this too will pass. Where there is life there is hope. The opportunities they seek are there, but the subjects are unable to see them at this time. Things will get better. This relates to health concerns also.

Six of Pentacles :

Symbols –A prosperous merchant weighs money in a pair of scales and distributes coins to the needy.

Meaning –generosity, philanthropy, gratification. Material gain.

Reverse –Avarice. Selfishness. jealousy. Unpaid debts.

Business success combined with a generous sharing of proceeds. Sharing the proceeds of good fortune is a prerequisite for attracting more.

Seven of Pentacles :

Symbols – A young man leans on his staff and looks at pentacles distributed through the greenery.

Meaning – Ingenuity, hard work, growth. Successful dealings.

Reverse – Anxiety, impatience, loss of money. Unwise investments.

Success in a business venture, but there is more to the deal than meets the eye. Be aware of the detail. Often there is more profit in peripheral items than in the main product or service. Being a seven, patience or waiting is called for.

Meaning of each Tarot Card

Eight of Pentacles :

Symbols – A young man works at inscribing a pentacle. there is a castle far in the background.

Meaning – Craftmanship, skill in craft and business. Commission, personal effort.

Reverse – Lack of ambition.Failure, greed, conceit.

Starting a new venture. Hard work along the learning curve as new skills are learned.

Meaning of each Tarot Card

Nine of Pentacles :

Symbols – A woman with a bird upon her left wrist stands amid an abundance of grape vines in the garden of a great house.

Meaning – Accomplishment. Forsight. material well being, security. Love of nature.

Reverse – Threat to safety. Possible loss of a valued friendship of treasured possession.

Everything is blossoming and maturing. The fuits of the subjects labours a ready for harvest. Material goods are withing their reach.

Ten of Pentacles :

Symbols – A man and woman beneath an archway which gives entrance to a hame and domain. A child and old man are also present.

Meaning – Prosperity, riches, security, family. Inheritance.

Reverse – Poor risk. Loss of inheritance or family standing..

This card pertains to family matters such as inheritance or financial help. Success and prosperity are guaranteed. If the subject in question is young this is the realisation of their new home and happiness.

Page of Pentacles :

Symbols – A youthful figure looks logingly at a pentacle which hovers just above his open hands.

Meaning – Application. Study. Respect for knowledge. Desire for learning and new ideas. Bearer of news.

Reverse – An unrealistic person. Failure to recognise the obvious. Illogical thinking. Bad news.

This is a good luck card for both material and health matters.

Knight of Pentacles :

Symbols – The knight rides a slow heavy horse. He waers full armour and holds a pentacle in his right hand as he surveys the country-side.

Meaning – A mature and responsible person. Methodical, reliable, persistant. Ability to conclude a task. A dependable person.

Reverse – Stagnation. Carelessness. Lack of determination. Limits set bt dogmatic views.

A patient, well organised, hard working person. Their penchant for organising things may at time be a bit obsessive.

Queen of Pentacles :

Symbols – The queen of pentacles is seated on her throne holding a large pentacle upon which she contemplates. the setting of the throne is in a garden. The rabbit of fertility appears from its burrow.

Meaning – Prosperity and well being. A rich person, but generous and charitable. A noble soul.

Reverse – Suspicious, distrustful, anxious. Responsibilities neglected. fear of failure.

A practical down to earth woman. A good organiser. A supportive and perceptive wife.

King of Pentacles :

Symbols – The king sits upon his throne holding a sceptre in his right hand and a pentacle resting on his left kneee. The back of his throne a decorated with the heads of bulls which are very much his symbol.

Meaning – An experienced andsuccessful leader. A person of character and intelligence. Successful businessman, loyal friend.

Reverse – Corrupt, addictive tendancies, untrustworthy, unreliable.

This is the father figure. Wise yet helpful. Not given to compromise, however he is a masterful individual who brings commonsense to the table.