May 9 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Moon, Mercury.

Astrological Birthday Features.

May 9 Birthday interpretation.

The May 9 Taurus birth date is one that is overflowing with erotic energy and as result, it may not be unexpected to find some tasteful erotic art photographs or pictures on display in the more personal rooms of their home.

Another common quality inherent in those of the May 9 birth date is an overriding desire to be in full control of each and every aspect of their lives.

This quality forms a powerful feature of your character and personality and it can be supported and encouraged where you keep some object or items made from iron on or nearby you. This could take the form of some decorative caste-iron cookware in the kitchen or some ornamental items made from caste-iron for example.

The May 9 Taurus has a strong interest in all sorts of adventure and exploration activities. This might take the form of a trip or holiday to some of the more remote, off the map, localities around the world.

There will be others however, who will fulfill their sense of need for adventure and exploration through the media of film or books related to the investigations and adventures of some of the famous explorers, past and present.  Either way, the sense of adventure and exploration will help to develop your own personal confidence and add to your own sense of power.

In the world of business and commerce, the May 9 is most likely to be successful when in the business of providing products and/or services that will be of worth and benefit in the lives of others.

As a May 9 Taurus it is more than likely that you will hold a position of some responsibility in the workplace. In this event, you will have to take some caution and endeavor not to let your inherent desire for control develop to the extent that you become too domineering with others

You should endeavor to try to bring some aspect of natures life force into your work environment, and this can be achieved by keeping a few growing plants in your vicinity. This simple action can help to bring forth energy and improve your personal sense of well-being.

The May 9 is a person who has great ideals and an inherent desire to improve or remake the world around them. This revolutionary aspect of your nature could take the form of an active involvement in the fields of politics, religion or the arts.

For the May 9, if they are not actively involved in some new concept or another they can have the tendency to lapse into a form of comfortable lethargy, laziness or sluggishness.

It is important for the May 9 therefore, that you work to find the balance between these two aspects of your personality.

As a May 9 birth date you have an inherent and fundamental under standing that the world is fashioned by a sequence or chain of choices and their respective consequences. Your path in life requires the constant re-evaluation of outcomes and the implementation of varying choices in order to see the result at the finality of the next cycle.

As example, if painting with watercolors, then experiment with extravagant hues and shades, try out some unlikely mixtures of tone and texture and then study the final result. Alternatively, look to or take up the study of the cultivation of plants and flowers with the view to creating some new cross breeds or hybrids.

The minerals of Yellow jasper and Citrine are gemstones that can help you to increase your sense of creativity and, the colors of yellow and light rose red relate well to your particular birth date.

On the home front, the May 9 can gain great pleasure and enjoyment from having a particular place or room in the home where they can sit back, rest and allow their imaginative senses to flow.

The bedroom area should be completely free of any work relates items and you should consider having a bed that can be closed off from the rest of your room.

This could take the form of a canopy type bed or a conventional bed with some other form of attractive curtain surround. This is a place where the May 9 can enjoy the feeling and sensation of retiring away into their own private dream world.

The addition of attractive smells of scents or perfumes such jasmine or vanilla can greatly enhance that feeling and sensation of luxury and, for a little energy booster try out a faint scent of lavender.

As a May 9 birth date, you are one who will love nature and as result you will feel very comfortable and take delight in a home that is filled with living things. These may take the form of animals, pets, birds or even the butterflies fluttering in and out the windows.

On you wall décor you could, as a May 9, take a particular interest in having old maps in attractive picture frames adorning some of the walls of your home.

On the outdoors front, the May 9 will generally derive a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction from working in a garden or greenhouse.

In keeping with your nature, you might conduct the activity of growing vegetables, potatoes, green vegetables or pumpkins for example, purely for donation to others less fortunate than yourself.

Where you don’t have a garden facility then the May 9 will most likely attract the senses of nature through the facility of indoor houseplants or balcony window boxes.

The flowers of the daffodil, the narcissus and columbines are all flowers that harmonize well with your May 9 birth date energy.

Your special magic numbers are 5 and 4.

The ninth day of the fifth month reduces to five, and the number five is the number of means, agency, and adaptation.

This day’s path is one of devising original and creative ways to accomplish your desires.

The 130th day of the year reduces to four, and the number four adds the calming influence of solidity and security to your sense of the ever-shifting panorama of reality.