May 8 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Moon, Mercury.

Astrological Birthday Features.

May 8 Birthday interpretation.

People born on this birthday of May 8 Taurus are not only uncommonly perceptive individuals, they are also very often fairly deep and philosophical by nature.

Those of the May 8 birth tend to apply their gifts by becoming involved in the field of the arts rather than to those of the more intellectual arenas.

There are values related to this birth date that relate to a powerful association with the quality of motion. As example, the May 8 would find a particular interest and appeal in any form of sculpture, object or gadgetry that involves mechanical motion.

Those of the May 8 birth date are always very definite when it comes to their opinion of others and, the association of “Judgment” card in the tarot with this birth date indicates this aspect of your personality. In this respect you will be inclined to set and expect very high moral standards in relation to both yourself and others.

You should practice some caution however, because while generally you are relatively perceptive when it comes to your judgments of others, you can have that potential to come across as being quite harsh at times and, this may not be the image that you really wish to convey at times.

Although as a May 8 you will prefer to establish and secure that which is yours, you should do so with the outlook that you are creating the foundations and basic for your future growth.

Changes in life and, the opportunity for change, is a quality that is favorable to those of the May 8 birth date. You are one who is continually refining and re-finding yourself.

In this context therefore, you should endeavor to let go of, and give away or discard anything or anyone that will hold you back and prevent you from living out your own inner truth and beliefs.

The May 8 enjoys the ability to shrug off and ignore annoyances rather than to react to them. You are also one who can, upon entering a room, immediately read those within the room as to their moods and temperaments.

There is a particular quality associated with this birth date that can impel you to determine what those around you in life need, and then to provide them with that pre-determined need.

This particular desire arises out of a far deeper and more collective inherent desire to endeavor to further advance the ends and objectives of humanity itself.

To satisfy this inherent need and to widen your focus you might like to become involved in some form of service to others.

This could take the form of becoming a volunteer involved in a social service at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen for example. Alternatively, where you have particular appropriate skills or qualifications you might like to volunteer those to some worthy social organization.

Those of the May 8 birth date generally tend to like traveling and to go out in order to explore the world. When you do so however, you are one who will prefer to take certain luxuries and comforts along with you.

You are the type of person who will like to be seen to fit into any environment so that when traveling suitable quality luggage and other such accessories will be a necessity.

The mineral Amazonite is a gemstone that can help to open up your horizons and your scope of vision and, the colors of a brilliant shade of blue will help to connect with your inner soul.

Other colors of particular association with your birth date are deep orange and a pale turquoise.

On the home front, you will want to maintain an environment that is safe and free from tension or bad vibes. You can support that environment by incorporation the color of yellow within the home.

Music appeals to the inherent senses of the May so you should consider having a suitable source of music within your home as it will be a perfect way in order to control and regulate your in home atmosphere.

In order to help to maintain a cheery and positive atmosphere in the home during the colder month of the year you should utilize perfume or scents that have a floral scent base to them

On the outdoors front, the summer season is by far your favorite time of the year. It’s not just the heat that appeals to you, but you also your love of the smells of the summer time.

Apart from just relaxing upon the beach with a good book or magazine the May 8 is very likely to engage in and enjoy water sports.

In the garden, a circular group of trees might well define your garden within which your will appreciate a wide range of flowers such as orange lilies, hyacinths, Persian butter- cups, tulips, or pansies.

As a May 8 birth date, your garden might well provide the setting in which you can sit and paint natural floral visual paintings in either watercolors or oils.

Your special magic numbers are 4 and 3.

The eighth day of the fifth month reduces to four, and the number four is the order, measurement, and classification.

The 129th day of the year reduces to three, and the number three contributes the quality of creative genius to your endeavors of manifestation.