May 6 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Moon, Mercury.

Astrological Birthday Features.

May 6 Birthday interpretation.

This May 6 Taurus birth date is curiously spiritual for an astrological sign in that it is so acutely entrenched in the aspect of earth.

If you were born on this May 6 birthday you will probably give little interest or time in respect of any form of organized religion.

As a May 6 you are ferociously individual in almost every facet of your life, and you are no different in outlook in respect of your spiritual life.

You might like to consider taking up the meditative art of Hatha Yoga as a spiritual exercise and, since as a May 6 you are a very visual type of person, look acquire some brilliantly cut crystals in order to help to focus when you are meditating.

Those of the May 6 birth date are the type of people who will prefer to tend to their own affairs throughout life.

You are a generous and supportive type of person who will enjoy sharing the pleasures of life with your friends and loved ones.

You can however, become quite aggravated if not downright annoyed, where you begin to feel that others misinterpret your generosity and kindness for weakness.

At such times, and when you begin to feel that such boundaries have been crossed, then your Taurus nature can definitely become aroused and, in the manner of a red cloak taunting the bull in a Bull Ring, you can charge without warning.

The Taurus enjoys good food so that tasty culinary dishes can definitely be the way to your heart.

Your May 6 Taurus birth date endows you with the qualities of persistence and determination.

As example, when you have an idea of how things can be improved or enhanced, you are driven to share your idea or ideal and, you will stop at nothing in order to accomplish it.

You should, as a May 6, take some caution to give time to listen to the concepts and ideas of other because you do have a tendency to share and impose your enthusiasm upon others irrespective of whether or not they wish to listen.

As a May 6 you are endowed with a tremendous intelligence that immediately becomes apparent to the people that you come into contact with.

You are a far from dull type of personality and have a mindset that can take a particular interest in the unraveling of complicated problems or brainteasers. This could take the form of unraveling some complicated type of puzzle for example.

The May 6 birth date inherits the qualities of considerable power and ability, and you are they type of person who thinks big and is attracted to big projects.

As a May 6 birth date you are endowed with a strong libido, and if you want to really enhance your smoldering appeal, then look to the colors of midnight blue and purple.

Under the influence of your ruler the planet Venus, both men and women of the May 6 birth date will favor wearing stylish clothing. You should endeavor to wear blue in order to calm your emotions and to stabilize the conflicting thoughts that can build up within you.

To really maintain the perspectives in your life you might like to consider becoming involved in some form of volunteer work, in a retirement home or hospice organization for example.

On the home front, the May 6 with their leaning toward large concepts or projects, will certainly favor and appreciate a large home property

You will enjoy and have a deep appreciation for objects and items within the home that are not only beautiful to the eye but express some form of significant symbol.

These could take the form of some cherished special antiques or decorative objects such as a jade Chinese incense burner or a carved statue of the Hindu goddess Kali.

In your bedroom, a bed big enough for all occupants and a reclining couch with a turquoise throw or lap robe would make a welcome addition.

The minerals of orange and blue sapphire are gemstones that can help to generate your inspiration and enthusiasm for life and, colors of particular appeal for the May 6 are amber, indigo and a rosy peach.

On the outdoors front, a garden that incorporates some erected features built from natural materials will be pleasing to your eye. These could take the form of a wall trellis or a freestanding trellis structure upon which vines or some other types of climbing plants can thrive.

By nature, you will appreciate plenty of flowers, bushes and trees within which to wander or sit. You should consider flowering fruit trees and orange lilies, amaryllis, lemon daylily, and regal lily for your garden.

Your special magic numbers are 2 and10.

The sixth day of the fifth month reduces to two, and the number two connotes polarity and the division of unity into opposite forms of expression.

Whatever the situation, you are able to see its opposing positions.

The 127th day of the year reduces to ten, and the number ten adds the element of completed processes and embodiment of seed ideas.