May 5 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Mercury .

Astrological Birthday Features.

May 5 Birthday interpretation.

Those born on this May 5 Taurus birth date are by their nature, firm, solid and steady in their approach and outlook to life, and are comfortable with that of the established and the traditional.

As a May 5, your friends, acquaintances and others around you are aware that they can confidently turn to you and can depend upon you for sound, solid advice and a dependable friendship.

As a May 5 birth date, you are one who derives enjoyment from history, and in particular, art history. You will take great pleasure in the viewing of such art and, subject to your personal finances, very likely to be one who acquires historical items such as antiques of furniture or jewellery for example.

There can be time however, when this strong interest in the past might make it somewhat difficult for you to move forward in life. This can be viewed in terms of both your relationships and that of creative ideas.

It will be necessary therefore that you make every endeavor to overcome your own reluctance to change

With your interest in history, and the strong associations of this day with that of family and inherited values and attitudes, you may well have a copy of your family tree about your home or, even a traditional coat of arms mounted on the wall.

With the May 5 strong interest in historical things some people might expect you to be a somewhat stuffy and dull individual. They can be surprised therefore, when at times they discover you to be life and soul of the party.

Take some caution however, because as a May 5 you can at times become over inclined to become the most boisterous animal at the party and as result, allow yourself to overindulge to say the least.

To cater for this more extrovert aspect of the May 5 personality you might like to consider becoming involved in your local community theatre group, if only for the fun of it.

That which you value the most in life is within you, and it is just waiting to be bought forth and to be developed.

It will take your own willpower to thrust yourself ahead and to move forward in life. Where you might at times find yourself occasionally blocked in outlook, then you must take the responsibility to seek out the

knowledge and friendships necessary in order to enhance and expand your life.

The May 5 is a sophisticated type of person and one who will like to surround themselves with elegant items and objects.

The mineral of Amber is a gemstone that can help you to fasten your sense of bringing antiquity into the present time, and the colors of navy blue, orange and saffron are ones that relate well with the May 5 birth date.

On the home front, the May 5 will generally favor a single story house and, one that projects a circular sensation around which one can wander. Comfortable furniture seating in the form of curved sections will enhance that circular feel.

The colors of russet, olive green and tawny brown can be very good colors for you and might be incorporated in your furniture or perhaps in cover throws upon your furniture.

A personal space or place within the home is extremely important for people born on this May 5 birthday. Although they may not immediately realize this need, they will discover that without some place in the home in which to withdraw and relax, they may well overload themselves with stress.

On the outdoors front, you are, as a May 5, very strongly connected to the earth. You should pursue this connection through regular contact with nature being an activity that can renew you strength and resilience in every day life.  Enjoy the beauty of woods, trees, rivers and the clear water of natural streams.

In you garden you should include shrubs and plenty of roses.

Where you live in the city, you can maintain your connection with earth through the media of landscape paintings and the incorporation natural materials within your house, in its décor or even in your clothing.

Your special magic numbers are 10 and 9.

The fifth day of the fifth month reduces to ten, and the number ten is the number of perfection and dominion.

This path of this day holds the requirement of enjoying to the full the roles you choose to play on the stage of life. You are inherently aware that the world is a wide arena in which to enjoy all the experiences of your life.

The number ten also reduces to the number one, urging you to always move forward and onto the next level of experience in life.

The 126th day of the year reduces to nine, and the number nine adds a sense of fulfillment and completion. As example, you are one who inherently recognizes when it is the time for completion and finalization.