May 4 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Taurus



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Moon, Mercury.

Astrological Birthday Features.

May 4 Birthday interpretation.

As a May 4 Taurus birth date, you are an individual who feels substantially secure in the type of person that you are.

You are one who is comparatively unaffected and untroubled by the minor disorders and imbalances that appear to be featuring more and more in our current every day world.

This May 4 birth date quality might well be attributed to the amount of time that you spend on your own. and one very positive effect of this is that you are a person who is an exceptionally adaptable individual.

As example, while change can be of considerable concern for many others, you as a May 4, do not have those same fears of change. There are certainly times when those of the May 4 birth date can almost be too adaptable in life.

The Hermit card in the tarot infers that you are one who has a need for some areas of seclusion in your lifestyle. In order to help to satisfy this quality of your personality you should consider partaking of some activities that will provide you with solitude.

These might take the form of taking long walks in isolation, hiking or perhaps even kayaking. Alternatively you might be lucky enough to have a second property situated in an isolated place where you can retire to for peace and quite

While you may be the type of person who will enjoy your own company, you do take great pleasure and, are very happy when in the company of animals.

In this respect there are certain aspects of this day that indicate that you will have a particular affinity with smaller animals. As examples, a golden hamster, rabbit or pet mice could be interesting pets for those of the May 4 birth date.

Another aspect of your May 4 birth date identifies with a person who has great deal of wisdom and courage when attempting to penetrate the unknown.

As a May 4 birth date, you were born at the precise center of the sign Taurus, and astrologers recognized this position as being the most fixed degree of the zodiac.

This identifies that you, as a May 4 Taurus, are more than capable of holding your ground and sticking firmly to your opinions irrespective of whoever or whatever may confront you or stand in your way.

Your values in life are firmly based upon that which has been proven to work in the past.

While some people will look upon you as being somewhat too conservative and traditional in outlook, you yourself will inherently know that your nature allows you to be a pillar of responsibility, and that you can provide a place of peace in the center a storm.

The May 4 birth day may fall close to the fixed star of Almach (the third brightest star in the constellation of Andromeda) or alternatively, to that of the star Menkar (a star in the constellation of Cetus). The influence of Almach identifies with that of artistic ability whereas that of Menkar, could identify with a potential for injury from wild beasts.

The May 4 birth date has a magnetic energy and this can identify that you have that inherent ability to be able to persuade people and to utilize your energies in the arena of healing or as a healer.

The May 4 is quite sensitive and responsive to scent and fine smells. In keeping with your healing potential you might like to consider taking up massage, or alternatively, for yourself personally massage can be an excellent way in order to keep flexible and relaxed. Consider creating your own massage oils with the scents that you enjoy.

The mineral of Aquamarine is a gem that will help to increase the serenity you feel with the shifting tides and changes in life, and the colors of aqua and turquoise relate well to your May 4 birth date.

On the home front, the home is very important in the life on the May 4.

You will like to fill it with comfortable and functional furniture. Flowers will appeal to you and you are very likely to well feature flowers about your home. The May 4 home will generally project an arena of warm hospitality to any who enter.

In the kitchen your artistic and healing abilities come together. Putting up preserves and making your own healthful fruit concoctions could interest you.

On the outdoors front, a garden with spread trees under which some low wooden type benches and table will be a perfect place for you to sit back and to think and contemplate. Yellow tulips, jonquils, and daylilies are all good flowers for you.

Your special magic numbers are 9 and 8.

The fourth day of the fifth month reduces to nine, and the number nine is the number of completion and successful attainment. This day’s path is one of self-discovery and self-sufficiency.

The 125th day of the year reduces to eight, and the number eight adds the influence of easy movement into the next cycle of manifestation.