May 31 Gemini Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Gemini



YOUR RULERS – Mercury.

Astrological Birthday Features

The May 31 birth date associates with a person who can be a great thinker. They can at times become some what deep in thought and as result will enjoy the chance for some peace and quite.

The May 31 will generally have a deep bond with all of their relatives and will give a great deal of thought and consideration when it come to matters of their close family

Influences associated with this May 31 birth date indicate that you are likely to experience a great deal of change during your life. In particular, this quality can indicate that the upheavals you are likely to experience will relate to relocations. In order words you may well find that you move home quite often.

Those of the May 31 birth date have an inherent adventurous spirit with a strong need to prove them self in this world.

One aspect of your adventurous spirit is that of travel. You will take enjoyment from the browsing through travel information and in the reading and viewing of travel related media items or documentaries.

You will have no trouble in traveling light because you have that inherent confidence to know that whatever you may you need on your travels can be gained by simply asking and inquiring.

Others will enjoy accompanying on your travels, as they will discover the many interesting aspects of your knowledge and personality.

As a May 31 you have that ability to always be able to, not only adapt yourself to your surroundings, find something of interest in everyone you might meet, but also find interest in every place that you might go to or visit.

The May 31 is an extremely adaptable individual who may well enjoy a wide variety of interest in life.

Your nervous system is finely tuned, and at times, you can quite easily enter into a mind confusing situation through your somewhat frantic involvements with too many projects or situations at once.

It can be necessary that you endeavor to learn how to focus your both your energies, and your mental concentration. There can be a risk for those born on this day of breakdown and failure through their over commitment and participation in to many things at the same time.

To counter this aspect of your personality, look to the practice of activities that will discipline you to concentrate and direct your attention to a single point. As example, maintain a diary, and have the discipline to record something in it every day.

The very act of handwriting can appeal to the May 31, so consider carrying a notebook or a diary about with you as a medium in which to record, organize and maintain your thoughts and ideas.

There is a strong likelihood that a May 31 birth date you could be something of a food gourmet and as result, they could well be inclined to look to food as a comfort at those times when they might be feeling down and depressed. Tasty spicy foods could be of particular appeal to your taste buds.

Aquamarine and sage green are colors with an affinity to the May 31 birth date, and the minerals of tourmaline and sapphire are gemstones that can help to strengthen your resolve.

On the home front, the May 31 will tend to favor a home sited in a landscape that has a gentle incline to provide overlooking views.

You are one who will prefer a well-lighted environment within your home so that you would prefer as many windows as possible.

In keeping with your preference light and brightness you in-home Décor should be managed in order to provide for a light breezy effect. You might like to consider including some wind chimes either within or without as these can provide a calming and settling effect upon your senses.

Poetry and verse can appeal to the May 31 so consider having some books on this subject about your home.

To help with your energy flows and meditation consider acquiring a double terminated quartz crystal. These crystals are naturally faceted on both ends (terminals) and are claimed to facilitate energy flow.

On the outdoor front, fresh clean air is important to you and morning walks within a rural setting could be of great appeal.  A peaceful valley, surrounded by hills or mountains would provide a perfect relaxing environment for those born on the May 31 birth date.

As a May 31 you will appreciate a garden that contains an abundance of flowers and colors. Butterflies can be of particular appeal to the May 31 so look to have some flowers that will attract them.

Hyacinth and lily of the valley are two flowers that you might find favorable in the garden. If possible, consider incorporating a swing as a relaxation method plus, some garden chimes or bells that will provide you with settling influence as you wander or sit out in garden.

Your special magic numbers are 9 and 8.

The thirty-first day of the fifth month reduces to nine, and the number nine represents that of completion and successful attainment.

The May 31 day, being the last day of May, infers the energy of completing whatever you begin.

The 152nd day of the year reduces to eight, and the number eight adds the quality of rhythm and vibration to your mission in life, and that of preventing you from remaining too long with one thing.