May 30 Gemini Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Gemini



YOUR RULERS – Mercury.

Astrological Birthday Features

The May 30 Gemini birth date identifies with an individual who has developed a close inter-relationship between that of thought and action.

Your inherent understanding of the single foundation of opposite forms of expression enables you to ultimately be able to overcome seemingly impossible circumstances.

As a May 30 you have excellent communication abilities and will thoroughly enjoy a good all round conversation.

There are certain influences related to your birth date that indicate that you are one who will prefer a social type conversation above that of a serious debate.

To the May 30, the act of conversation and the spoken word can provide a means for relaxation. You should consider extending this aspect of your character through the utilization of recorded audio type books or readings.

Those of the May 30 birth date are very observant when it comes to people, and this attribute might extend into your career or vocation activities.

As example, you could well be attracted to work in counseling, security, detective work or social services.

Because you find it easy to coordinate mind, body, ideas and matter, you could make for a very good teacher because the examples you give to students can solidify concepts readily.

As a May 30 you will tend to have a number of close platonic relationships, and you will tend to look upon your friends more as if they were your brothers or sisters.

Whenever possible you should endeavor to develop your relationships with actual siblings more along the lines of close and trusted friendships.

Another influence inherent in this birth date identifies with a person who is deeply unselfish.

While this is a rare and wonderful aspect of your nature, you must ensure that your enthusiasm for helping those around you does not prevent you from giving due time and attention to your own personal needs.

An outlook on life applicable to those of the May 30 birth date is that, dependant upon whichever way you go, there will always be numerous opportunities.

Exercise is important to you, and as a May 39 you will tend to favor the one-on-one forms of sporting and outdoor activities. These might take the form of golf, tennis or jogging for example.

Photography could be a subject of particular interest to those of this birth date.

Dress wise you should consider including the color blue-green as it can or heighten your awareness of potential dangers. Green, Teal and silver gray are further colors well related to this birth date.

The gemstone called “Spinel” relates with your birth date. It is a hard glassy mineral that occurs in various colors. It is believed that its influence will help to heighten your sense for caution.

On the home front, the northeast is an influential direction for those of the May 30 birth date. Where possible therefore, consider a home that provides a good view in that direction.

You should endeavor to organize your décor in a manner that will project a light and breezy atmosphere. Consider including some wind chimes on your patio or deck as these can provide you with a calming and settling effect.

In the bedroom include some touches of red, and in particular a deep crimson, as this color can encourage and influence you to give some consideration to yourself.

A reserved study area can be a sound requirement for the May 30. Consider a metal type desk or, alternatively a glass-topped table. Your desk or table area will generally always be tidy and ready for action.

Transparent or translucent objects tend to appeal to your nature and these might take the form pens and other writing instruments.

A fountain pen could be of particular appeal to your nature, as indeed could the art of calligraphically.

Other in home décor in keeping with the May 30 birth date could comprise of artworks in the form of contemporary photo graphics of street life scenes, and musical instruments even though you may not actually play them.

An attractive elegant music box might well form a prized possession.

On the outdoors front, the May 30 is one who will enjoy the early mornings and fresh air. Early morning walks in a rural setting could be ideal for you or alternatively a refreshing time just walking about your garden.

Your garden should be somewhat playful and intriguing setting.

Simple in lay out with perhaps a path dividing the garden area into two specific clean cut areas could be of particular appeal to your tidy nature. Consider a path of slab steps ending in a trellis structure that incorporates a bench to sit on.

Consider including some yellow flowers within your garden, because this particular color can be of inspiration to those of the May 30 birth date.

Your special magic numbers are 8 and 7.

The thirtieth day of the fifth month reduces to eight, and the number eight represents that of rhythm and vibration.

This pattern inherent in the path of this date is one of being able to be calm in any crisis and the ability to emerge unscathed from that which might appear to be a life-threatening situation.

The 151st day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven adds the power of victory and success, together with the requirement for a period of well-deserved rest between your involvements in the saving others who are in distress.